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It would be nice if you add a Half-Support for 1 year players for their support on making osu! still live and kicking! It also is a benefit because if only you added in-game installation and Name Change ONLY it could help them be more active and be easily high on the rankings. Thanks for the time! Please comment the so-called HOLES for me to fix and/or change my mind on this suggestion! ;)
Supporter is there for a reason.
By players giving a donation, Peppy can keep osu! running. Some people want in-game downloads and the snazzy colourful name, and would want to keep osu! running.

That idea of 'half-supporter' is a little selfish, to be honest.
If this happened then some of the community may not have much reason to buy supporter anymore, and then suddenly peppy is out a lot of money, and boom, osu! falls forever and we all cry (or something to that effect). peppy needs a way to make money, and like Neko said supporting osu is one of the ways (or maybe the main way) he pays the server costs and keeps everything running. Also...

X-GGPlex-X wrote:

it could help them be more active and be easily high on the rankings.
Exactly how, to the underlined part? Supporter does not give you any sort of 'boosts' in actual gameplay; to get up on rankings, you have to play well!
Sorry, can't support this (maybe I'm just saying that because I'm already a supporter...but it'd really suck if people didn't get supporter as often because supporter-only features were made available to everyone).
Half support for doing what? For using my resources?! This is the most absurd and illogical thing I've heard in ages.
peppy already removed the download limit, and it's not restricted to only supporters too. We should be thankful for that.
If you want more of those, then pay the price for the supporter tag :3
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