Hanatan - Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo

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All done o/
Bubble #2!!!!
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CDFA wrote:

Bubble #2!!!!
thanks! flame pls :oops:
One more again! Ganbatte baka QAQ
We did a check via IRC.

  1. Removed extra .osb files
  2. Diff settings changes
  3. Flow improvements
  4. A few pattern changes
  5. Rhythm improvements
12:46 Natsu: Hello
12:49 -Bakari-: Hey o/
12:50 Natsu: I'm wonder if you take mod request, mm I have this98 bpm song for like 5 months already lol, I kinda want to move it foward (already have bubbled 1 and 2 ) is a really relax map, not sure if you are taking request? o.o
12:52 -Bakari-: Sounds cool to me, link the map :)
12:52 Natsu: Ican irc f you feel better with that lol
12:53 -Bakari-: give me like 10-15 minutes and I'll check it
12:53 Natsu: okis
13:04 *-Bakari- is editing [ Hanatan - Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo [Flower]]
13:04 *Natsu is editing [ Hanatan - Uta ni Katachi wa Nai keredo [Flower]]
13:04 -Bakari-: Let me start with the SB
13:05 Natsu: okis
13:05 -Bakari-: Are you good with storyboards, dude? :V
13:06 Natsu: I know basics lol, not really good
13:06 -Bakari-: >There must not be any unnecessary transparency around storyboarded images. and then we have [ this]
13:07 Natsu: I see, so basically xinely must cut that parts from images?
13:08 -Bakari-: Well, I'd ask her to do so.
13:09 Natsu: kk
13:09 -Bakari-: Yeah, it'd also reduce the filesize slightly
13:10 Natsu: Let me ask to dammae about it
13:10 -Bakari-: btw, why do you keep those pink combo colours?
13:10 -Bakari-: Yeah, sure.
13:11 Natsu: you ean why I ahve both?
13:11 Natsu: my kb lol,do you mean why I have both
13:12 -Bakari-: well, I can't see any reason to have pink colours in the set
13:12 Natsu: I keeped just one
13:12 Natsu: the first one
13:13 Natsu: flowers are usually pink or red, and just having green and skyblue will be kind sad tho
13:13 -Bakari-: And I'm pretty sure that those 2 extra osb are unrankable.
13:14 Natsu: deleted lol, there was a big discussion about artist that's why
13:16 -Bakari-: alright, seems like we're done with general parts.
13:16 -Bakari-: anyways, what did Damnae suggest about the unnecessary transparency?
13:17 Natsu:
13:18 -Bakari-: Okay, I guess he knows it better than we do :)
13:18 -Bakari-: now to the diff itself.
13:19 Natsu: yeah he is pro in sb stuff
13:19 -Bakari-: try to drop OD by 0,5 or 1
13:19 Natsu: I just know basics so yea
13:19 -Bakari-: the map is a marathon, so it's supposed to hve slightly easier diff settings
13:20 Natsu: mmm Garven can complain about low OD, tho, but I'm ok with 6.5
13:22 -Bakari-: 00:07:583 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - try gradually increasing spacing here from x0.8 to x1.8 or so?
13:22 -Bakari-: I feel like keeping high DS here doesn't match well with the song + it feels kinda forced to me
13:25 Natsu: mmmm I kinda want to keep my flower, also 0.80 will be the same as the 1/4 part
13:25 Natsu: 00:06:971 (4,5,6) -
13:25 -Bakari-: 00:36:971 (1) - minor - we could improve your flow here. [ ~] so, the slider will match perfectly with the triangle
13:26 Natsu: done
13:29 -Bakari-: 01:11:257 (7) - I feel quite sad about the piano beats there, can we probably stress them? [ miaow]
13:33 Natsu: what about this
13:34 -Bakari-: I'd rather do it like [ this]
13:34 -Bakari-: I think that 01:11:869 - should be emphasized
13:36 Natsu:
13:36 Natsu: I kinda don't want to map the blue tick there, doesn't sound prominent imo
13:37 -Bakari-: fair enough.
13:37 Natsu: 01:11:869 - I added NC here instead of 01:12:175 (2) -
13:37 Natsu: will be better I think
13:37 -Bakari-: of course, nice idea
13:39 -Bakari-: 01:32:073 (3) - minor - the shape feel unnatural to me. don't you feel like changing it? [ bad example]
13:41 -Bakari-: 01:40:645 (1) - I'd rather use a simple 1/2 slider, it sounds better to me. I can't hear anything on the blue tick, after all
13:41 Natsu: what about this? slider shape
13:42 -Bakari-: exactly what I was hoping for <3
13:42 Natsu: mmm I mainly focus in vocals, and wheni listen at 25% I hear one here 01:40:798
13:42 Natsu: 01:40:798 -
13:43 -Bakari-: as you say :)
13:44 -Bakari-: 01:44:318 (5) - gets overlapped with scores on 4:3 displays.
13:44 Natsu: okis, I'm really crazy with vocals lol
13:45 Natsu:
13:45 -Bakari-: 02:07:277 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - great. <3
13:45 -Bakari-: looks safe o/
13:47 -Bakari-: I'd move the NC 02:17:379 (2) - here.
13:47 -Bakari-: vocals are pretty intense + the downbeat is here
