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IamKwaN wrote:

seems like i can speak chinese but anyway :o
  1. There's 10 ms delay for both soft-hitfinish.wav and soft-slidertick2.wav, fix it please as it's unrankable now. http://puu.sh/cIfKe.png aa time to whoop out my mp3 slave :>
  2. What's the difference between default soft-hitnormal and S:C1 one? ;w; no difference, i explained why i kept in there in alacat's mod but looks like its unnecessary so removed
  3. Any confirmation on metadata and tags? Why not all capital for the company name? http://puu.sh/cIhB8.png Also, for the source, it should be all capital according baka Habi and http://puu.sh/cIida.jpg
    >_> http://bgmstore.net/view/FRDMw what? cant read even a word, can u please find a Korean to check the metadata all caps on ZEONIX// the source i believe would be SWORD GiRLS in that sense which I find unlikely so keeping it as Sword Girls for now (I checked with 2 native korean speakers)
    Edit: Source should be all caps like it says right on my BG LOL :p

  1. 00:26:012 - 00:30:012 - 00:31:512 - Snap these green lines if you have free time lol. done!
  2. 00:08:013 (1) - Slider end lands on nothing. 00:09:346 (2) - too. This sounds much better. http://puu.sh/cIdhb.jpg yaaa i agree fixed
  3. 00:56:012 - The rhythm is a bit weird in my point of view as you miss the stress at 00:57:346 - Maybe something like this? http://puu.sh/cIcVE.jpg aa im following the violin afterall, i think it's okay
  4. 01:12:013 (1) - It would be nice if you can do something similar as 01:13:346 (2,1) - and remove the NC and whistle on 01:14:346 (1) - the NC+whistle is something ive done throughout my diffs so i'd like to keep that o: as for the pattern i see where you're coming from but i like it this way more gomen >.<
  1. 00:30:012 - 00:31:512 - Snap these green lines. done~
  2. 00:50:846 - Circle for the string? And avoid the polarity issue? mmm tbh i dont hear anything there, and sounds like overmapping if i do put sth ;; whats the polarity issue tho o-o?
  3. 00:48:179 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,1,2,3,4,5,6) - I don't know why the density soars so much for this stanza but nvm. We need a harder Normal. lol shhhhhhhhhh :]
  4. 01:12:012 (1,2,1) - No 1/2 rhythms? Now it's no difference from Easy. http://puu.sh/cIdXW.jpg It would be nice too if u can arrange 01:01:346 (1,2) - to 1/2 rhythm to raise the difficulty (not star rating) as of the spread concern. yeah cool i've changed it up
  1. 00:30:012 - Snap this green line. done!!
  2. 00:50:846 - Missing a circle here if ur following the string. same as normal s:
  3. 01:06:346 (3) - 01:09:013 (3) - 01:11:679 (3) - http://puu.sh/cIeSU.jpg This distance is really misleading, either reduce that of (2) & (3) or increase that between 01:11:679 (3,1) - or make them like what u did in the prelude - stacking. okie, i increased distance (for spread??) but yaa
  4. 01:13:346 (1,2,3,4,1) - Idk what ur following tbh ;w; Please explain a bit. see insane
  1. 01:13:346 (1,2,1,2) - Same as Hard, elaboration is needed in order to help me understand your intention. I'm following the harp-ish instrument that i have no idea the name of haha, i thought this part was relatively straightforward and ive asked for opinions and they think it's alright so i think im good?

Hopefully this spread won't be unranked, good luck alaQAT and IamBaka >_> wwwwwww i hope soo toooooo
Thanks for the pleasant surprise ^^ I'll poke u when i've got the 10ms delay thing sorted cuz idk how to do that xD

edit: yaay fixed hitsound (i think???)

EDIT: fuck forgot the heart icon
C x 2


Forgive me if this useless post does nothing but I'm going to drop by and try and be of use somewhat

Every diff looks okay from my POV (first time modding so I'm probably way off here lol), but on Normal there's a tiny tiny amount of circle overlap throughout large chunks if not all of the song. Perhaps space the notes more?

again my apologies if this did nothing :P
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IamKwaN wrote:


Thanks again!! >w<

and to everyone else too! xD
Don't disqualified this plzzzz. >< Congratz
You surely like overlaps, don't you? :D
Gratz Gaia :3
恭喜Rank :3
oh god it's been like 2 years since I've played this in open beta D:
omg , I love this map
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thanks all ~
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