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VINXIS wrote:

this whole thread is the perfect example of why subjectiveness should not be used for decision-making.

tbh I'd suggest to add variety to the patterns and not just copy paste at the beginning idk
add dnb, and breakbeat to the tags

00:16:359 (2) - x:244 y:232

pls use stacks imo they'll cause less shitstorm and aesthetically look better for places like:
00:47:920 (3) - this is already stacked to another obj.
00:49:134 (2) - ^
00:50:694 (3) - ^
00:52:255 (3,1) - ^
00:53:469 (2) - ^

00:59:191 - add note pls nope.
01:01:966 (1,2,3,4) - I think this is overmapped no, it's not. here's following the electrical tick beat.
01:18:873 (1) - I'd say remove this note it's ok to both rhythm and playing.
01:33:006 (15) - x:272 y:284 have organization to 01:33:873 (5) - so nope.
02:09:943 (4,5) - I think this is also overmapped no, it's not as well. here's following the vocal beat.
02:36:561 (1) - I'd say to remove this too same as above.

03:21:388 (1) - I love this part thx bb www.

03:43:151 (1) - remove this 2 pls same as above.
04:18:006 (14,15,16) - LOLPLS (imo it'd be better if u removed the stack and u used your usual slider-ending-the-stream pattern for it, same with all the stacks that stream feels like it was mapped like that only to piss ppl off lmao u feel me) it's just a kind of stream style just like other ones.
04:38:728 (1,2,3,4) - pls make them into sliders instead nope for same patterns before.
04:55:376 (2,3,4,5) - OMG OMG

y'all need to calm ur shit this map deserves to be ranked

Halfslashed wrote:

Well, I'm all for this map getting ranked, but I'm not too experienced in modding, nor can I play test this. I guess i'll just do a small mod based on my musical knowledge. Feel free to completely ignore this, but I want to at least show my support by trying.

[Higan Torrent]
Remove "Touhou" from source and instead put it in the tags, as it is not from the official game. the source will be always "Touhou" if the song's re-arranged from a official touhou song.
03:00:579 (2) - This slider ends on a red tick, where as all the others end on a blue tick. Be consistent with this and either change this to end on a blue tick or all the others to end on a red tick.
04:00:231 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - I'm confused as to why these have increasing spacing. I don't really hear any musical cue to indicate a spacing increase here. Why don't you try using constant spacing for each of those? Since this occurs three times in succession, you should try something similar to the beginning where you escalated the spacing every time the same rhythm was repeated. (Streams at 00:40:463 have 0.70x, 00:41:850 have 0.80x, and 00:43:238 have 1.1x) same vocal + hasty drum beats tell me set pattern like this.
04:01:619 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - ^ ^
04:03:006 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - ^ ^
04:05:781 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9) - I've got a bit of a problem with this section of this amazing stream. The entire stream aside from this point makes turns according to the string instrument in the background (I want to say violin, but I'm not completely sure). This section has two very sharp turns that don't really fit with the music. then try vocal track.

That's pretty much all I can say for this, good luck, really.
thx for modding!
Hollow Wings, I think that all the discussion made you overlook a mod I posted before those two you replied to. Reposting it here for clarity's sake.

This is why you shouldn't fill a map's thread with pointless discussion.

Higan Torrent

Is there a reason you changed from Mysterious Hymn to Higan Torrent? I personally liked Mysterious Hymn a looot more. I hope you'll change it back but it's up to you of course.

Rhythms & Patterns
A big issue that people have with your streams, I think, isn't the streams themselves and more the jumps in between them. It's not even that they're too large, just that they're counter-intuitive, which makes them feel too large. I personally didn't have a problem with a lot of these but I'll be giving suggestions on the ones you can improve.

