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How many hours do you spend on osu!?

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1-6 hours a day, 8 hours some days
On the average week, I'd say about 6 to 8 hours.
5 - 6 hours/day
I'm literally on Osu all the time, but I just only play for about 2 million clicks in 6 months.

Which is about 11500 notes per day on average.

Which is about 15 songs? Which is a little more than an hour? Hour and a half?

Yeah thats a pretty good guess, but I don't play every day.

edit: I don't think clicks counts songs you leave before ending, so its probably +15% more time.
At least 2 hours a day every day
6+ hours on a daily basis. Some hours i'll switch to being afk to just list to osu in the background. Other times I actually forget to exit osu and it turns into 11+ hours.
i dont know

i end up seeing the sky dark
2-5 hours a day
Minimum 1 hour / Day
8 hours on a regular training day

2 hours on a DT Training day

4 hours on any other day
Minimum two hours unless I can't be on the computer for some reason. Generally ends with around 6-7 hours with some afk time resting hands inbetween. I'd say at least 4-5 hours of actual play time, with some variance ofc.
Around 30min - 1h/day lately. I'll probably play more once I'll get bored of my other games, though.
I have my own quota wherein I should spend about 8 to 12 hours a day,but thanks to school during weekdays,I only play an hour or two. I go all out playing during weekends and holidays though.
And within those hours;
50% of the time playing, 40% doing something else ,5% listening to music and 5% when spectating random people out of boredom.
i play like 30minutes - 2 hours depending on how fast my fingers get tired then come back later in the day and play another 30minutes-2 hours
[ infL ]
Few hours every few days :/
Used to play more but playing different games recently.
Maximum 1 hour per day, 3 at nights.
I usually chat instead of playing :S My playcount is very high because I retry alot, click my historical tab in my profile and laugh :)
since my registration date "about a month ago" dont know where to check exact date i have 7days 21hour and 35minutes.(knowing this because of AMD app counting time from every game installed)
Cocaine dog
Not enough
an hour a night religiously
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