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I guess you wanted to request a mod anyway before.


00:15:038 (1,2,3) - The rhythm is really inappropriate for an easy, the most important thing to have in an easy is clean rhythm, which isn't broken. Neat Placement is also needed (no flow breaking or such), well, I guess that would be here, but the rhythm isn't , and thats more essential. I think this is not given at all here
This basically goes for the whole begin, the big gap aren't too stressful imo, but they break the rhythm completely. You should really try to remap that part, with an ongoing rhythm instead of this. If you Need help contact me ingame, I guess I can find something.

00:52:096 (1) - I think the flow would be improved heavily if you simply move it to 200 124
01:02:684 (1) - Try to move it to the right for transition reasons.

I guess you can make a way better easy. Although the kiai was okay and acceptable, I really don't suggest to leave the begin as it is.


00:37:978 (1) - Try to go for a blanket like http://puu.sh/9gpSf.png to improve the flow
00:40:626 (1) - How about avoiding the overlaps? a blanket will also look better here.

I guess OVERALL it would be fine.


The spread is REALLY bad. You barely have any rhythm in easy, and then medium has jumps, streams, that's just not working imo. You have to add another diff, if you leave Medium as it is. Also about normal, if you really insist using the weird blue tick rhythm at the begin, well, then this will be a hard diff anyway because.. I guess it's hard to catch them for a normal Player.


Request by in-game PM. What is that song o-o

  1. Unrankable Issue/Highly Suggested
  2. Comment/Very minor
  1. The whole spread is horrible imo. You've almost mapped 1/1 only in your Easy but in your Normal a lot of 1/2 and 1/4, also jumps and this weird blue tick rhythm at the beginning which makes it really hard to play for Normal players. I think another diff between these two diff is NEEDED here in order to correct the spread here. I actually didn't know the Normal is a Normal in my testplay. I guess it's more of a Hard. Try to find something inbetween.

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  1. 00:16:140 (2) - Adjust the shape a bit in order to improve the "connection" between 1 and 3 to improve the flow because there's a little stop between all of them since there's no fluent transition here.
  2. 00:20:331 (3) - Hm, maybe just me but I personally don't like the flow from the previous object into this one. I'd go for reusing 00:18:567 (1) - 's head or tail in order to get a movement either following 2's track or a drop off.
  3. 00:34:449 (3) - Make some adjustments to the shape here in order to get a better movement to 4. You just simply have to move the last anchor point to 328|255 and rearrange the following object's position to improve the flow here. So it feels more like a curve from 3 -> 4 melting into a triangular movement into 4.
  4. 00:30:037 (2) - Remove that finish. You didn't place this in the other diff and it doesn't really fit :V
  5. 00:39:743 (2) - Change this slider's shape for a better transition to 3. Let it point more into 3's head for a smoother movement :3
  6. 00:52:096 (1) - I fully agree with Irre's suggestion here.
  7. 01:02:684 (1) - Move this a bit more right (500|22o) in order to get a fluent movement from 3 into this.

    I don't really like this diff to be honest. The Kiai is okay but the rest could be done better. The overall map lacks a smooth flow at many spots (I didn't list all of them I guess). Also the rhythm could be better but I guess that's everything provieded by the pretty weird rhythm of that song.

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  1. 00:11:508 (1,2,3,4,5) - Maybe it's just me but these feel a bit empty imo. Reason for this is that you didn't follow the vocals in the previous part. Especially because the music is kinda increasing, as you can hear if you listen closely (volume getting higher etc.). I'd go for more objects here similiar as the section before.
  2. 00:16:802 (1,2,3) - This was really hard to read due to the polarity issues here and the little lower spacing from 2 to 3. I personally think you could solve this with a similiar rhythm as you've used at 00:15:037 (1) - .
  3. 00:18:346 (4,1) - You could make some adjustments to the flow here. 00:18:567 (1) - slows me a bit down. You could rotate it 10° (Selection Centre) in order to improve it here. The reason is that it follows a curve created by 00:18:346 (4) - like that as seen in the Screenshot below.
  4. 00:23:089 (2,3,1) - The spacing from 2 -> 3 looks a bit uneven with the spacing from 3 -> 1. Maybe you could tweak that a little bit :V
  5. 00:30:920 (1) - This slows me a bit down. The main reason here is if you compare it with the transition from 4 -> 5 that this one is way lower and more to the right which makes it feel weird as a part of this pattern. Moving it a bit more to the lower left (somewhere around 115|180) could improve the flow here a lot imo.
  6. 00:37:978 (1,2) - The flow from 1 into 2 feels weird to me due to the shape of 1 not supporting the movement into 2. The shape tells me either to go to the right or even more to the left. I'd go for reshaping 1 a bit as seen in the screenshot below. (It would aslo slightly improve the flow from 00:37:537 (5) - into 1, if you ask me)

