What genre of anime do you like and dislike ??

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Likes: Gore, Seinen, drama, Fantasy, Comedy, Echi and Hentai
Dislikes: Shounen, Sports and Yaoi
Brent Parker
Like: History (like some anime related to world war I or something), Comedy, Romance
Dislike: Gore, Ecchi
i like horror and h-18 also ecchi

i dislike yaoi
Likes: Slice of Life, Comedy, Drama

Dislikes: Harem, Reverse Harem, Mecha

The other genres are somewhere in between
Like- Slice of life, Comedy, mabey some romance
Dislike- Mecha, Hentai
Likes: Psychological (fav), Fantasy, Mystery
Dislikes: Slice of Life, Drama, Shoujo
Likes: Romance, Comedy, Slice of Life, Shoujo.
Dislikes:Shounen, Action, Ecchi stuff that is just straight bad.
Nyan Cat Nico
Like: school, music, adventure, action, horror, mystery, comedy

dislike: love, cars, military romance,
I enjoy shoujo, romance, fantasy, horror, yuri, seinen and gore anime.
I don't think there's any genres that I hate, but I'm getting a bit tired of the cliché romance animes, where nothing really happens until the end :b
Hakaze Himeko
Like: Comedy, Ecchi, Fantasy, Romance
Dislike: Mecha, Sci-Fi

I don't really like anything that involves robots or technology :<
likes: romance, mystery, action, psychological, horror
dislikes: slice of life, mecha, ecchi
[- LenoxHD -]
Hate: Yaoi, Ecchi

Like: Comedy, Slice of Life, Music, Action, Romance, Sci-Fi, Historical, Psychological, Mystery, Military, and Supernatural (There may be some genre's i'm missing)
Likes: Anything that's not ecchi, harem, yuri or yaoi
Likes: Action,Comedy,Slice of life,Gender bender,Mystery,Horror,Shoujo,Music,Adventure,and Fantasy

Hate: Ecchi,Mecha,Scifi,Sport,Romance,Yuri,Especially YAOI( I HATE YAOI so MUCH )
Likes: Ecchi, Harem, Action, Comedy, Slice of life, Mystery, Horror, Gore, Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-fi, Yuri

Hates: Mecha, Sports, Drama, Romance, Yaoi, Music
Umaru Doma[1]
I love all genre except slice of life because slice of life make me sad.
likes: psychological, horror, mystery
dislikes: harem, romance (usually)
Likes: Romance, Comedy, School, Slice Of Life
Dislikes: Drama, Magic, Supernatural, Harem
like: action, adventure, comedy, romance, shounen, magic, supernatural, mystery, music, school life, drama, ecchi and Fantasy
dislike: HAREM omg, yuri and yaoi? hmm
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