Vinc_Angel's Modding Queue (NM|GD|M4M) - (Std & Mania)

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Vinc_Angel's Modding Queue

Welcome to my modding queue

You can ask me for modding your beatmap and Guest Diff on your beatmap
(My priority on M4M than NM)

Modding Queue Status:

NM : 3 / 3
M4M : 1 / 3
GD : 1 / 3

For Status detail, please see this link :

Please read rules first

Sweet ARMS - Trust in You --> Need for Modding

There are some rules for mod request that I will apply to my forum :

Generals Rules

  1. Your map must be finished first (on a diff) or I will not modding your map.
  1. Appreciate my modding with giving Kudosu.
  1. Use a good word. No Offense Word
  1. I won't accepted the beatmap length higher than 5 minutes (especially if the map is marathon)
  1. I won't mod if the map is looked like ET or aliens (If you know what I mean) because it's supper difficult to mod
  1. I can't mod if your map contain genre that I hate. I hate rock genre (depending on song, most of rock song I hate it), dangdut genre (Indonesian), and the song that doesn't have a good attitude.
  1. If your map I don't mod, don't worry. I'll give a PM message if I rejected.
  1. I received modding with English and Indonesian language.

NM (Normal Mod) Rules

  1. You must finished all of your diff first.
  1. Post your map link
  1. 1 map per post
  1. Please answer my mod with telling me which things you changed

M4M (Modding for Modding) Rules

  1. Mod my map first
  1. Write what you've mod in my beatmap's threat that you've modding
  1. Don't give the fake information about modding

GD (Guest Diff) Rules

  1. You must done minimal 1 diff map and finish Wallpaper, Storyboard (If you have), and custom skin and hitsound (If you have)
  1. 1 diff request per post
  1. Please add my name on that diff, like Vinc_Angel's Normal
*note : The rules can be changed someday latter.

  • Request (NM / M4M / GD) :
  • Your mod : (just write this if you choose M4M)
  • Your Beatmap's Link :
  • Difficulty request :
  • Beatmap's name (Artist - Title) :
  • Reason for GD request :

Note : Accepted only Std and Mania
Request (mod/M4M) : Normal Mod

Beatmap's Link :

Difficult: Normal and Hard (?)

Beatmap's name (Artist - Title) : Salem - Piggyhog

thanks owo
Cerulean Veyron
Request: Mod

Beatmap's Link:

Difficult: Normal/Hard/Insane.

Beatmap's name: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas - Shake Your Body

Thanks, newbie! :)
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Okay, 1 map again
Hi〜 :)
I know that m4m has higher priority but it's midnight here and I've just closed my computer... :( so I'll check your map tomorrow ok~?
Here's my map:
Thx a lot~ :)
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Okay, Closed for now
wow good luck with your quehuehue :D
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Bilqiscutee : Okay... Thanks ^^
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Okay, now I open again with 3 map.
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Okay, 2 more again.
Request : Normal Mod

Beatmap's Link :

Difficult: N H I

Beatmap's name (Artist - Title) : Igorrr - Double Monk

Request (Mod / M4M / GD) : Mod

Beatmap's Link :

Difficult: E N H I

Beatmap's name (Artist - Title) : Shiritsu Ebisu Chuugaku - Butterfly Effect (TV Size)
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Okay, closed
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Okay, now I open again with 5 slot
Ujimatsu Chiya
request NM.

Map :

All diffs please.

u's - Snow halation (TV Size)

Request : NM
Beatmap's Link :
Difficult: Easy, Hard, Insane
Beatmap's name (Artist - Title) : KOTOKO - Floating up

NM please
Difficulty: There is only one :L

Mod mine please,

Drain time 3:30, Level 1 / Easy still WIP.

Mod pake bhs. Indo ya. XD

Request: NM
Beatmap's Link :
Difficult: Preferably all diffs (the map is only 30 seconds long)
Beatmap's name (Artist - Title) : Disasterpeace - Deleterious Abscondee

Thanks 😃
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