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Hi there and sorry for late reply. RVMathew reporting for modding duty.

Note whatever I say except for AI mod is my own opinion, so you do not have to follow it if you want to.

Changes are separated into boxes

1) soft-hitfinish: I feel like the one right now does not give the song justice. I think if you can find one that gives a lot more punch, it will make the song vibrant.
No changes needed.
The rhythm seems fine, so changes will be based on note placement on the playfield.

1) Difficulty Settings: I would recommend lowering the overall difficulty from 3 to 2, because I believe that for beginners, od 3 may be too much.

2) 00:30:196 Perhaps place slider 3 in slider 2 like the image below. You can get a double blanket and it makes the pattern interesting. The thing you may have to worry about is the placement of slider 4.

3) 00:41:168 To make the map more aesthetically pleasing, you can put slider according to the image below, which allows for slider 2 to be blanketed, and then allows for placement of notes 3 and 4 without impeding flow.

4) 01:55:568 Good usage of blanket sliders.

5) 02:28:139 Another blanket seems possible here and looks nice as well.

6) If you applied point 5, then at 02:29:168 I would move note 2 from (180,196) to (188,176) and at 02:29:510 you can move slider 3 from (260,136) to (264,120). By coincidence you have a triangle pattern between note 2, slider 3 and slider 1 of the next combo.
1) 01:05:853 - 01:06:539 I do not like the rhythm pattern that is going on there. The reason is that after the repeating slider at 01:05:853, the vocals are still playing at 01:06:368 but right now there is empty space. By putting a note there, it sorts the vocals out but then playing the pattern feels awkward with the repeating slider. I think you can remove the repeating slider and trying out the pattern below. I think you can do a better job of making the sliders in the image below look good, but the use of 2 sliders makes it more fun to play.

2) 02:11:682 - 02:12:368 The above incident occurs again. This time I would recommend going with a circle, then 1/2 slider and finally a note (combo 1,2,3) so it feels and plays different from the above pattern.

3) 02:13:568 The vocals are still going, but there is empty space. I would recommend this.

4) If you followed step 3, then apply hitfinish at 02:13:910 (end of slider) and then a clap at 02:14:082 (note).
1) 00:46:310 I would change the repeating slider into a stacked triplet, this is for adding variety to the pattern while keeping the same rhythm as before. There are other places where it occurs, but if you want to change those ones, that is at your discretion.

2) 02:30:539 I like the blanket.

3) 02:37:396 Flip the slider like the image below and then move the stacked triplet starting at 02:37:910 from (353,213) to (333,201). You create a triangle pattern which improves the flow.
Very Nice. I do like the various rhythm patterns and it flows quite well.

Only complaint I have is at 01:02:425 I do not like the shape of the slider, but I cannot think of a better shape for now.

Final thoughts: The Collab map was nice and the storyboard is clean. If I was much better at osu then I would enjoy the hardest difficulty a lot more.

Good luck and sorry if my mod was not up to your standard.
Thanks mate, I really appreciate the mod! Gonna go through it tonight
Have some stars for u ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆

GabrielRyuChan wrote:

Have some stars for u ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆
Dayum thanks a lot :o
Did some IRC modding. From what I recall, it was dealing with sprucing up the kiai in Normal, difficulty settings for most maps, and some individual parts for the other maps and some spread commentary.

Garven wrote:

Did some IRC modding. From what I recall, it was dealing with sprucing up the kiai in Normal, difficulty settings for most maps, and some individual parts for the other maps and some spread commentary.
http://puu.sh/ioOHJ/32ac88edab.txt thanks again

EDIT: Haven't changed it yet, I'll get on it once I get back from dreamhack.
00:31:053 (3,4,5,6,7,8) - this curve is a bit off, try going on grid for this one
00:29:339 (4,5) - not on the same coordinate
00:42:539 (1,2,3) - same here, the slider end is on (228, 196) whereas both circles are on (228, 195)
00:45:968 (4,5) - 4 is in the same position as 5, making the delay between the two unnoticeable
01:06:539 (3,4) - not sure about this flow break in the jump, but you can keep it if it really seems okay to you
02:22:568 (10,1) - 1 seems a too far away from 10#
02:54:025 (6,1) - 7 is in the same position as 2, making the delay between the two unnoticeable
02:11:517 - kiai time is too long
I think the name of the artist is different
Name that I think is
Negoto - Charon (DJ SEVEN PnB Refix)
ねごと - カロン (DJ SEVEN PnB Refix)

Lilium wrote:

I think the name of the artist is different
Name that I think is
Negoto - Charon (DJ SEVEN PnB Refix)
ねごと - カロン (DJ SEVEN PnB Refix)
Thanks, I've been double checking with KSHR about the metadata and this is the title I found most fitting, seeing as it is in fact a remix of Negoto's song Charon.



  1. Inconsistency in Tags, check hard diff
  2. I think you are not using that osb in your folder, if so delete it pls


  1. 00:23:168 (4,5,1) - stack this properly
  2. 00:27:282 stream ends here actually,
  3. 00:31:396 same as above, you should remove 00:31:482
  4. 00:57:025 (7) - starting sliders at blueticks its really weird to play, maybe :
  5. 01:00:025 (7) - there isn't nothing at bluetick, but a vocal in red, so I think a 1/2 slider will fit better the music
  6. 01:01:053 (2,3) - spacing its too short considering the gap in the timeline between those objects
  7. 01:55:053 (7) - there isn't nothing in the tail of this slider, use a single circle instead
  8. 02:06:882 (1) - I feel better if you end this slider at 1/2, there isn't nothing at 02:07:139 - , but there are two spots that you could map 02:06:968 - 02:07:053
  9. 02:19:568 (4) - ending sliders in such strong beats as 02:19:910 - doesn't fit the song properly, since you are missing a click action there, I'll suggest:
  10. 02:25:053 (5) - x:184 y: 176 to make the spacing equal in 02:24:882 (4,5,6) - , also will improve the gameplay.
  11. 02:35:510 (5,6,7,8) - not a fan, probably you can reduce the 1/4 jumps a bit.
  12. 02:44:596 (1) - I'm sure you can try a better slider shape here :(
  13. 02:54:625 (4) - weird, just remove this object and start at the next one

other diffs seems fine, but talking with someone others BN everyone has a problem with the spread, diffs are fine by themselves, but not as a set.

Here are my sugestions to solve this problem:

1 . Add a soft insane diff and nerf the actually hard diff a bit
2. boost easy normal and hard diff to have a better spread with the insane

I feel that the suggestion 1 is the best you can actually take, anyways let me know what you think, also you can get some QATs or BNs opinion about the spread here as well.
Alright cheers m8, thanks for modding but I really don't want to make another diff slightly different from the two others I've made, nor do I want any more guestdiffs so if anything happens I'll do it myself.

Edit: I still don't see the need for a light insane. The current one is not even 5* and the hard has various jumps and streams. Making something inbetween them will just be boring and unnecessary, and I don't want to nerf my hard at all, if anything make the normal harder. The difficulty gap between the hard and insane in reality is not that big, it's just the star rating that makes it seem so. At least that's my opinion.

graveyard for now
This modding thread has been migrated to the new "modding discussions" system. Please make sure to re-post any existing (and unresolved) efforts to the new system as required.
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