Osu!Direct: Search Tags (ar=X, cs<=X, bpm>X,etc.)

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The title is pretty self explanatory, It'd be a nice addition to refine osu!direct's search results.
It is already possible to do this when searching for your own beatmaps, it'd be nice to have it implemented on Osu!Direct.
Searched the forum and didn't find a post like this, hopefully it's the first time someone proposes something like this.

I think this would be enough to further refine the results a bit and make it a little bit easier to find the kind of beatmap you're looking for. Say... if you want to train AR10 just include ar=10, you know the drill...
pretty sure dupe

edit: i found this t/157314, but pretty sure there's another thread somewhere....
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deadbeat wrote:

pretty sure dupe

edit: i found this t/157314, but pretty sure there's another thread somewhere....
You mean duplicate? Where? Seems like ironically my search skills are terrible then... :(
Edit: Oh ok... that insta edit didn't even let me quote you in time
Like the title says, I want to add an advanced search system to osu! direct. There will be a new button labeled, ADVANCED, (or something close to this) in the osu! direct menu.

Once you click the ADVANCED button in the osu! direct menu, it will open a window (The window is similar to the SEARCH window that is found on the homepage next to, Welcome, ***). There will be advanced search features such as, Star Difficulty Search, AR Search, OD Search, and so on.

- When a player searches for a song with the Star Difficulty Search, they have to enter a whole number (1,2,3,4,....) If they enter 5, it will search for songs with a star rating of 4.51-5.50.
- When a player searches for a song with the AR Search, they have to enter a whole number. If they enter 9, it will search for songs with an AR of 9-9.9.
- Use the whole number rounding rule for all of the searches.
- You can combine all of these searches to look for very specific songs.

Why do I want this? It will enable osu! supporters to easily look for songs of their choosing. It's an extra perk that donators will receive.

- When you scroll over or click a song in the !direct menu, it will show the stats (AR, OD, STAR DIFFICULTY, HP, CS)
- Improve OVERALL look of osu! direct menu (Make a better or customizable osu! direct background, make the "info" of a song (the window that pops-up when you click a song) look "better" <-- The window is too plain, nothing special about it...)

That's pretty much it, if I forgot anything or you think something needs to be added, just comment below and I will revise this list!
- Marco -
i'm surprised nobody request this :O
!direct generally needs a search upgrade.
Also check out t/24580 & t/175892
Yes, please.
This is NEEDED!
ohh god please do this
please do. just got supporter and I feel sorta betrayed knowing now that this isn't a feature. direct seems like it has a lot less use now. either this or show the stats on the direct page maybe? but I feel the search would be a lot easier to implement
There's still plenty of advantages that osu!supporter has to offer though. The different scoreboards are a nice touch, for instance, especially if you have plenty of friends/rivals you want to match up against. But it's true that osu!direct should have a more robust search algorithm and features...

But there at least exists osusearch since this thread has been originally posted. I'm actually surprised at how much stars have been thrown at this thread though in general, lol.
Bump, great idea, don't kill it

FrzR wrote:

!direct generally needs a search upgrade.
Nice! For Mania, i would like to see in Osu!Direct something like - keys=7 or keys=4 or something like this.. I don't wanna go to the internet, wait hours to load and search for it there. Osu!Direct definitely need this.
This would be one of the most useful things in the game!
M i a u
yes please +1
Oh yes plz
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