  7. 00:41:508 (1) - This feels a bit randomly placed here which doesn't compliment the flow as well. Maybe you could put it into your previous pattern or do some completely different but as it is now, it stops me completely which breaks the flow here imo >.< (I've also posted a few other objects rearranged within the Code in order to make it fit the following pattern, but that's no big change)

  8. 00:50:331 (1,2,3) - Hue, just me commenting. I personally think the soft whistles don't give enough feedback for these rather loud notes.
  9. 00:54:302 (2) - The pattern here (00:53:420 (6,1) - ) feature a kind of zigzag movement. The problem here is that I'm slowed down by 00:54:302 (2) - since it basically follows this pattern from the look but the distance is so short that it flows uncomfortable. Consider CTRL+G'ing it.
  10. 00:57:390 (1) - Consider placing this at 209|229 to improve the flow here. Like this, you would follow 00:56:508 (3) - 's movement with the curve of 00:57:390 (1) - smoothly. As it is now it lacks this feeling, which should be here in terms of structure and flow so that it actually breaks the flow to me here.
  11. 01:03:346 (2) - The spacing here is a bit uneven which is notable ingame. Maybe you could do some adjustments here. Wouldn't be a big effort here since it's a real minor issue. I'd personally keep 1,32 to 01:03:567 (3) - since you've also doen this with the following and the previous object in order to make it look even.
  12. 01:07:978 (1) - Is it just me or should this a bit more left and a bit higher in order to have a perfect pentagon shaped pattern here. I took a closer look to the whole shape here I can see that the spacing between 01:07:096 (3) - and 01:07:758 (6,1) - is uneven. 1 is just simply to close at 3.

    Hmm, I guess the overall diff is okay. The main problem here is the rhythm and the placement which isn't advantageous for a Normal at all. I'd suggest you to use this diff as a Hard and get a new Normal, as I've already said in General. The rhythm is pretty weird due to the lack of right polarity but that's the fault of the song I guess. Evn though that there are a lot of spots where you would have been able to bypass the polarity issues easily by mapping drums as well since they hit some of the left out 1/2 ticks. The flow is okay in the most spots but there are some patterns I dislike due to the flow being broken there >< Also the map could be tidier since some objects look a bit, I don't know how to say, "out of place". But I guess that's just my personaly view of it ;b

Please reply! I hope it was helpful and good luck! :3
I agree with modders about spread, it really can be better. Perhaps adding difficulty between Easy & Medium would solve this issue (btw, why hardest diff called Medium?)

onotoleonide wrote:

priti in one map
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Kodora wrote:

I agree with modders about spread, it really can be better. Perhaps adding difficulty between Easy & Medium would solve this issue (btw, why hardest diff called Medium?)
I'm working on fixing the spread lol, but first I need to talk with Milkshake about things.
Timing feels 'uh' on the hardest diff, but who doesn't like Eyal Golan?!
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we're back


00:07:979 (1,2) - You can do a better blanket for aesthetics.

00:39:302 (1,2) - Switch combo, all the other NCs are starting on a big white circle, except this one.

00:47:684 (2) - This hitsound is inconsistent with the others (drum-drum-clap), this one is drum-drum-drum-clap, but it's your choice to keep it or change.

00:49:008 (1) - You are missing a soft-whistle hitsound here.

00:57:390 (3,4) - Rotate these 2 sliders -15 (section centre) for a better transition between 00:56:508 (2) - and 00:57:390 (3) - , then fix 00:59:155 (1) - this note moving to x224 y180.

01:18:567 (3) - Stack with 01:16:802 (1) - it flows much better imo.


00:16:802 (1) - Move to x228 y80 for a better flow, then fix 00:18:126 (2) - moving to x364 y64.

00:18:567 (3) - This flows a bit weird, you can fix by doing this: rotate 35º and move to x372 y200, fix 00:19:449 (4) - moving it to x176 y364.

01:04:559 (1) - Looks a bit faster for new players, try to extend it until 01:05:773 -


00:41:508 (1) - Try to do it for a better flow: https://osu.ppy.sh/ss/1927093 rotate 30, put on x204 y188, fix 00:41:949 (2) - moving it to x72 y68.

00:47:684 (4) - Same about the hitsound on Easy.

00:54:302 (2) - Ctrl + G it, flows much better.

