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Problem Details:
Well, didn't see anything in patch notes, and was told I should put this here so:
When You turn your volume to 0, the menu sound effects and the sound when someone messages you still play(it's quiet, but still audible). The music doesn't still play, just the sound effects.

Just scroll wheeled my volume to the lowest possible setting, and sound still plays.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
I could always make a video, but it's easy to duplicate so I doubt it's needed?

osu! version: 20140627.8 (latest)
Full Tablet
You can hear the sounds when Universal, Effect and Music are set to 0%, if you amplify the sounds by 40dB. http://a.pomf.se/agwawh.flac
I can confirm this. I sometimes put 0% volume when I watch youtube at the side, could still hear all the hitsounds playing really quietly.
I can hear them too. Is it really a bug or peppy wanted them this way ? I don't really know :/
I can't hear any kind of sound effects at 100% volume but if I lower down to 0 I can hear little japanese girls being molested/circle sound effects. I'd like to play like it was before this update :?
I'm one of the few players playing the game without the hitsounds.
so I've turned only the effects volume to zero.

I'm not bothered by the effects in the menu but its almost impossible
for me to play with the hitsounds because they disturb my sense of rhythm ingame.

I thought about asking for a long time so I'll take this as a chance xD
It's kinda weird that the effects setting adjusts the ingame hitsounds and the menu sounds and the osu direct preview playback at the same time.
is it possible to divide this setting into two or three?

btw. the osu direct preview playback is not correctly affected by the sound settings too.
It's playing no matter how you adjust the volume.

I tried to mod my skin to play only silent sounds to be able to play again but the result is a cracking noise every time a sound is played o_O
this is my silent soundfile: http://puu.sh/9Mpz5.mp3 (I tried a 16bit pcm wav too, same result...)
Same problem.

can hear my hit sounds when volume is at 0%
I agree:

Problem Details:
No matter how much you turn the effect volume up or down, the effects (hitsounds/menu sounds) won't change and still play.

Video or screenshot showing the problem:
Also asked two friends and both got that too. I checked with default skin too, just in case.
By the way, happens in test build too.

Things I've noticed:
When the overall volume is higher, than increasing/decreasing the effect volume will increase/decrease the effect volume too, but it will still never go to 0%. If the overall volume is 0%, then no matter how you change the effect volume, it will always be the same volume.
Same issue here

Edit: if u cant play cause is annoyin u can always make a skin with wav files with no sound.
Ye I have same problem too and its damm annoying : /
[ Pingu ]
Can confirm this.
seems to be fixed now, thanks peppy. <3

[ Klein ] wrote:

seems to be fixed now, thanks peppy. <3
I can still hear them for the first 3 seconds after reducing volume to 0 though.
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