00:25:203 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) - With your previous stream, you get a consistent momentum going for the player, eventually ending it in an diagonally upwards-right angle, and then you make a jump diagonally downwards-left, only to go back to where you came from at the same momentum that you previously had, meaning that the player has to make a really sharp, heavy turn and then go back where they came from at a constant rate that's 3x less fast than the ones they just arrived from, all within a timeframe of 174ms. Now, most experienced players can pull this off - hell, even I can, but that doesn't make it comfortable to play. Don't worry, I won't write a wall for every mod post, I just want to explain why this doesn't work. For this pattern, try flipping it horizontally and then placing it in the bottom right corner, like so http://puu.sh/dG1tT.png. Obviously adjust the other patterns so everything stays pretty too

00:28:671 (5,6,7,8) - Mild suggestion - It'd be nice to add some variety to these patterns by using some rearranging and ctrl + G magic. I used NCs here to show you exactly what I mean but you should not apply these NC's!. They're only there to make my suggestion easier to understand http://puu.sh/dG1XJ.png. That said, if you want to NC those, be my guest.

00:39:769 (5,6,7,8) - http://puu.sh/dG2cO.png
00:44:451 (15) - This slider is placed a bit too far to the right, and doesn't follow the earlier stream's momentum very well. With spaced streams especially, keeping track of momentum is crucial to making your map enjoyable. Try something like this instead http://puu.sh/dG2iV.png

00:44:972 (3) - Move to x352 y144 for better flow

00:45:665 (1,2,3,4,5) - This stream is a problem, because it involves a lot of stacks but needs changing. What I've found to work best flow-wise was something like this http://puu.sh/dG2Sw.png where I simply copypasted 00:45:145 (1,2,3,4,5) - , flipped it horizontally and scaled the pattern's spacing by 1.5x. You can rework the other patterns around it to make sure everything's pretty, I'm sure.

01:17:226 (1) - ctrl + G
01:18:613 (2) - ^
01:23:295 (8) - ^ maybe? Not sure about this
01:26:070 (15,1) - I mentioned this jump in an earlier post, it's really counterintuitive. You can maintain a similar flow but make it more playable by rounding the circle out like this http://puu.sh/dG43O.png http://puu.sh/dG46A.png

01:29:191 (1) - Ctrl + G
01:29:365 (2) - ^
01:29:538 (3) - ^ (Reason I mention these separately is because I want you to invert them individually, not as a whole)

01:30:232 (4,1) - This jump is really awkward. Also, the two streams afterwards don't flow that great. It would probably be better if you remapped them, and start the first stream at this kind of angle http://puu.sh/dG5ju.png

The kiai after this is really solid, nice job!

02:02:313 (1,2,3) - Change these jumps to something like this http://puu.sh/dG5Nc.png for better flow
02:03:353 (1,2,3,4,5) - This pattern is too widely spaced for the flow you're trying to use here. Scale the pattern by 0.8x and rotate it by -30° to get it to look like this http://puu.sh/dG5QQ.png. Trust me, plays way better.

02:15:145 (2,3,4) - Stacking these doesn't play that well in my opinion, mostly due to your low stack leniency. Try something like this instead http://puu.sh/dG5V9.png

02:16:706 (2) - I think it would be better to stack this on the sliderend of 02:16:879 (3) - . That actually be a lot more "you" than the way it is now.

02:18:093 (4) - http://puu.sh/dG62h.png
02:19:654 (3,1,2) - Can you make this pattern similar to the ones you did here 02:11:677 (2,1,2) - ? That'd flow a lot better
02:43:758 (15,1) - This is not okay. Ctrl H J this pattern 02:43:931 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) - and then adapt it into something like this http://puu.sh/dG6gM.png http://puu.sh/dG6hK.png

02:45:319 (1) - Ctrl G
03:01:966 (1) - ^

03:15:839 (1,2,3) - 2 fits with 3, but 1 doesn't fit with 2. I have a suggestion but it's not all that great, since I'm not very good with sliders, but I don't like telling a mapper something isn't good without giving a way to fix it, so http://puu.sh/dG6Kp.png http://puu.sh/dG6MC.png. Each of these sliders blankets the previous one to some degree, so I'd say it's still aesthetically better than two huge threepoints that seem fairly disconnected. Still though, if you have a better idea, then by all means, please do that instead.

03:37:342 (1,2,3,4,5,6,1) - Something like this http://puu.sh/dG6Tx.png or similar for readability. This pattern is really hard to read otherwise.