I think this is all, hope you like :3
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Fixed everything but the blanket in Easy since it would be super complex to fix it now and the spinner in Normal since the circle is around the middle so it should be reletively easy.
This background is horrible lol, I think you can use that instead: http://i.imgur.com/e6ooSgE.jpg
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Bubble wrote:

This background is horrible lol, I think you can use that instead: http://i.imgur.com/e6ooSgE.jpg
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did a irc mod, changed few notes in 555 / removed a note, added a note and added a drum finish in normal / hitsounded the objects in kiai in easy

log if need : https://www.dropbox.com/s/dz2e9vfq7a43k ... i.txt?dl=0
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New MP3 and offset :3

Provided new MP3 + whistle suggestion

13:55 Priti: WHO DAT
13:55 Priti: G-A-B-E
13:56 Priti: rank or spank
13:56 Gabe: rip
13:56 *Priti is listening to [http://osu.ppy.sh/b/435555 Eyal Golan - Mi Shemaamin]
13:56 Priti: bubbled
13:56 Priti: first bubbled hebrew song
13:56 Priti: ever
13:57 Gabe: ommmgg
13:57 Gabe: nicuu
13:57 Priti: plox renk
14:03 Priti: pls
14:04 Gabe: pls
14:05 Priti: renk
14:05 Priti: da jewmap
14:12 Gabe: http://puu.sh/cS0ih/c2ff8a8afa.mp3
14:13 Priti: watchu doin
14:13 Priti: lol
14:13 Priti: why did u link me dis
14:13 Gabe: (a) weird noise at the end
14:13 Priti: NO
14:13 Priti: NO WEIRD NOISE
14:13 Priti: IT'S FUNNY
14:13 Priti: It's a word
14:13 Priti: I HAVE NO IDEA
14:13 Gabe: .
14:13 Priti: BUT IT'S LIKE
14:13 Priti: FANCY TALK
14:13 Priti: 1 sec
14:14 Priti: "We are happy"
14:14 Priti: or something
14:14 Priti: IDK JEWS ARE ODD
14:14 Gabe: .
14:14 Priti: but yea it's needed
14:15 Gabe: k, I'll do a better cut then
14:15 Gabe: LOL
14:15 Priti: No
14:15 Priti: you'll never
14:15 Priti: cut it out
14:18 Gabe: http://puu.sh/cS0Iy/ed275304eb.mp3
14:19 Priti: oh wow it's great
14:19 Priti: wait, will this mean
14:20 Priti: you can't rank this
14:20 Gabe: eh, idk
14:20 Gabe: LOL
14:21 Priti: wow
14:21 Priti: offset needs like
14:21 Priti: +50
14:21 Priti: can u check it?
14:22 Gabe: with my mp3 ??
14:22 Priti: yes
14:22 Gabe: weird, I didn't touch to the beginning
14:23 Priti: it's an effect changing a file has
14:23 Priti: you can mainly notice it in the kiai
14:23 Gabe: gross
14:23 Priti: wow
14:23 Priti: I have a mean idea
14:23 Priti: nvm he's offline
14:25 Gabe: +50 seems oki
14:25 Priti: lez get a confirmation
14:27 Priti: we changing offset
14:27 Priti: so u can't rank
14:28 Gabe: but i can rebbl, right
14:28 Priti: ofc
14:28 Priti: lol
14:28 Gabe: :D/
14:29 Priti: Deif gave me +47
14:29 Priti: sounds perfect
14:31 Priti: ok updating
14:31 Priti: yes I resnapped everything
14:31 Priti: checked aimod
14:31 Priti: fixed preview point
14:32 Priti: anything else about mep?
14:32 Gabe: just update for now
14:33 Priti: kk
14:34 Priti: updated
14:36 Priti: now rebub
14:36 Gabe: I won't rebubbled because you asked me
14:36 Priti: </3
14:37 Gabe: just like the HaHaHa Style difficulty, why don't you put whistles on these objects in the kiai time?
14:38 Priti: added
14:40 Gabe: oki
14:40 Gabe: you can update :D
14:43 Priti: done
555? is it even rankable?
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Secretpipe wrote:

555? is it even rankable?
I've confirmed this with Loctav, Mao, Delis and Gabe, It's fine.
Hi there o/

We basically fixed general stuff :

  1. Some stacks
  2. Some spinners issues
  3. Priti added a note I think

Log will be given under reqs , cause of nsfw there.

Otherwise the set is pretty good!

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Note to QAT:
Genre is Pop - Other
BG is like what the actual fuck so cool
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