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All fixed except on the NC on the last part
Added the tags too (Thanks for the Easy diff :3)
Hmm. Can you try offset 8990? I feel like there's a small delay.

[Shana Lesus] wrote:

Hello guys
mod ready

[Arcwin's HD]

00:42:257 - add note
00:50:828 - ^

[Arcwin's MX]

00:27:685 - add note
00:29:057 - ^
00:34:542 - ^
00:35:057 - ^
00:37:285 - ^
00:38:657 - ^
00:40:028 - ^
00:41:400 - ^
00:42:257 - ^
00:44:142 - ^
00:45:514 - ^
00:48:257 - ^


Good luck ! :P
Love Arcwin diff :oops:Thank you so much <3
Thank you so much for that great and very helpful mod, Shana >w<)bb

here's the updated code please download usagis :v
Updated .osu rar
hello i'm so late
i have caught a disease that i dont want to open my editer xDDD
xDD i dont like the Normal hitsound 70% too noisy
arc's NM
00:36:428 - add a note
00:37:285 - ^
00:37:800 - ^
00:39:171 - ^
00:40:542 - ^
00:44:657 - ^
00:47:414 - ^
00:48:257 - ^
00:49:628 (49628|5) - delete
00:49:628 (49628|5,51000|3,51171|5,51342|2) - ^
00:51:514 (51514|4) - double note
00:53:742 (53742|4) - move to 00:53:914 -

arc's hd
00:11:399 - add a note for heavy beat
00:14:142 - ^
00:15:514 - ^
00:22:371 - ^
00:23:742 - ^

00:39:685 - add note? will be fit.

easy is already looks nice.