03:43:584 (1) - Despite what TicClick said, this kiai is really good. The first time I played this this part was awesome and I actually FCd it, so please leave this as is. This part is really really nice.

04:17:920 (13,14,15,16) - Why not make stacks like this and 04:19:653 (1,2,3,4) - this into kick sliders? I'm not sure about that though, considering that the deathstream actually fits this section pretty well. Just putting this out there.
Now comes that one part that nobody seems to have modded, probably because it's really hard to judge. Or, well, it looks hard to judge, while the part is actually quite straightforward. It's just that maintaining a consistent flow at such an insane sv is incredibly difficult to pull off well.

So, first things first, you'll need to rearrange this 04:49:827 (1,2,3,4) - pattern into something like this http://puu.sh/dG7lZ.png or else hitting that slider without breaking will not only be nearly impossible, it'll just be plain annoying. Yes, this sacrifices some aesthetics, but playability is always more important than that.

You can stack 04:48:960 (2) - on top of 04:49:914 (2) - to soften things up a little, and if you're really nazi about looks (like me) you can just rearrange this 04:47:399 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) - so that stacking with 04:49:827 (1) - becomes possible. In that case, though, leave the jumps prior to 04:49:827 (1) - looking like this http://puu.sh/dG7Df.png

04:53:295 (2) - Now lower this a little. In fact, you can lower this entire section, because jumps like these become way easier to hit if they're further away from the top of the screen. For mouse players it's a little different, but always keep in mind that the easiest accessible spots for a tablet player are either the bottom left or the bottom right, depending on whether they're right or left-handed respectively. This makes the top right the hardest accessible place for right-handed tablet players, which will probably be the majority of people playing your map.

05:00:579 (1,2,3,4,5,1) - Now, if you want to pull this off, you can't do it like this. You have a few options. You can ctrl + G 05:00:579 (1) - , which would maintain the continuity of the previous sections while making the last stream a lot easier to hit, but it'll still be at an awkward angle.
Alternatively, you could ctrl G 05:00:925 (2,3,4,5,1) - , but that'd result in an antijump. It does play better for me than the current pattern but not everybody likes those, so that's up to you.
You could also rearrange the stream, in a way that makes them flow better while maintaining the current pattern's tonal crescendo, which is actually really awesome about that part, like so http://puu.sh/dG82s.png

Lastly, you could make the stream grow exponentially. This would even further accentuate the crescendo of the melody while also making it more playable. What I mean is something like this http://puu.sh/dG8rT.png, though whether they'll all be NC'd or not is up to you. Personally, I find this the best option, but I still wanted to give you other ones in case you don't like this.

Your hitsounding is awesome, but soft-hitnormal.wav is too low a volume and blends too well with the music. Consider making the sample stand out more.
Other than that, no complaints. Great work. Seriously.

Really hope this helps you out, HW. Sorry if it might be a little sloppy, it was late at night when I did the mod. Good luck ranking this, it's a great map. Really.
I've saved the modded version so if there's any questions you have about patterns just PM me about them.

Note: Rereading this mod I think the NC's were a pretty confusing way of showing what I meant, so, sorry about that. Was trying something new but it didn't work out I guess.
I finally get a chance to mod your map >w<

Tess wrote:

Is there a reason you changed from Mysterious Hymn to Higan Torrent? I personally liked Mysterious Hymn a looot more. I hope you'll change it back but it's up to you of course.

:idea: General

* Not unrankable; There are like really really really small delays in some of your hitsounds, that people'll probably never even notice them (1 to 3ms of delay), but if you';re interested you can download them without delay here :3
* drum-hitfinish.wav - http://puu.sh/dK2eM/817dff39a8.wav
* drum-hitwhistle2.wav - http://puu.sh/dK2cw/48b54cd537.wav
* soft-hitfinish2.wav - http://puu.sh/dK23J/906812e2d4.wav
* soft-hitwhistle.wav - http://puu.sh/dK200/b59a07833d.wav

