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lol rip

does anybody want to conclude this round and tally up the scores

we're like 3 months late
only three months :^)
Nerova Riuz GX
Mods will never be late
Free Hong Kong
M4M I guess.

Haru Modoki - https://osu.ppy.sh/s/420956

idk if I need any memes or not
tfw still no mod from p/4249106 :(
pls I need to know how good (or bad) my guessing was : d
Is the answer the mage (girl only) character from all rpg anime?

Do I win yet?
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Comet Lucifer
Felia: 0 (why did everybody pick her, please)
Kaon: 5
Sogo: 5
Moura: 10
Do Mon: 10
Roman: 10

Asterisk War
Kirin: 10
Julis: -10
Claudia: -10
Priscilla: 5
Saya: 5
Ayato: -10

Aria AA
Aria: 10
Akari: 5
Riko: 0
Shino: 0
Shirayuki: 5
Raika: -5

Yato: 10
Hiyori: 15
Yukine: 5
Bishamon: 0
Kazuma: 5
Nora: -15

Chivalry of a Failed Knight
Shizuku: 10
Stella: 5 (why did everybody pick her)
Ikki: 5
Ayase: -5

Testament BURST
Mio: 5
Yuki: 5
Jin: 15 (the true hero)
Basara: 10
Maria: -10
Zest: -10
Kurumi: 0
Teacher: -5

Shomin Sample
Aika: 10
Karen: 5
Hakua: 0
Reiko: 0

Antimagic Academy 35th Test Platoon
Usagi: 10
Mari: 10
Ouka: 5
Utaha: 0
Lapis: 0

ErogeSplash225: 60
Cloud's school friend: 5
Rave-up: 60
Modem: 60

Free song: 55
Misure: 40
Lasse: 40
Left: 5
Battle Bunny Riven: 25
Xinchii: 40
Celsius: 45
Kanzaki: 20

good job to you guys, but I'm too lazy to mod much right now so don't count on a timely mod if you're last to post what map you want me to do

pishi i forgot and they're probablya ll ranked now
Awww, I was too late for this queue! :C

Monstrata wrote:

Awww, I was too late for this queue! :C
/me hugs Monstrata
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