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[BN]Cerulean Veyron's GaemQueue V2 🚇 [M4M/BG]

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haaiii o3o
Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Let Me Hear

Veyronic!! ~

Ultima Fox
Veyronic! or 104%
I have 2 maps, feel free to only mod 1 if you wish.

Akino with bless4 - Extra Magic Hour
Tomatsu Haruka - Courage

Thanks In Advance! :)
NM request. 128 BPM ^^
Shibayan feat. Sakaue Nachi - Cinderella wa Mahoutsukai
NM Req Liar Mask Anime Size

Hope you can help me

Aerous' Easy - Aerous [100%]
Sellen's Normal - Sellenite [100%]
KwaN's Hard - IamKwan [100%]
Insane - Aerous [100%]
captin's insane - captin1 [100%]
-Yuzuriha's insane - -Yuzuriha-inori- [100%]

Thanks in advance
Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron
Kihhou: Omfg, dat song, huge priority~ will mod your map ASAP!!

It's a pain when i forgot to close this u.u M4M and GD are still open.
hi there, M4M time desu~ xD
My mod/My map
Ty, and please mod the hard diff thoroughly
Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron
Looks like Veela is quitting osu! for studying, with family issues, and trying to have a better life for her own. I hope someday, she'll be back :c

Bumped and cleaned the queue from a mess, all sections in the queue is now open! :3/
next poster new page yeeeeeeaa

Make sure you've read the NM rules before posting here!
Hi there ~ :3
Demi Lovato - Give Your Heart A Break
3 minutes drain, ENH spread, 123bpm

Thanks! (maybe?)
Lindsey Stirling - Beyond The Veil
hope you can mod this
thx :3
Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron

I think the maps above are enough, gonna mod them soon.
M4M and GD are still open >_>
Hi c: M4M

Artist: Vexare

Title: Ripened Pears

My map:

Modded your map. Thank you!
Hey I'll make a request for making a GD

I need a Normal GD for my mapset: Owl City feat. Lindsey Stirling - Beautiful Times

So reply me if you can and thanks for reading this post BTW

Good luck :)
Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron
BerkZ: Done replying to your mod, i'm busy working right now. But don't worry, i'll mod your map soon in the right time!
HootOwlStar: OMG OWL CITY~~ 8D I'll start making it while i'm finished with BerkZ and the others who requested me for NM. Also my work :< i hope you don't mind waiting for a few days.

M4M is closed, GD is still open... for some time...
Making a GD request for
hopefully you'll like the song >.<
If you do it can be a Normal or Insane diff
ty vm
Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron
Gleipnir: The song is okay to me. I've seen that you already have an Insane diff on your mapset, so i think a Normal diff should be the request.

Looks like this queue is completely closed! ~ will run it up when i'm free! :3/
Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron

Finally, all sections are open! since i have a few requests that needs to be complete, will keep this open for some time until it's overloaded n_n

For NM greeds, read my rules before posting your map.
Hi !
NM request please? :D
[DJ Stepho - God is a Girl (Remix)]
its an english techno instrumental type song.

thank you! :D
yo, nm greed here :p

Receptor - Adrenaline

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