What genre of anime do you like and dislike ??

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Like:Romantic,School,Slice of Life
Like: Shounen, Romantic, comedy, Sport, Shoujo, Sci-fi and Yaoi (I don't know why I even like it .__.)
Dislike: Ecchi (just a little of it is okay but not too much.(How much ecchi does Fairy Tail have?))
My likes: Yuri, Romantic, Comedy, Sci-ifi, Music (idol type and just music animes like K-On!), Ecchi (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), Slice Of Life, Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Magical girl, Shoujo (Idk why lol)

My dislikes: Yaoi (won't ever watch a anime with 2 boys inlove <.<), Sports (Not really much into sports anime)
Brian OA
The genre doesn't really matter as long as it's played well. Understandably there's almost a stereotypical view for certain genres which deconstructions like Madoka turn away from, but following a certain genre expecting something enjoyable would be met with disappointment. Genres are just a generalization. To say I like Slice of Life for enjoying Clannad or Hyouka would be wrong considering these as well as other SoL's are radically different from each other. Same goes for Mecha, shounen, or any other genre. It's either done well or it's not.
Like: Japanese mythology, supernatural, mystery, medieval fantasy, shonen, shoujo, seinen, josei, shonen ai

Dislike: kids(most of it), ecchi (there are exceptions), harem (there are a few exceptions), yuri, shoujo ai, hentai, mecha (most of it), slice of life (most of it)
Likes: Mystery, supernatural, sci-fi, horror, tragedy, humor, fantasy, action, school.
Neutral: Slice of life, ecchi (I don't like too much of it), gore, yaoi, yuri, shonen-ai/shojo-ai.
Dislikes: Harem, mecha, hentai.
- Mecha <Sentient> (super rare though, if you know a good anime that involves sentient mecha, please tell! X3 but not semi or partly sentient though...)
- Fantasy
- Mystery ( <3 )
- Drama (the stronger the drama, the more I like)

- Romance ( <3 )
- Adventure (plain awesome)
- Magic (yay!)
- Action (good)
- Physiological
- Sci-Fi (makes plot more interesting)

- Mecha <Piloted> (I find sentient mecha more interesting for me)
- Comedy (ok, but any genre without it, plain good-ok for me)
- School (if combines with fantasy, <3)
- Gaming (simply ok)
- History (with fantasy or mecha, huge <3)
- Josei (I don't watch though but I know if I like it or not)
- Harem (ok, just ok but not combining with pervert-related)
- Horror (with drama, <3)
- Music (ok)
- Military (only if purely, without combination of other)

- Sports (I just don't find them interesting, that's all but considering them as dislike)
- Ecchi (oh well... I shouldn't watch or else my friend would make fun of me though...)
- Extreme Violence (oh well, this scares me)
- Shoujo-ai (don't ask)
- Shounen-ai (same as above)

- Hentai (er...)
- Yaoi (... (' -') )
- Yuri (um...)

^^^ Don't ask... ^^^

- Any anime or manga that contains poorly designed plot, mecha (uh... Plz don't ask why do I mentioned here) and character.

And there are bit more but too lazy to list them out...

Also applies to manga.

So if anyone know a fantasy anime or manga that involves purely (at least 50% of the time is ok) sentient mecha, please tell me! :) I tried searching lots of time but no results... :(
I like murder mystery.
[ -420BlazeI- ]
I like action and I do not dislike any genre
i like shoujo, comedy, etc

i dont like the too serious ones
Like: Psychological, Emotional, Horror, Supernatural

Dislike: Ecchi, Kids, Sports
Liked Genres:
1. Ecchi
2. Romance
4. Comedy
5. Fantasy
6. Drama
7. Slice of Life
8. Hentai
Disliked Genres:
1. Yaoi
2. Yuri
Like: ---> TRAGEDY <--- (50% it's a joke ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°))
Dislike: Nearly nothing.
i like comedy, drama, slice of life, ecchi, horror, harem, action, hentai of course and i think there is more...
im not a fan of mecha anime but there are sure a few exceptions which are good anyways
Wei Wuxian
I like sports and shoujo.

I don;t like mecha anime and ecchi in general
i like action
i like slice of life
i like drama
i like psychological
i like supernatural
i like romance
i dont like mecha
( '-')b
-Comedy (whatever kind, as long as there are moments in which I should laugh)
-Slice of life

( '-')p
-Horror (hardcore levels such as massive bloodsheds [I can tolerate a few of them though, I don't know how and why] and inhumane things [zombies])

( '-') [neutral]
-whatever isn't mentionned (certainly most of them; as long as the summary catches my attention, and as I don't get shot for not being serious while watching them)

As for ecchi and genres related to hentai, I'll keep them to myself :q
Things i like:
- Fantasy
- Romance
- Comedy
- Slice of life
- Military
- Action

Things i Dislike:
- Sports
- Mecha
- Horror
- Ecchi

Things i DESPISE:
- Yaoi
- Kiddies Cartoon
Genres I LIKE:
- Harem
- Comedy
- Fantasy
- Game
- Horror
- Supernatural
- Psychological
- Ecchi (Hehe)

Genres I'm ok with:
- Action
- Drama
- Slice of Life
- Romance
- Mystery
- Sci-Fi
- Sports

- Yaoi
- Yuri
- Shoujo
- Gore
Likes: Yaoi,Shonen-ai,Shonen,School,Magic, (Sometimes i like Ecchi) , Shoujo and Shoujo-ai.
Dislikes: Harem,Mecha, Yuri
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