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[BN]Cerulean Veyron's GaemQueue V2 🚇 [M4M/BG]

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Hi Gray

I would like to request for a GD from you :)

The song is the following
What i want is a second Insane difficulty, it should be an inbetween difficulty between Nya's Hard and Vortex's Insane.

I hope you like the song.

Thank you
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Cerulean Veyron
Gravified: Sure, but your difficulty spread is completely fine. I wonder why would you need more GDs for it, but i'll make an Insane anyway.

All sections are closed! It's time to have fun mapping three GDs instead of doing homework.
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Cerulean Veyron

The maps from previous round were mostly skipped because of Inactivity, or didn't like the song, or broke one of my rules, only a few got my mod. Oh well, opening this with one simple additional rule~

Additional rule: Write "Happy New Year!" with my favorite color.

Make it sure you've read my rules. M4M is also open! GD is still closed because mapping high BPM songs are hard for me, unlike my falilv map.
Happy New Year!

ChouCho - starlog
Happy New Year!
Ayano Mashiro - ideal white
Thanks!!! (> w <)
Hello , Happy New Year~

NM request here Yousei Teikoku - Wahrheit

Skip if dislike , Extra diff mod is enough (WIP)
Happy New Year! /:D/

err I know japanese songs are low priority but eh gotta try i guess

Wotamin - Higaimouzou Keitai Joshi

EDIT: forgot to add thankss huehue

thank youu
For the NM~
AKB48 - Hashire! Penguin

Happy New Year!

thanks :3

Happy New Year!

rerulili - Noushou Sakuretsu Girl

thanks in advance

Happy New Year

Qverktett:|| - OVERLAPPERS

Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron

I think that's enough for now~ Good thing that i've made an additional rule to see how 'smart' humans are. And sht, all maps here are... Uuuugghh >_< I'll mod the ones that impress me.

M4M is still open!
Topic Starter
Cerulean Veyron

The previous round didn't go well once again, and have little amount of maps for me to mod. I guess this round i'm opening now might need a small pressure for you. With another additional rule just for this round, heh... >w>

Additional rule: How many hours do i work on my job approximately? Pick one number below 12 and write your answer.

You can also get a R2 ticket if you want. The users who got the answer correct gets a Deep Mod, users with the closest answer gets Regular Mod.
GD is still closed, Gravified's map should be my top priority since i haven't finished it from a LONG time. Also, I only have one map for M4M ;n; So feel free to M4M if you want to ignore this additional rule and get my mod quickly. I'll close this when it's overloaded.
yesss, please: T-ara - Little Apple ~
I'd say around 9 hours, dunno. random guess. :3
also, we can make this m4m if you don't mind waiting ~1-2 weeks >w< //me lazy
Hello! 8 hours?
Mayama Rika - Liar Mask
Eeerrr.. I guess.. 10..?
I'm bad at guessing :<
Here's the link,if I miraculously get it right:

thanks!! :)
6 Hours?
Idk if in a week, or a day
But here it is
Go Ichinose, Minako Adachi, GAME FREAK - Trainers' eyes meet (Psychic)
9 hours?

ticket pls
8 hours seems like a normal amount of worktime.

Avril Lavigne - My Happy Ending

Thanks a lot!
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