Kikuo - Ten Sho Sho Ten Sho [Osu|Taiko]

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Nao Tomori
Let's give it another chance.

~ Approved (Qualified) ~
what the heck
Donphin's Inner Oni

OwO What's this?
grats on qualifying 10 shoes


Raiden wrote:

Donphin's Inner Oni

it has always been Donphin and not Donphin's
00:51:687 (1,2,3) -

00:57:334 (1,2,3) -

05:36:687 (1,1,2) -

please pick a rhythm and stick with it

I also don't know how any BN thought it was okay to rank a map where the mapper barely grasps the concept of what rhythm composition is and lets TONS of important beats and sounds fall onto sliderENDS
tfw you agree with Fizz but then you want awesome taiko to be ranked

00:51:996 (2) - not only what Fizz said but this is basically just wrongly snapped, beat starts after the slider.
dq mate

Xexxar wrote:

00:51:996 (2) - not only what Fizz said but this is basically just wrongly snapped, beat starts after the slider.
is snapped :^) put the divisor in 1/8
Well it really should be consistent actually. However, there's no reason to be that disrespectul towards the BNs and modders lol.

@Xexxar: I guess it's snapped to the wub, so it's not wrongly snapped.
if this gets disqualified, I'd like to address some stuff in the taiko diff xd

but also squigly may just delete the diff so i'm kind of in a corner
@Squigly: Let's give it another shot. Behave yourself please, else we have to show what credible moderators we can be. I can understand that it took you quite some time to get this qualified, which may lead in being a bit emotional. But that doesn't justify to attack other people. If there are problems, please contact a moderator instead.

Beside that, I want to refer to an old post of mine which is even now still valid. The timing, or by now, the arrangement of notes can be improved. The note 05:55:812 (540) - should be actually at 05:55:735 and the spinner at 05:55:812- to have a more consistent beat-placement for the wubb sounds. 05:52:577 (528,529) - Needs also to be refined as it becomes hard to distinguise what beatplacement you have to follow. Dolphin isn't there anymore, but no problem for us, the modder and Taiko people to fix, as the pattern itself doesn't change a lot, beside fixing some important bar line and snapping issues, which are not rankable, but easy to fix.

Looks like Raiden ninja'd me, as I wanted to mention that some other Taiko guys have to say something about it as well. This will be probably disqualified. But let's wait for now.
Topic Starter
well im back home and the only thing i can really agree with would be what xexxar pointed out, and i say that because those 3 sections are all pretty different but i suppose im just inferior in my RHYTHM comprehension. Also dont get me wrong @ono i am open to dqing if people find something wrong but no thanks when it comes to these personal and really opinionated comments, especially from people i could care less about since i already nullified his opinions in my own views.

so no really, please do show me what i have done wrong though i welcome it haha, just be nice and ill be nice thanks :lol:

i would have edited that into my post if someone didnt cough cough silence meeeee hrmmmmm : B
@squigly: what ono meant is that the bar lines are screwed up in taiko: for example shouldn't show two barlines, the speed at which 05:51:850 (527,528,529) - move is generally unpredictable and can overall be refined as well. not that the timing is wrong, the timing makes no sense with bar lines in taiko so it probably needs a few more lines

since a few people wanted to help refine this we might as well
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