Higan Torrent

* 00:16:186 (1) - Remove whistle here? There's absolutely no extra (bass) instrument it can go with and the piano sound is the same as 00:09:596 (2,1,2,1,1,2,3) -
* 00:19:307 (2) - Add a whistle on the slider end here, or delete the ones at 00:20:694 (2) - (literally the same sound)
and 00:21:214 (2) - (same sound + piano, but you don't put whistles on the piano in your whole map..)
* 00:25:029 (15) - Uhmm.. can you tell me why you put a whistle here? Since this one and 00:24:335 (7) - are very different from each other ._. - because if you follow the soft drum sound, you should put ones at 00:25:377 (3) - and 00:26:417 (15) - 00:26:764 (2) - etc....
* 00:27:284 (1) - Remove whistle on the second repeat? There's no extra piano sound like 00:27:977 (1) -
* 00:29:885 (7) - Did you miss something here ? Same sound as 00:25:723 (7) - only you don't need the finish since there's no drum here.
* 00:30:753 (1) - Add whistle? I think you missed this one :3
* 00:32:660 (5) - Add whistle on the head? Like 00:33:353 (3) -
* 00:34:047 (4) - Head could also use a whistle.
* 00:35:433 (7) - Missing hitsound.
* 00:40:983 (7) - ^ (unless intentional, wont mention anymore)
* 00:36:820 (7) - Missing whistle?
* 00:37:167 (11) - Delete whistle, only bass sound here.
* 00:40:983 (7) - ^
* 00:41:850 (1) - Piano is present here as well, add whistle along with the finish, like 00:40:463 (1) - ?
* 00:42:371 (7) - ^
* 00:57:457 (1,2) - A distance around 0.95x would be better here imo, so it's consistent with 01:00:405 (2,3) -
* 01:01:966 (1,2,3,4) - Maybe it's just me, but at this part of the song I can't hear anything on the blue ticks >_>
* 01:06:821 (1) - Use normal additions here with a clap? Would give the same effect as 01:13:758 (1) -
* 02:24:509 (1) - ^
* 01:12:198 (2) - The multi-repeat here is not good imo, skipping the downbeat with 1/4 rhythms like these should be avoided, because they confuse the player and they don't really make sense. I highly recommend to just split these up into 1/4 sliders, or try to use something like 01:10:636 (3) - where it doesn't land on the downbeat.
* 02:29:886 (2) - ^
* 01:11:330 (3) - It seems that you only put claps, when there's a clap sound + high vocal note, like 01:13:411 (3) - . That's also the case here, so why not put a clap here?
* 01:12:718 (2) - ^
* 01:47:573 (7) - Missing whistle again (im going to stop here ;_;)
* 01:54:943 (12,13) - Meh, I wouldn't add hitsounds here, like 04:17:660 (10,11,12) - , but if you do want to keep it, consider removing the clap at (12). Nothing in the song itself and it sounds spammed.
* 01:56:764 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - Really really nazi, but could you move this until 01:57:977 (8) - is in the middle of the circle at 01:58:671 (7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14) - ?

* 02:00:492 (12) - Shouldn't the clap be on the next note? The music is stronger there o_o
* 02:01:532 (8,9,10,11,12,13,14) - Shape is a bit 'meh' to me sorry ;_;, try this?

* 02:24:509 (1) - Add whistle on the slider end for the drum, like 01:06:821 (1) - ?
* 02:46:879 (1,2,3,1,2,3,4) - i love you <3
* 03:21:388 (1,2,3) - The jump should be at (2,3) imo, because the clap is at (3). Just like 03:24:162 (2,3,1) -
* 03:22:775 (1,2,3) - ^
* 03:26:937 (1,2,3) - ^ etc...
* 04:03:006 (1,2,3) - What? This is way too close imo, try spacing 0.3/0.4x like 04:01:619 (1,2,3) -
* 04:07:428 (4) - Add finish here? For the finish-clap kind of rhythm that's also present at 00:25:463 (4,5) - and 01:43:151 (4,5) -
* 04:09:249 (9) - Well, the vocals ('re') are the strongest here, so the sharp turn should be here imo.
* 04:21:560 (7) - ^
* 04:24:335 (7) - ^
* 04:45:145 (7) - ^
* 04:27:110 (4) - NC here to indicate DS change of the stream? You did have it at for example 00:45:145 (1,2,3,4,5) -

Can't play it, but it's beautiful *_*

Good luck ~
just pass by and I think I can help with the rerank.


mod info:
Black: Suggestions.
Bule: Emphasis suggestions.
Red: Unrankable stuffs. Must be fixed.

