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So I just decided to check up on forum and i realized that my the gif i always had on my signature is not showing up anymore. Is this normal?
I've tried reloading and using other browsers already and it still wouldn't show up QQ
So this is the settings i have on the signature:

And on the forums all that show up is this:

the gif i have as my signature is somehting similiar to this one

please help OTL
osu! version: 20140524
your gif is too wide. i believe it must be lower than 150px vertically
that one isnt the exact gif, i had it edited before and it was always showing until this afternoon
this is the one i use

I think your problem and this is related
.gif aren't accepted as forum signature since a long time now.

You can use an animated png instead of this.

To note : gif still work if sig wasn't changed since the interdiction of .gif (example : p/3079181/ )
Your signature should be less than 256kb in filesize. Animated signatures are allowed to a certain limit - they are not to be straining on the eyes, based on moderator discretion.

Your gif is too big.
Maybe your GIF is too wide or too long.
This issue was resolved a year ago.
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