23:53 Asagi: Mod request pls
23:57 P A N: I think on kial part should increase volume to about 80%
23:57 P A N: and 00:26:948 - this should be better blanket
23:57 Asagi: wat map? wtf wat?
23:57 P A N: random LOL
23:58 Asagi: it was pointed out here LOL
23:58 P A N: LOL
23:59 Asagi: dat lag
00:00 Asagi: i got my sister's earphone hahaha
00:00 Asagi: shes asleep so i took it away hahaha
00:00 Asagi: hope she didnt notice
00:00 P A N: LOL
00:00 Asagi: DAT 100 HAHA
00:01 *P A N sighs
00:01 P A N: I want to have little sis
00:01 Asagi: i touched something, cant spect
00:01 P A N: missing dafuq
00:01 P A N: please
00:01 P A N: woah ar8
00:01 P A N: I can DT
00:01 P A N: udpated
00:02 Asagi: i made it ar8.2
00:02 P A N: fuq
00:02 Asagi: its on the graveyard RIP
00:02 P A N: wat
00:02 Asagi: btw mod request here pls ;w;
00:02 *Asagi is listening to [ Asterisk_ - Ren-chon no Drum 'n' Bass]
00:02 Asagi: i need more mods on normal, i think
00:03 Asagi: i mean, all diffs are OKAY for me
00:03 Asagi: just the normal diff is a bit, errrr weird i guess
00:03 P A N: everything is weird for you I think XD
00:03 Asagi: not totally
00:04 Asagi: check it so you know what im telling
00:04 P A N: fuq I can't play normal
00:04 P A N: I mean
00:04 P A N: nv
00:04 P A N: m
00:05 Asagi: best song
00:06 P A N: brainwash song
00:06 Asagi: HAHAHAHA
00:06 Asagi: my old style hard diff
00:06 Asagi: RIP
00:07 P A N: 00:37:800 -
00:07 P A N: on normal
00:07 P A N: weird part for me
00:08 Asagi: so, what do you think on normal?
00:08 P A N: wait
00:08 P A N: but it's normal
00:08 Asagi: i guess just mod it and point it out
00:08 Asagi: god damn the easy diff is perfect
00:08 P A N: lol
00:09 P A N: what can I get from this testplay
00:09 P A N: damn
00:10 Asagi: ss pro
00:10 Asagi: teach me senpai
00:10 P A N: I always want to get #50 on normal since 3 years ago
00:10 P A N: ahahaha
00:10 P A N: maybe almost 3
00:10 P A N: anyway
00:10 P A N: his style is different form me....
00:10 P A N: and also his rhythm is not wrong
00:10 Asagi: well totally
00:11 Asagi: for me, some patterns are really weird for normal imo
00:11 P A N: but I think just circle instead of 1/2 slider there is more fit with normal diff
00:11 P A N: 00:38:485 (2) -
00:11 Asagi: but... well i think that his style
00:11 P A N: yea...
00:11 P A N: but I can SS it
00:11 P A N: with that mods...
00:11 P A N: so maybe patterns are fine? XD
00:12 Asagi: well if you saw rikih's maps, he is just creative on sliders
00:12 Asagi: more like experimental
00:12 P A N: hm i see
00:12 Asagi: maybe you should really mod it at all haha
00:12 Asagi: then point it out
00:13 P A N: tbh, it's his style and the rhythm is not wrong so
00:13 P A N: I think it's already fine
00:13 Asagi: im not sure myself
00:13 Asagi: well you know me, im not good at making normal
00:13 Asagi: or at least, i havent mapped normal diffs at all
00:14 P A N: hm but I mapped a lot right?
00:14 P A N: I mapped easy
00:14 P A N: that pattern is fine
00:14 Asagi: im just seeing your name on some random maps lol
00:14 Asagi: easy normal hard
00:14 Asagi: any diffs
00:15 P A N: he just play with blanket or make the body stack with previous note
00:15 Asagi: at least mod it pls ;w;
00:15 Asagi: i need mods QAQ
00:15 P A N: Desperate-kun......
00:15 P A N: wall of mod again
00:16 P A N: wow
00:16 P A N: 2 kds
00:16 Asagi: i told you that on skype
00:16 P A N: yea
00:16 Asagi: mod my map, it has 2 KD when you mod lol
00:18 Asagi: and now
00:18 Asagi: hmmm, time to find BATs
00:18 Asagi: oh wait, i need more mania mods ._.
00:19 P A N: so sad
00:19 Asagi: actually i just need 1 mod, so the GDer will find BAT
00:19 Asagi: mania is much easier to rank
00:20 P A N: well, I modded it carefully and I found that the rhythm is so various
00:20 Asagi: various?
00:20 P A N: hm
00:21 Asagi: sori for being dumb lol
00:21 P A N: my suck english
00:21 P A N: diverse?
00:21 P A N: what about it
00:21 Asagi: still dont know that
00:21 Asagi: wait google time LOL
00:21 P A N: ok
00:21 Asagi: you mean different?
00:22 P A N: ya
00:22 P A N: you made me forget
00:22 P A N: what I gonna say
00:22 P A N: oh yea
00:22 P A N: you don't have a snare sound?
00:22 P A N: damn I also suck at this
00:22 P A N: wait
00:23 Asagi: clap?
00:23 Asagi: wat
00:23 P A N: you have it
