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Hello everyone!

Three days ago when I started up osu, doing my regular thing I always do, I realised that something has changed.

I can barely get higher than A on hard ar7 maps. And I've fcd alot of ar8 songs. The day before that I got an A on an insane ar9 map.
The way I play has changed aswell. I've never had any problems with having to reposition my mouse but now it seems like I have to do it after every combo because my hands are sweaty or my arm is in a bad position. I've tried changing height on my chair plenty of times. Nothing seems to be working (I play with 1.48 sensitivity).
My arm has started to shake more frequently which has almost never happened before (unless I wasn't warmed up). Now even if I'm warmed up my arm shakes which causes me to lose combo and fail an S. And now when I play other games or just surf the internet, it's really hard to click something cause my arm is just shaking.
I never rage at this game but now it seems everytime I miss a note I curse at myself.

It's been like this for the past 3 days, doesn't matter how warmed up I am. Like how could something like that change overnight? :(
Do you by any chance play with 'enhance pointer precision' on?

Also what you're feeling is pretty normal, you'll grow out of that phase soon enough.
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- [ U z z I ] - wrote:

Do you by any chance play with 'enhance pointer precision' on?
Yes, I do. Playing without it makes me feel so slow. ' ^ '

I don't think I'd be able to do jumps if I didn't have it checked.


Have you ever gone into this ''phase''? And how long did it take to get used again?
You'd best turn it off, and set the slider to 6/11 ticks. Trust me.
please please please turn off pointer precision
i seriously dont understand what microsoft was thinking when they came up with that thing.
Pointer precision needs to die in the fiery pits of hell.
yes the people know what they're talking about, turn pointer precision off immediately.
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Call me crazy but turning off pointer precision made it a little bit worse. But my performance got a TIIIIIIIIINYY bit better and I got worse on jumps and spinners (like I said it makes me feel slow). My arm is still shaking and I have to reposition my mouse every combo.

It's gonna be weird getting used to not having it checked.
From an older thread:

XGeneral2000 wrote:

Pointer precision (or mouse acceleration) makes your pointer position dependent on its velocity. Your cursor will move farther if you move the mouse quickly as opposed to slowly, even if they travel the same overall distance. Without it, your cursor position is only dependent on mouse position. X units of mouse distance = Y units of cursor distance, every single time, regardless of how quickly you do it.

Try it for yourself. Starting with the mouse in one position, make a square with the mouse, returning it to its original position. With pointer precision disabled, your cursor will also return to its original position. With it enabled, it probably won't.

You can probably see why people suggest turning it off for osu! now. Disabling pointer precision allows absolute mapping between the mouse and the cursor - every point on your mouse surface will always map to a specific point on the screen (at least until you pick up the mouse). If you see two notes separated by some distance, you will know exactly how far you need to move your mouse. This means you will eventually be able to build solid muscle memory, much stronger than if you keep pointer precision enabled.

Right now, disabling pointer precision feels clunky and bad because you have probably used it your entire computer life, and you're used to it now. However, in the long run, disabling it will help your osu! performance (and probably other gaming performance too). It will obviously take practice to get used to, but it's a better long-term investment.
You just need to get used to it being off
F*** is that In.... Techniques
Yea, turn off pointer precision .

It really helps a lot, trust me .

Aside from that, just play more? It's probably just a phase you'll grow out of.

Another note is there are a variety of places where mouse acceleration takes in affect. You'll just need to figure that out yourself though
If your arm keeps shaking even though you're not nervous, you should see a doctor.
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