13:48 -Bakari-: 02:28:859 - sur about ignoring the piano here?
13:48 Natsu: but the vocals verse are starting 1/2 back in 02:17:073 -, I did my comboing following it
13:49 Natsu: is that 178 or 1/6 lol
13:50 Natsu: 1/8?
13:51 -Bakari-: sounds like 1/6 to me
13:51 Natsu: will be safe to stay like this?
13:52 -Bakari-: let's try it :)
13:54 -Bakari-: 02:32:532 (2) - can we quickly get someone to check these beats in the piano part?
13:55 Natsu: okay, who owo?
13:55 -Bakari-: any BAT who's online, atm
13:56 Natsu: actually sounds like 1/3 right o.o
13:56 Natsu: askig to zero wind 1 sec
13:56 -Bakari-: 1/6, probably
13:57 -Bakari-: 02:28:859 (6) - 02:32:532 (2) -
13:58 Natsu: 1 sec zero wind is busy, asking to captin1
14:00 -Bakari-: I have the worst luck ever, every time I try to rank stuff, I get into troubles @.@
14:01 Natsu: haha same, but I manage to keep a live lol
14:01 Natsu: I got unranked for stuff that i dont even, like the spacing in the hard diff, I'm sure that it got moved by mapper for accident XD
14:02 -Bakari-: I got 6 unranks and I'm not even THAT active in bubbling/ranking ;_;
14:03 Natsu: they didn't even reset it tho
14:03 Natsu: they say was every month?
14:04 -Bakari-: "yeah, sure, don't be so scared to rank stuff, we will reset the log soon"
14:05 Natsu: hahaha I was scared a few times, example gero map (frost one) but not anymore hahaha
14:06 -Bakari-: oh, look, captin is still checking
14:07 Natsu:
14:07 Natsu: is 1/12 lol
14:07 -Bakari-: HOLY SHIT D:
14:07 Natsu: is not better to keep my repeat slider to be safe?
14:08 -Bakari-: it's up to you, but I'd keep the 1/12 slider :D
14:08 -Bakari-: that warning is kinda scary, tho
14:08 Natsu: idk since is not like i was mapped every sound, also people will be pissed off with 1/12 slider breaking combos in DT
14:09 Natsu: I guess this will be the better option
14:09 Natsu: (personally I got mad with those slider breaks as well) haha
14:09 -Bakari-: okay, let it stay as it was before @.@
14:09 Natsu: 02:32:532 (2,3) - he said this one is ok
14:10 Natsu: is just the piano being baka
14:13 -Bakari-: 03:14:930 (6) - I'd prefer to have an 1/2 slider with a repeat there
14:13 -Bakari-: see if you like it
14:14 -Bakari-: 03:17:073 (5) - let's try to represent the drums here! [ ugu]
14:15 -Bakari-: vocals fade at the red tick too, if i'm not mistaken
14:16 Natsu: 03:13:706 (3,6) - i prefer keep them with the vocals, (natsu being paranoic with vocals again)
14:16 Natsu: didthe second one
14:17 -Bakari-: 03:27:175 (1,2) - come on, the pattern you've used in the first kiai was waaaaaaay better
14:17 -Bakari-: can you use it here again?
14:20 Natsu:
14:20 Natsu: like this?
14:20 -Bakari-: Yes <3
14:20 Natsu: kk owo
14:20 -Bakari-: btw, a little jump between 2 and 3 would be great
14:21 Natsu: were?
14:21 -Bakari-: 03:27:481 (2,3) -
14:22 Natsu: what abut this?
14:22 -Bakari-: looks cool
14:23 Natsu: kk
14:24 -Bakari-: 03:45:543 (1) - minor - drop the red nod EXACTLY to the slidertick, so, shape will matc perfectly with the music. [ example]
14:26 Natsu: i keeped my shape, but I did the tick thing, since I want to have an up and down movement there
14:26 -Bakari-: 04:16:461 - an 1/2 slider with a repeat?
14:27 -Bakari-: 04:16:461 - the beat here is quite strong and it interrupts the vocals, so...
14:28 Natsu:
14:29 -Bakari-: 04:28:859 - weren't you obsessed with the vocals? why there's a simple 1/2 slider then?
14:30 Natsu: this is better?
14:30 -Bakari-: 04:34:216 (1,2) - minor - try to ctrl+g them. for some reason I feel like the jump here would represent the vocals perfectly.
14:31 -Bakari-: // yeah, better :)
14:31 Natsu: done
14:33 -Bakari-: 04:55:951 (9,10,11,12) - what do you think about this? :)
14:33 Natsu: 04:55:645 (7,8,9,10,11,12) - mmmm the drums have the same sound, I want them to be clickeables, like I did withthe others
14:34 -Bakari-: okay then
14:34 -Bakari-: and that's it :)
14:34 Natsu: okis let me updated

everything was doublechecked and, finally, I am happy to give you my burning heart! Qualified!
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thanks <3

I want to join to the party >//w//< ~

Grats man o/
Congratz!! Natsu-san :D

Fast wrote:

Edogawa Conan

Fast wrote:

congratzz !!
finally my 3 hours SB has been qualified ~ <3
00:53:961 (6,7) - is horrible to play!
:) Grats Natsu~ :)
Congratz Natu ;3
wow natsu-sama omedetou >w<
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formi wrote:

00:53:961 (6,7) - is horrible to play!
blame the piano lol.

thanks guys <3
Grats. Here some cake
seems I'm the only one who felt the timing is doubtful, from the start
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