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depressed about how bad I am..

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osu! has been clinically proven to be an effective anti-depressant

results may vary between individuals. side effects may include depression and depression and also, dare i say it, depression.
Progress is very gradual, at least for me that have almost 11.000 play count and doesn't rank that much.
Lately I've ranked a holy lot but it's just because I challenged myself.

Dat Unreal
Dude, you got 900 plays, theres like no progress to expect.
Sometimes people play 900 plays in days, and not 6 months. Just play more.
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Dat Unreal wrote:

Dude, you got 900 plays, theres like no progress to expect.
Sometimes people play 900 plays in days, and not 6 months. Just play more.
here's a tip: try to be more perceptive in the future
Don't focus what you're good at, focus what you're not good at, that's how you improve.

If it's truly hopeless, well there's nothing else to say.
[ yogurt ]
Download val0108's beatmaps. Play them, fail, cry, repeat. You'll get better that way.
some people improve much faster than others i guess, or just have soem natural talent. Im around 10k and i rarely see anyone around my rank with less than 10k playcount. Try to watch your replays and see what it is you keep making mistakes of, and try to practise those parts many times.

Btw if you really do feel depressed about playing the game then dont play it at all. Games are about having fun not taking it too seriously. If you try to take it seriously while not being good at the game you will never get anywhere. Just keep playing for fun and you wont even start noticing your drastic improvements till around 50k rank. You'll be proud of how far you've come.

Also a tip: dont stay on 1 song for too long. I never repeat the same song more than 3 times, and i keep rotating between alot of songs. This way i've just gotten really consistent and decent at unpredictable beatmaps. This way you can rank up at a steady rate.
Mix the maps you play around. Play stuff you can fc (more to acc practice I guess), play stuff you can fc with mod (just the ability to play with different mods which will help in the future), play stuff that challenges your current level, and retrying multiple times in a row on the same map is the last thing you ever want to do. Play through the whole song, you can quit like right at the end or something if you dont want that score to be recorded but play through them.

People progress at different rates. Some has already been exposed to rhythm games before allowing them to pick things up faster, some gets to play like a crap tonne of hours a day (I dunno how they manage to have that much playtime but they just do) so they significant amounts of exposure to the game in a short amount of time... lets say... 6hrs a day on avr for 3 months as compared to 2hrs a day for 3 months (rl > osu plz...). So try not to compare yourself to others too much, you just have to know you beated your previous self.
imo level/playcount/time playing has nothing to do with your skill
everyone has a different play style, plays in a different rythm etc etc... what i am saying is: don't worry about ranking (because it is a bit ridiculous for people like you and me) and just have fun... don't go after the pp by doing the same maps over and over. try new and harder maps, even with NF if you need to
when i started i had the habbit of retrying easy and normal songs over and over, so didn't really evolve, like you.
don't expect fo FC songs when you first do them, find pleasure in doing everyday better than the day before

edit: and important advice from another noob. if youw ant to improve, download tons of beatmaps, i would recomment the chart beatmap packs

Illeria wrote:

laugh if you find one so hard you fail (okay that's just me though).
^ me on a spinner at the end of a song.

Story time
Don't feel bad. I literally wanted to perfect full combo (PFC) AR9's the first month I made my account. To this day i'm still trying to learn AR9 maps (could pass halfway now :). When i'm depressed I PFC easy and normal diff. (once nomod and again DT (+HR) if I feel I can.

I'm not a mouse player so my advice will mean nothing, but challenging yourself IS a useful tip (I try to combo sliders that are part of streams and usually end up with 100's and if it get's to long I break combo :(
As another low talent player who probably learned the wrong way at the start as well: it sucks man, I know.

Here's some unasked for advice:

Try playing a bit on both relax and auto pilot. It can become more obvious if your problem is within aim or accuracy.

If accuracy:
Check whether you have an offset problem. Turn on the bar thingy that shows in game and hover over the graph after you finish a map to check how you're doing. If your offset is constantly in one direction, change your universal offset or practice technique.
If your offset is bad (200+ unstable rate), but not necessarily in one direction, even on easy maps, then that's probably your issue. If you're unstable, higher OD maps will kill you no matter how hard you try. You can only hope to be as accurate on fast maps as your top accuracy on slow maps. So practice your unstable rate on slow maps.
Take an easy/normal where the notes have very obvious counterparts in the music and with a high note count, mod it to OD10 and AR8/9 and practice and practice and practice that unstable rate. Make sure that you have the highest frame rate limiter set if you're doing most of your timing with your eyes and also try playing it on HD to force yourself to use the music/internal timing more.

Really focus on following the accuracy on higher speed maps. Don't bother with aim for a while (play on auto pilot if you want), just try to get a balance of 300/100s that is shifted as far towards 300s as possible.

If aim:
Try to really focus on small parts of aim. Like making straight lines. Play a bunch of maps while thinking about nothing else than making straight lines between the notes. Don't even look at your accuracy afterwards, it doesn't matter, you just want to make straight lines right now. Make it part of your system.
Do the same again, but focus on hitting notes exactly in the middle, rather than somewhere on the edge.
Do the same again, but focus on finishing sliders completely.
Do the same on any area you feel you might be weak in, then practice all of these things again.

If you're having trouble following your cursor, try out some different skins.
Just DT everything

xMaxisx wrote:

- [ U z z I ] - wrote:

You aren't challenging yourself. You should be playing the right maps if you want to see any improvement. I was in the same situation as you, and the way I coped with it was to play songs that I found challenging. Play more insanes, easy insanes if you have to. That was you can actually get used to harder songs.
I have to agree with above (and with Kokozord as well). Don't go back and replay maps you already FC'ed 5 months ago, or you'll never improve. Push out of your comfort zone and play maps that challenge you, even if you fail them.

And remember, accuracy is just a digit. It doesn't judge your skill whatsoever. There's no point in retrying maps you've already S'd and FC'ed a long time ago, move on to new and harder ones.

I know you say you play offline, but if the playcount listed in your profile is close to your actual playcount, then your rank is actually pretty decent in terms of playcount compared to people around the same rank as you. And about playing offline--if you have Internet issues, alright--but otherwise there's no point in playing offline, like Redon said. Chances are you'll unintentionally get a good score at some point or another, and your rank will rise a decent chunk.

Don't be afraid of failure. Challenge yourself, that's how you improve in osu. Everyone's been there, they don't feel like they're good enough for how much they've played, I get it. But if you truly want to improve, you have to stop worrying about FCing those hards and move onto maps that you might not necessarily do good at first try.
Just going to agree here! Like in a lot of areas, push yourself to the limits!

- [ U z z I ] - wrote:

You aren't challenging yourself

Bauxe wrote:

If you are aiming for full combos to improve, you are really doing this wrong.

Kuju wrote:

Just DT everything

Kuju wrote:

Just DT everything
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