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How do you guys deal with cold fingers ?

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I start fapping.
Vuelo Eluko

Redon wrote:

I microwave them for 2 minutes.
this has me wondering how long a human hand+partial forearm could withstand the conditions of a microwave before permanent damage is sustained.

i personally guess it's around 30 seconds before it got uncomfortable- maybe a minute if you make a fist because your fingertips wont be out high and dry and sizzle up.

and like 2 minutes until the damage gets quite bad
If my hands are so cold that this game is unplayable, I run them under hot water for a minute or so, until no part of my hands are cold anymore. Usually lasts long enough to get warmed up enough to play without getting cold again.
Kaitou Kid
I made a thread like this when i first started :p there are some good suggestions here: t/160973

Techniques wrote:

I start fapping.
this is actually legit advice

Fill with hot water (not too hot, but hot enough to tingle).

Dip hands in water for 2-5 minutes and move them around a bit each time the tingling stops.
Wearing a sweater, your fingers are cold because your overall body temperature is low, once it rises, your fingers naturally get warm again.
Topic Starter
Thanks for the reply guys it really helped me :)

silmarilen wrote:

i bet they still have snowstorms in canada during summer
can confirm, we had a snowstorm in July once
Kaitou Kid
well for me in the summer if I keep my window open at night, the temp drops to like 10-6 degrees lol

Techniques wrote:

I start fapping.
Watch rock climbing videos on youtube. Your hands will get an adrenaline rush
tapping hand i just deal with it. tablet hand i put a sock on my hand

theLiminator wrote:

Wearing a sweater, your fingers are cold because your overall body temperature is low, once it rises, your fingers naturally get warm again.
This is true in a way. Your body withdraws blood flow from your extremities to preserve core body temperature. However, you can cheat, as with my method of putting your hands in hot water just short of scalding the skin off. By the end of it your hands should be bright red, indicating excess blood flow to your hands and voila... nimble fingers again.

Sweater method takes hours. Mine takes 2 minutes, maybe a bit more.
I don't do this, but you can take some rice and put it in a sock then tie the sock into a knot so it can't fall out. Then whenever you need some kind of heat pack you just microwave the sock for 15-20 seconds. Stays warmed for 3-5 minutes. Hold that for a few minutes and you might have your problem fixed.
Methods: Play a deathstream with mushy fingers and nofail until tendons hurt a ton, take a break and repeat like twice.
Masturbate (for real)
Stretch fingers backwards to get them moving.
Play slow streams and smash the keys.
the god speaks

jesus1412 wrote:

Masturbate (for real)
Making a hot drink normally does the trick for me, just holding it warms my fingers up.
Cocaine dog
Wash them in hot water for like 2 minutes, maybe have a cup of coffee for extra energy and then go ham on practice songs and then I'm good to go..
This takes like 10 min for me atleast, no biggie :D
Slow (140 bpm or less) streams
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