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Hollow Wings

Scorpiour wrote:

Mod for request

  1. Add ZUN to tags fixed

[Mysterious Hymn]
  1. 00:02:486 - i may choose to add a note her, also 00:03:873 - 00:08:035 - 00:09:423 - if you agree with the prev ??!?!?!?!!!? i still wanna keep the normal ones ;w;
  2. 00:05:434 (1) - 260:343? good but i prefer the current one.
  3. 01:09:943 (3,4) - ctrl+g? also 01:10:290 (1,2) - ctrl+g separately if you agree with the prev wow i'll be too diffcult if i change this orz
  4. 01:17:226 (1) - a 3/4 slider might be better ;w; all stream blablablabla
  5. 01:44:972 (1,2) - ^ ^


平心而论,我还是不太赞同在这种曲子上用这种方式到处甩stream,同样的脑洞大开式的mapping style一次两次可以,但总是一个样子而且这张图还在不停的就绕着1、2个梗转来转去就让人觉得有些无聊了。


thx for modding!
umm... i dont know if it was told before but... if its going for approval, it cant have less than 5.00 minutes D:
try to make it 1 second longer
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Hollow Wings

[Nemesis] wrote:

umm... i dont know if it was told before but... if its going for approval, it cant have less than 5.00 minutes D:
try to make it 1 second longer
u can get into game and see if it's longer than 5 mins, it's 4:59 coz auto timing length didn't count spinners', true length is far more longer than that.
Lucid Astray
2/10. You tried at least. The 1/4 you can barely hear while listening to the song is impossible to hear while playing because of hitsounds. I am not hating HW, I am against this map being ranked because of "overmap" which takes the pleasure out of the RHYTHM game (not every overmap though). If I'm in mood to mash perma 173 BPM the whole map I'd rather play Stream Practice Maps.

I really can't see why this beatmap is creative. But now I do see why people keeps calling some of HW's maps really random.

@EDIT: I know that it is not overmapped, but it feels like. Also I change my mind, I like this map for warmup :)
woohoo, stream party! :)

P. S. It is not overmapped. Listen to the hitsounds carefully.

At last , the sb has finally in! :>
How can you say that there is 1/4 in the song and then that the 1/4 in the map is overmapped?

Mei wrote:

How is this map not ranked it is so good and well made! Great job!
Okay, so I've been reading through the thread, and some of the hate I'm seeing is really unnecessary, so to clarify the 1/4 for some people;

It's there. Almost all of the streams have been mapped to quite clear 1/4 hihats in the background - this an an Extra, and it is perfectly fine to map to sounds that are harder to hear. The fact that you can't hear it doesn't mean that it's not there, and if it is, it's not overmapped. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It's fine to dislike this map, but that doesn't warrant bashing on it without even trying to give suggestions to help improve it. You can either give suggestions for the mapper, support them, or stay quiet. There is absolutely no value in going on a map's thread to say "this is shit", "I'll kill myself if this gets ranked", "watch BATs rank this because they have no clue of what a good map is", and so on. All you're doing with that is hurting the mapper's feelings, which is unnecessary. They put a lot of effort into their map, and then someone comes and completely crushes their excitement over their finished product.

A map's difficulty isn't the main factor that determines its rankability or playability. Just look at this map - Inbachi is a very good difficulty, it fits the song well and has good rhythm and flow, but it's 8.31 stars. Despite that, it'd still be rankable with enough modding, and the scoreboards also wouldn't be filled with FC's. It's not inherently bad for a scoreboard to not be filled with FC's - it just means that the map is difficult. It says very little about the quality of the map, and it isn't a real reason not to rank it.

There are plenty of easier ranked maps that aren't really all that enjoyable, but get no complaints because people can play them. This need to bash mappers that make difficult maps needs to stop. It's childish and it doesn't help any mapper with their map. Even if the map is absolute shit, you're not helping the mapper improve by saying things like that. Maybe next time you can try to post in a thread when you have something of value to say, or at least post a decently-sized mod pointing out precisely why the mapper is shit, instead of just saying that they are. And be nice about it. It's not like the mapper punched you in the face. They placed circles to a song for fuck's sakes.

I'm sorry for the long post, but I'm tired of seeing people needlessly bash a map without putting any effort into helping it improve. It's low to do and inhibits a mapper's creativity, because they become afraid of being attacked for trying something new, which causes maps to be of a quality lower than what they could've been.

I really enjoy playing this map. I did from the first time I played, and I still would if I weren't sick at the moment. It's one of my favorite maps in the game, which is why is decided to post this. It needs more support, and I hope that it gets ranked soon. It'll add some more colour to our immense pool of TV size maps that just seem to be mapped to be rankable, instead of being impressive, unique, and enjoyable. Shooting you a star.
Rixia Mao

Tess wrote:

O It's not like the mapper punched you in the face.
i think its perfectly ok for a mapper to punch somebody in the face after all the 'i'll kill my self' 'this map is shit' things.

Or you can just watch 'em killing themselves
Hakurei Yoru
make a map for 0.2% of the players play, gratters
Minato Yukina
HW, you are genius.

jesus christ is it happening

Tarrasky wrote:

make a map for 0.2% of the players play, gratters
That's way more interesting than making a map that 99,98% players can play.

handsome wrote:

jesus christ is it happening
not till it gets bubbled

Tarrasky wrote:

make a map for 0.2% of the players play, gratters
Somebody must do it.
I don't understand why ppl doesn't like harsh maps lol ;;
Bubbled #1

and the reason i finally decide to bubble this map:

tbh, personally i'm not very satisfied with the "style", and it's also looked "too hard" than usually this kinda song supposed to be.

However, there have been too many "safely mapping style" maps in the community which makes the mapping circumstance lifeless. With the improving overall mapping skill of mappers, homogenization issue increasingly serious as well.

so i wish this bubble may encourage mappers to, at least, think about the creative.
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