  1. 02:59:191 (1,2) - You can make a better blanket here ((1)'s tail and (2)'s path), just like how you do 03:04:740 (1,2) -
  2. 04:03:006 (1,2,3,4,5) - I've tried mapping such a pattern for some times but I don't think it looks good (and the pattern won't let the part be more joyful to play bcz a player don't need to move his/her cursor to hit 1,2,3,4)
  3. 04:25:116 (16,1) - it will be frustrating for the player to break here lol
  4. 05:00:925 (2,3,4,5,1) - 总感觉有点玩过头了


unfortunate that this is the reality of the QAT now, that they believe they can make subjective unranks for "map quality" without any attempt at improving the map because they believe their definition of "quality" is more important than the BATs involved in ranking the map

I personally don't have much of an opinion on the map one way or the other, but the simple fact that this was unqualified on such a weak concept just disappoints me

Personal opinions: (I am sorry if you find it hard to read it bcz of my bad English)

I think the map introduced to a new concept of mapping style. In this case, we cannot judge the map's quality with the common point of view. So I don't expect to hear words related to #osumapping2015. It hurts the mapper, as well as the modders, and it just shows one's disrespect to the mapper and rudeness.
Streams are fine bcz of the song itself. Though 5-minute stream party may be tiring but it is fine after all bcz the map is overall challenging. And that's why I find no overmapping in the map.
Since the map breaks no ranking criteria and it is unranked due to individual opinions (maybe the different understandings of QUALITY), I just don't agree with the disapproval. But on the other hand, I hope that people can get together to understand each other better through the unranking process (but not a drama). And the map deserves an approval after all.
We don't always need so-called high-quality maps but maps for playing. Products serve for use, but not for appreciation, and so do beatmaps.

Please give the map a try. Thank you. :)

Good luck
Hi, mod here~ If it's not very useful, then it's because this map is pretty much ready for re-rank.

[Higan Torrent]
  1. 00:27:110 (2,1) - The end of slider (2) should be blanketed a bit better.
  2. 00:52:255 (3,1) - tbh, I found this jump a bit confusing, especially from how you've spaced most of the other notes in this series of patterns.
  3. 01:59:277 (14,15) - imo the flow is a bit bad, you're following the stream like you usually would, and then suddenly you have to curve 90° in order to get a 300 on the slider. It would play better if you fixed this.
  4. 03:06:128 (2,1) - Personally, I don't like how these sliders are nearly touching. I don't like how it looks, and it's inconsistent; a larger portion is overlapped where the slider-ends are, if you look closely.
  5. 03:13:064 (1) - You should adjust this slider so that the first red slider node is at 03:13:758 -. This way, the slider-ball and the players cursor will change direction on the beat, making the slider feel better rhythm wise.
  6. 04:25:116 (16,1) -Like I said for 01:59:277 (14,15) -, flow is bad because the cursor has to make a sharp turn, and at speeds like this, it won't play well.

Well that's it from me. This map is very unique, creative, and well done. It uses streams in a way where it is very hard, but at the same time they go with the music and are very enjoyable to play. I think this deserves to be re-ranked, so I shot a star :3

Good luck!
Since everybody seems to want me to make a statement on this map, here it goes:

As always, I feel HW is doing a decent job at identifying at which parts in the song they need to stress the music (speaking pressurewise) - however, as also happens a lot, this stressing and pressuring of the song and map appears to mostly happen due to one thing: (theoretically) large spacing.

I'll now attempt to go over the issues I have with this map - mind you, this is not a full post or an actual mod, it's merely brushing over the reoccuring and elemental issues that I see within this (and other) map(-s) and deem to be necessary to address.

spacing / leniency issues

Now, spacing is important, very important even, but there's issues that come with this: firstly, a lot of it is very inconsistent and secondly, it is very deceptive - not deceptive in terms of "oh this is a combobreak" but deceptive as in, it looks like more than it is. A lot of this is due to slider leniency not being used "correctly" (just respecting the fact that a player will leave a slider early/not follow it far along it's way if they can do so unpunished) a lot of the time, which I find to be really sad because it ends up in the map being played entirely differently from how it is actually mapped.