00:23 P A N: but in normal don't have it
00:23 Asagi: maybe he didnt use it
00:23 Asagi: and btw
00:23 Asagi: check my soft whistle hitsound thingy
00:23 Asagi: ahh damn
00:23 Asagi: i just call it PAN hitsound thingy
00:23 P A N: wa
00:24 P A N: ohhh
00:24 P A N: you mean
00:24 P A N: that whistle thingy?
00:24 P A N: XD
00:24 Asagi: yeah
00:24 Asagi: the PAN thingy
00:24 Asagi: HAHAHA
00:24 Asagi: you usually use that so yea
00:24 Asagi: i call it that lol
00:24 P A N: LOL
00:25 P A N: it fit well
00:26 Asagi: wooo
00:26 P A N: this damn almost stack thing 00:37:457 (7) -
00:26 P A N: and no one complain about whistle thing
00:26 P A N: XD
00:26 Asagi: wait
00:27 Asagi: but i just put it after the mods
00:27 Asagi: i mean, you are the 1st who mod it with PAN hitsound
00:27 P A N: hm
00:27 P A N: so no one have check it
00:28 Asagi: yea
00:28 Asagi: just mod it pls ;w;
00:29 P A N: I'm modding
00:29 P A N: lol
00:29 P A N: just ask your opinion too
00:30 P A N: 00:09:514 (1,2) -
00:30 P A N: these drum sound
00:30 P A N: really disturbing me
00:30 P A N: even they have on musi
00:30 P A N: c
00:30 Asagi: 10nyan point that out for me
00:30 Asagi: #neverforget
00:31 P A N: she too?
00:31 P A N: point to add or point that they are weird?
00:33 P A N: also
00:33 P A N: your pattern
00:33 P A N: why so nice
00:35 P A N: you should add some hitsound
00:35 Asagi: LOL
00:35 Asagi: where?
00:36 Asagi: shit
00:36 P A N: can you try something?
00:36 Asagi: my nerves on my arm is so wtf
00:36 Asagi: it really hurts ;w;
00:37 *Asagi is playing [ BABYMETAL - MEGITSUNE [4K MX]] <osu!mania> |4K|
00:37 Asagi: after playing this
00:37 P A N: :(
00:37 Asagi: urgh, my arm
00:37 P A N: just don't
00:37 P A N: climax too much
00:37 Asagi: havent played mania
00:37 Asagi: shut up
00:37 Asagi: no climax happened
00:37 P A N: lol
00:38 P A N: 00:09:342 (4) - whistle with normal additions
00:38 P A N: 00:09:514 (1) - clap on tail
00:38 P A N: 00:09:685 (2) - whistle with normal addition on tail
00:38 P A N: 00:09:857 (1) - clap
00:39 P A N: 00:10:028 (2) - whistle with normal addition on head
00:39 Asagi: 00:09:342 (4) - tail?
00:39 Asagi: or head?
00:39 P A N: head
00:40 P A N: and you will hear
00:40 P A N: the most ugly random hitsound ever
00:40 Asagi: damn
00:40 P A N: but
00:40 P A N: it fit with 50% playrate comeon
00:40 P A N: XD
00:40 Asagi: maybe the whistle is a bit loud
00:41 P A N: yea
00:41 Asagi: but it really fits
00:41 P A N: decrease it then
00:41 Asagi: 40% will do
00:42 P A N: wtf
00:42 P A N: why so fit
00:42 Asagi: not sure if you really modding it hahaha
00:43 P A N: why not
00:43 P A N: I modded it
00:43 P A N: XD
00:46 Asagi: maybe its close to ranking lol
00:46 P A N: yea
00:46 P A N: can tell by pattern
00:46 P A N: and hitsounding
00:51 Asagi: just waiting for BAT
00:51 Asagi: oh wait
00:51 Asagi: UWS said he will bubble it
00:51 P A N: LOL
00:51 Asagi: i havent saw him
00:54 Asagi: ask UWS for bubble, ask bakari for rank
00:54 Asagi: ez shit HAHAHAHA
00:56 P A N: meh
00:56 P A N: damn
00:56 P A N: I'm so hard
00:56 P A N: I mean
00:56 P A N: my map so hard to get rank
00:57 Asagi: why?
00:59 P A N: I have less BAT friend
00:59 P A N: :(
01:00 Asagi: ;w;
01:00 Asagi: but you pro nayway
01:00 P A N: you are more pro
01:01 Asagi: impossible
01:01 P A N: 00:20:485 (3) - whistle on head?
01:01 P A N: Hard
01:05 Asagi: oh
01:05 Asagi: IRC on my diff?
01:06 P A N: I irc since a long time ago
01:06 P A N: :(
01:06 Asagi: hahahaha
01:06 Asagi: just go lol
01:09 P A N: DONE
01:12 Asagi: sdfsdf
01:12 Asagi: pro
01:12 P A N: LOL
01:12 P A N: it's really fine honestly
01:12 P A N: I fc Insane in two tried
01:12 P A N: first tried also miss by accident
01:13 Asagi: because its very short map
01:14 P A N: hmmm I don't know
01:15 Asagi: actually
01:15 Asagi: the jumps on insane is really big
01:15 P A N: easy
01:15 P A N: wait
01:15 Asagi: yeah
01:16 Asagi: really big jump, but easy on the same time
01:16 P A N: easy for us I guess
01:16 P A N: hard for about 7k rank+?
01:16 Asagi: maybe
01:16 Asagi: maybe ahaha
01:16 Asagi: post pls
01:17 P A N: later
01:17 P A N: doing soemthing
01:18 Asagi: wat
01:18 Asagi: is it really take a long time to post? lol
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Thanks for the mod climax-san

