Mohican Sandbag - U.N.Owen is dead [Taiko]

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Ooooh, now I see what's going on. I misunderstood your reason before.
Well as I said, I asked other QATs (japanese one). Which is why I wait right now.
Don't want(and can''t, since it is my map) to touch stuff I'm not certain about. Better leave the pros doing it.

well he burns since he thought I want to ignore it. But was just misunderstanding from my side lol
Disqualify due to the wrong metadata

TKS wrote:

according to the official website as below.

Romanised Artist should be changed to Mohicansandbag
Mohican Sandbag, MOHICANSANDBAG and MOHICAN SANDBAG as well. choose one of them.
Title must be changed to U.N.オーエン・イズ・デッド
also i prefer to invert 東方Project and Touhou to get better consistency with existing ranked maps. well, up to you.

and there are unnecessary tags. you could remove them what i highlighted.
touhou flandre scarlet u.n. owen(duplicated with the Romanised Title.) was her mohican sandbag(doesn't matter.) vibration of womb hardstyle

you guys could know easily that it's an incorrect metadata if googled that Tetokansen Dobakku just once. but why didn't it before bubble and rank... x_x
anyway, goodluck with ranking.
Thank you for checking, TKS :3
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Thanks, changed.
Kept source 東方Project since it is originally called like that. alacat approved it. Also added ZUN into tags.
Deleted "vibration of womb" from tags, since it isn't part of the album

I hope BNs are still interested in this. Sorry about the trouble guys.
before you rerank I suggest taking a second look at the bg

the current bg's quality is pretty bad compared to the original.
plus the black bars on the current version are unnecessary.

I made two new versions, one that was cropped to 1300x768 then extended (not upscaled) to 1366x768, and the second one was just downscaled to 1062x768 (no point in cropping it to 1024 wide; the extra width will benefit those that don't play at 4:3).

the first one will be the highest quality for the most players, but at the cost of extra cropping.
neither of them have the text from the current image, so if you really want that then I (or someone else) can re-add it.

no kds
go ono go :D
Call me back when everything is ready to go again.

Love wrote:

Call me back when everything is ready to go again.

Love wrote:

Call me back when everything is ready to go again.
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@Ringating: Thank you for the better quality! I used the pixiv picture and added it into my BG_draft. Didn't used the other BGs since the head would be either cut off, which is a no go for me, or fill the area with her face when making the picture bigger, which I can't accept either. Rather want to make as much visible from her as possible, which is why I have these blackbars; preventing to make the picture bigger. In Taiko it's not big problem either. You don't see those bars and they are actually well accepted.

Yeah, updated everything now.

Resnapped notes since TKS found 1ms unsnapped notes.
And 04:47:329 (3) - changed to don, fits better.

I'm really glad that you help me so much guys! Those who do the last check, make sure to look one more time thorugh the map.
Just to make sure that everything is fine after the resnap.
hope this for last issues, 'd
#2 ;w;
U.N.Owen is dead back

creepy pic stefan :c

regratz Ono :3

lol two maps of Taiko approved in one day, nice
Congrats Ono o/
Wow! Grats Ono~! :3
Omg flan congrats <3
Congratz!! :)
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Woah, suddenly other BN ninja the others. lol
Thank you everyone for your help. Really appreciate it!

LunarSakuya wrote:

Omg flan congrats <3
Suddenly - LunarSakuya! :D

Thanks everyone~
The ninja was real.

Congratulations Ono!
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