A few examples of this would be 02:39:769 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - / 02:41:157 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8) - and a lot of similar patterns and passages throughout the map that really end up taxing and costing it for me. Mind you, this is me, and I'm just trying to make you see my points - therefore, adding a few boxes below this to compare what these patterns in question are actually mapped/presumably intended to be played as (green) versus how they are presumably going to be played in a more realistically efficient way, which is what high rank players - the main audience of this map - are going to do, most likely (red/orange) vs the extreme example of snapping (black).

Demonstrations of slider leniency resulting in very different playing angles than what the map's aesthetics suggest:

osu!hitobject usage / active-passive hitsounding

A lot of times within this map, specifically at the start, you end up with sliders starting on a weak beat (clap, something in the background) and ending in something that is much more pressured in song and hitsounding, a main beat so to speak. Examples for this would be 00:14:452 (2) - / 00:17:226 (2) - and many others. This is fairly inconsistent with how osu!objects (in this case, sliders) play and it sends mixed signals to the player, and to those who actually wish to click to the main rhythms of the song, it's fairly offputting - you want to try and pressure/click the same beats that you put strong hitsounds on, otherwise it will confuse those who want to go with what is in the main layer. There are a lot of occurances of this throughout the map and I (and others) would not mind helping out in spotting and working around them if you would so want to do that. This is not so much a personal thing because it's actually directly related to the song and hitsounding, so it's something that should definitely be considered.

Also, similarly to this, you have a lot of sliders start and end on the same type of beat - you see, this makes sense from a standpoint of "yeah, a slider covers two hitsounds and since these two sounds are part of the same object, they belong together", but sadly that is not how it's played and executed. A slider is clicked once, that's it - only the first beat gets an active bit of emphasis, and you should try to work around this, from a gameplay related standpoint. Examples for this would be 00:03:006 (1) - / 00:05:781 (2) - / 00:07:168 (1) - (though this one not as much since it starts a new soundpattern) / 00:08:555 (1) - (actually worse since at 00:09:076, the traditional patterning of this part of the song is broken and this beat is much more high-pitched and put in the foreground than the previous ones) / 00:11:330 (1) - and many more thereafter. Again, you'd get help with this and any other part about this map if you so chose to work on and around it.

I'm not going to go down on everything just now since I would like to have the mapper reply first and see whether they're willing to work on it on a larger scale, but in any case, I'm open for conversation and counselling about all types of issues that might or might not be coming up, be they related to reranking, the map in general or anything really.

No, this is not a flame, this is criticism aimed at improving this specific map's quality and making it the best it could be rather than leaving it as a rather unpolished draft of it's actual potential. Please do not take this the wrong way - thank you.

For further elaboration on these issues and more, feel free to PM me or visit this thread: t/239778/
oh well not my kind of map but nice ending o3o have a star
Jenny deserves more Kudosu. Probably like 200+ ... just for that single post ofc.
wow, too much mod words, and i don't think i care this map that much like u guys did here now... lol, just give simple reply here as well:

just mention what i've changed here, don't mind plz. if i don't reply ones of ur mods, that means my reply will be always like "reject coz i think the current stuff is totally ok to the song, me and rc, and also in my mind, ur suggestion is not better than my work done there.".

to tess
1. reason to change diff name: avoid some unnecessary guess to so called "related to mapper" against rc.
2. 00:25:203 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,14,15) - i totally agree and u r absolutely good modder to me, changed.
3. i suggest u use my map's custom combo color.
to appleeaterx
1. all hs works r done in a general system, it's perfect to me now.
to 384059043
1. all rejected.
to Fluttershy03
1. this reply is to all osu users: when jumps' big enough, there's no flow anymore.
2. this reply is to all osu users: sharp turning in stream can be appeared at any note, and all of them can play well and fit the music by different sense.
3. all rejected.
to Jenny
1. i will never agree that various patterns can be regarded as the only high quality, so i will never change my mind to do the opposite in this map.
2. all rejected, for now.

