[resolved] Bug in Beatmap creation and playing.

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Problem Details:
Every time I try to test my beatmap, it freezes, won't let my mouse escape the osu window. I already saved my beatmap before i tried testing so there should be no problem there, but it completely freezes everything. My map has a video and background, but I don't think file size is the problem because i can watch everything perfecting when I'm on the design tab.

EDIT: I just went and checked to see if my map was playable in the regular game settings, and it froze again. So my map wasn't playable in testing or regular playing.I went to see my other beatmaps to see if they were playable and they were. I just updated Osu today and I started making a new beatmap 10 minutes after.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
If i try screenshoting this, it will freeze my computer again and i won't be able to post on osu.

EDIT: I managed to get a screenshot of it. I guess the mouse thing occurs at random.

osu! version: 20140628.6 (latest)
Try posting your .osu with the [code'] tag or export a .osz file (File -> Export Package) and upload it via puush or dropbox or something.

Just seems like you might have a buggy file or something in your .osu file messed up.
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I'm not trying to upload it yet since I'm not done. And uploading isn't a problem. I want to make sure my map is playable when i upload it and not broken.
I can't really help then sorry if I can't see the files. Good luck. Maybe someone else has had an issue like this and they can tell you without needing to look at your set.
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Thanks anyway. i'm going to try to mess around with it more to see if I can fix it eventually.
Make sure in the .osu, there are no corrupt things, like double [timing points] or such.
Can you please PM me the .osu (Open .osu in note pad, Ctrl A and send the text to me)?
Maybe there is something wrong with, and I MIGHT be able to help you.
Also, you can also upload to WIP (Works in Progress) if you're not done.
That way it can't go away if you accidentally delete it :P
He had some wrong thing in .osu
Green Point before Red Point
He fixed that and it's good (Talked via PM) :D
This can be marked as resolved I guess
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