What genre of anime do you like and dislike ??

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i'm more of a slice of life/shojo/romance anime type person, i occasionally watch and read shonen anime and manga but i prefer SoL/Shojos
Drama is my favourite :) I don't really like 'genres' like ecchie, harem v:
I love psychological thrillers (Death Note, Future Diary, Psycho-Pass, etc.) and romcoms (Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai, Toradora!, Yamada-kun and the Seven Witches, etc.) are quite enjoyable. I also like slice of lifes/comedies (Blend S, One Punch Man, KonoSuba, etc.) KonoSuba probably being my favorite. I dislike most shonen (Naruto, Bleach, One Piece, etc.) although MHA is an exception.
I like anything as long as it isn't mech or sports shit
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-M0r0- wrote:

I like anything as long as it isn't mech or sports shit
Mecha and Sports are great
Mecha: If there are only mechas yes, if starts to mix genres NO, I like to see mechas fighting or engineering implied, not a kid screaming a x character in the middle of the first episode just because is he was late.

Romance: It touches me very hard, in fact, the more realistic and relatable it is, the more chance I have to start crying for weeks (yup, i'm a cry babe)

Drama: (excluding Toradora!) Absurd drama that mixes comedy while they are in a scene where evidently it is not necessary NO. Outside of I like it since I feel able to reflect myself in the context and the environment, making it go into retrospectivblahblahblah

Gore: Nothing to say.

Josei: Most of the time i love just chill around y'know

Slice of Life: As long as it's not fantasy or something absurd. ReLIFE is an example of how it touches this that although it comes out of the real (by the pill) the context is very relatable and enjoyable.

I hate isekais since all of them (or mostly i saw) are just Gary stu over and over with the same context, avoiding the comedy or the action itself that they can actually bring, it just...
Hate Harem, just an excuse to see bobs, even if you found 1 pretty neat, next to you only find trash.
Yuri because most of them just instead of balance the romance with (insert any kind of mix genre) it just go for te free kiss/fanservice. I like so hard Strawberry Panic btw and most of the new yuri s**t had to learn about this one.
Ecchi... i had to explain?
Dementia because just manga can fit with (my opinion)
Horror because is the same as Dementia but more soft at how it affects/trigger me
like: action, sci-fi, adventure, comedy, horror, shounen.

dislike: harem, echi, yaoi and other hentai shit.
Dislike: yaoi, mecha, when there's a girl as protagonist,and Reverse Harem

Like: everything else
fuck ntr not anime genre but yes
Likes: Sports, Slice of Life, almost anything.
Dislikes: Bad shows, no particular genre.
Nothing can beat some fresh comedy anime! I also more dramatic shows like Clannad. Emotional roller coasters are great.
Mr Bean
Like: Action,Psychology,shounen,fantasy,supernatural,sports(only inazuma eleven)
Dislike:Yaoi,Reverse harem,Harem,ecchi,Shounen ai,Mecha,supernatural,Slice of life(except for Life of saiki K.)

I like pretty much anything that can distract me from the boring real world.
Like : Slice of life, action, harem, GOOD comedy and pretty much everything except :
Dislike : Yaoi (because ew yuk yuk big gay), psychological(because 90% of the time it's too deep and boring), Mecha (but I love shows like code geass though, it's just that I disliked 90% of all the mecha animes I've watched, the fights are just too boring for me sorry) and Drama (same reason as the mecha stuff, good dramas are just too rare, and most of the time it's just "cringe" especially in ecchi animes, just don't add drama to a retarded and average show, it will bring the quality down most of the time)
Like: School romance, Drama, Comedy, Slice of life, some Action, Military, Thriller and Horror.
Neutral: Ecchi, Harem, Supernatural, Psychological, Historical.
Dislike: Fantasty, Sci-Fi, Mecha.

I am boy and i am watching almost only romance :o :thinking:
Like: Action, Horror, Supernatural, Romance (sometimes), fantasy, magic, Shounen, Drama and Sci-Fi

Dislike: Comedy (most of it), Mecha, Harem, Sports, Slice of Life (most of it)
-Slice of life
-Action (sometimes)

- Slice of Life
- Comedy
- Action
- Drama
- Romance

- Harem
- Ecchi
Like: Comedy, Action, Survival
Dislike: Yaoi
Me Gusta: Mecha, seinen, psicologico, romance, isekai, ecchi, drama, gore, comedia, yuri, Hentai, recuentos de la vida, acción, fantasía.

No me gusta: Yaoi, deportes, y a estilos moe
supposedly anything that could make me tear up and make my heart ache
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