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How long did it take you to "get used to" the tablet?

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Started with a tablet when I joined, took about a week I think before I was consistently clearing normal maps. 3 months later I was shakily doing insanes.

Only checked force proportions in january but it was only a minor change.
Yeah I bought a tablet and it was interesting but the mouse movements feel natural to me so I basically used it for 2 days and its been sitting in my dirty sock drawer since. Anyone wanna buy it for $50 that lives in the suburban Detroit area? It's the Wacom bamboo one and its 100% working.
For me it took about 3-4 days to hold the pen right and get used to hovering. If you take more than 1-2 week to get used to the tablet then you should stick to the mouse it will be better for you.
I started out with tablet all the way. But changing tablet areas usually take me about a week to be completely comfortable and efficient with it.
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Only took me a day or two to get on par and better with the tablet than I ever was with the mouse. Though it's not like I played the entire days. In total it was maybe about 2-3 hours of play time. The first few songs on tablet made me feel like it was pointless and that I should just quit and go back to the mouse. But I'm stubborn enough and kept playing anyways, trying out positioning and pen holds, and eventually I got it down to where I could play comfortably and smoothly.

I'm still an awful and shitty player compared to everyone else. So even though I've improved more with the tablet, it's nothing anyone else would care about, me being so low in rank and all. But I have fun with it and that's what matters.
It took me about a week or so before I was able to do jumps/high aim at my mouse level. Things like pen grip and playstyle I already had instantly since I'd already started osu with a tablet--it was old and broke a few weeks later, switched to mouse for about 3 months (probably 3k plays) before I got this new one.
2 days playing all day.
Mofu kun
2 weeks
2 or 3 days of playing with relax
I have gotten used to the hovering but I don't know a good area.

Maz wrote:

I have gotten used to the hovering but I don't know a good area.
I'd say the biggest as long as you can easily reach the corners without much trouble
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2-3 days, but playing a lot of jump prac maps etc..
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As soon as I started using my tablet it felt natural. This is the first day I started using my tablet and you can see I had quite a large jump in PP.
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