right or wrong, use rc to tell me.

good or bad, choose by urself, i don't care.

let's see if the maps' dead coz more like "i don't like this map" than "it against the rules". maybe to me, a map fit rc will never get ranked.

next time will be my last time to check this map, i'll try my luck to ask some bat to take care of this.

thx for modding!
爷爷啊 不知道说啥了不过这还真是你的作风

uh, take my word for it. once HW believes her mind in her brain, no one is able to destroy it.
another concept i want to state is, whatever players behave DO make no sense to mappers. mappers will never give up just because you said a word "NO". you can vote 1, delete the map or tell others the map is bad, but these things you have done will not stop these shit maps appearing again and again.

oh btw what i typed above is not useful for HW.

HW you monster
The sole fact that you disregard the issues filed by the Quality Assurance Team as "this is just an opinion" makes me believe, that you forgot most portions of the very nice conversation we two once had.

You may think that "everyone has a different opinion", this is totally fine. But please consider, osu! is an online-game, moderated and maintained by the osu! staff. A "ranked beatmap" is no more and no less than a beatmap that is considered as "good to go by the osu!staff and therefore labeled as official osu! beatmap, granting it full online features and being counted into our official ranking algorithms". The QAT belongs to this staff. The QAT is entitled to decide, whether or not a beatmap should or should not be part of the "official osu! beatmaps". You are free to decide on your own, if you want to join these bunch of "official beatmaps" or not. But if you want to join them, you must meet our very subjective criteria of what is good and what not.
The QAT is entitled by the higher osu! staff to decide on their very own degree on that.

You all take this entire "joining the ranks of osu!'s official beatmap roster" for granted, even tho it's a privilege. It is fairly easy to join if you please the simple quality standards we hold up here, but you also risk to not join this ranks if you overdo it (according to this Disqualification post, this is the case).

As MilhioreF said, you are still free to map and do whatever you want. Poop all the circles across the playfield, go for it! But if we do not want this beatmaps to count into our official ranking algorithms, because we consider them as not "good enough", you have to deal with it.

You can stop arguing about what is subjective, what is objective, what is intersubjective and what would the map may look like if mapped by sprosive. That doesn't really matter at all. The Ranking Criteria itself is a formal guideline of "fundamental rules" that MUST be hold in in all circumstances. Everything else is on a "case by case" basis. This does NOT MEAN that mapping must ONLY obey the RC and nothing else. You still must map reasonable.

I looked on this map - and top tier players may like it, but as TicClick stated, this is NOT what we expect to join our official osu! rankings yet. It is unpolished, it is overdone, the music is not complimenting the map sufficiently (no one said, it must be a 1:1 copy of the music, but the degree it is syncing and pleasing the music is subpar).

And Hollow Wings, we discussed that already. You seem to forget partially that this is a game, after all. And I do not know who you let testplay, but I suggest you to find more testplayers, especially ones that do not run around your skirt and yell "oooh, HW-sama, you do so great", because that's how many people here talk. They lack of serious criticism.

If you fail to map beatmaps reasonably and stop trying to squeeze an abomination chimera of the big black, freedom dive and strange program on a 173bpm e-guitaresque song, where every normal person would use like 45% of the sum of all hitobjects used here instead, please do not try to get them approved - or at least don't be so pissed and butthurt about it, if you can not make it into the "Official osu! beatmaps".

If you continue to ignore this advise, this beatmap will be nuked. I won't repeat myself again.

Locked for now. PM me if you want to reply to this.

And please stop using "coz" "u" and "plz". Your English is already very difficult to read. Using fancy, pseudo-fluent abbreviations makes it look stupid. Just an advise from friend to friend :C
Unlocked upon request by Hollow Wings. Let's see how it goes. I wish you good luck, HW! Please keep my words in mind that are written before.
oooh, HW-sama, you do so great
oooh, HW-sama, you did so great :O
o/ nice buddy
OMG 400th post of mine xD !
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