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I have windows 8 and i think its the same set up like windows 7 on the files
Ok so first of if u want the music that u download on osu find in ur files go to Windows then go to program files(86x) scroll down till u see osu open it up then u will see songs then just pick what ever u want it will have a music note on it hope this helps if it doesnt just tell me and i will make a video on how to do this

Video or screenshot showing the problem:

osu! version: 20140624 (latest)
This isn't really a technical support "problem"... its just an answer that has no question.
what the hell?
I don't get it,
You mean like this?
Want to find a song on osu folder?
If you have to much songs in your folder to this:

Go to the editor
Search for your song
Do: File > Open song folder

This way you can directly find your song from osu!, without going trough that journey of your ;)
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