victorica_db wrote:

hello i'm so late
i have caught a disease that i dont want to open my editer xDDD omg im so late checking ;3; tangina ferking owner of dis map :v
xDD i dont like the Normal hitsound 70% too noisy Fixed with new set of hitsounds xD
arc's NM
00:36:428 - add a note
00:37:285 - ^
00:37:800 - ^
00:39:171 - ^
00:40:542 - ^
00:44:657 - ^
00:47:414 - ^
00:48:257 - ^ No. thanks to all above, Only having 1-noter press in those parts for NM. no 2-noter press.
OK! Fixed: 00:49:628 (49628|5) - delete
OK! Fixed: 00:49:628 (49628|5,51000|3,51171|5,51342|2) - ^
00:51:514 (51514|4) - double note already 2-noter press
OK! Fixed: 00:53:742 (53742|4) - move to 00:53:914 - rearranged a bit though

arc's hd
OK! Fixed: 00:11:399 - add a note for heavy beat
OK! Fixed: 00:14:142 - ^
OK! Fixed: 00:15:514 - ^
OK! Fixed: 00:22:371 - ^
OK! Fixed: 00:23:742 - ^
Thank you so much for great mod,Victorica >w<)b

here's an update you fwakin asagis :v
pan hentai asagi climax

10nya wrote:

pan hentai asagi climax
From my queue~


  1. You have enabled Widescreen Support in some diffs if not all. Disable it since you don't have SB.

Desperate's Easy:

  1. 00:31:628 (1) - I think spinner is too near from next note. Maybe finishing it in 00:30:942 - is ok enough.

    Cute diff, I don't really know what to say.

Riki's Normal:

  1. 00:19:971 (3) - I'd change a bit slider's end. Like this, since next slider begins slightly above.
  2. 00:32:314 (1) - Since here, you add NC each one stanzas. You could add it each two, like you were doing.
  3. 00:51:514 (4) - NC.

    I didn't like some sliders, but whatever, the diff is good enough for me.


  1. 00:38:314 (2) - Why not moving it to x:484 y:192? For a better flow imo. Also, makes a good jump between it and next slider.
  2. 00:42:428 (3) - That stack. Move it to x:211.
  3. What about kiai D:

    Just wanted to say some suggestions. I like it.


  1. Same about kiai D:

    Nothing to say, well done.

Good luck~
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All Fixed on Hard diff
About the kiai, i intentionally didnt put it

i think about mania mod :)
suggest u

HIT SOUND CHANGE : 00:09:514 ↔ 00:10:028

Arcwin's HD
00:09:085 - Delete
00:09:257 - 1add normal sound
00:09:514 - 1add normal sound
00:09:771 - 1add normal sound
00:10:028 - 2add normal sound
and, note place change :)

Arcwin's MX
00:10:028 - 4add normal sound

good luck u r beat map XD
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