Long animes or short?

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I like the length of ~25 Episodes, but if i really really like a series i'd like to watch more than that.
i prefer short animes that are maybe 8-15 episodes long and sometimes long animes 20-30 if its REALLY interesting.
then again if the episodes are like 1 hour long
I usually watch short animes but I'm watching some long too (and still ongoing) But I like to watch animes around 30-50 episodes long because I get bored pretty fast and watch too much anime.
When I first started watching anime I enjoyed watching long anime (like 300+) but as time passed i started watching more short anime ranging from 11-50.

But overall, I don't particularly mind about the length, enjoying it is all that matters
Meh, well, usually 12 eps per season tends to be more enjoyable as the season is over quicker -> watch another and come back to watch the second season to get some more variety.

It's true that when you have 24 episodes, the story is usually better.
Usually watch 12-24 episode shows it usually gets to the point with out ruining the pacing or draging it out much longer than needed
Short is better (like 30 parts). Cause u can meat new story and new characters :3 Just in my opinion :d
Hidden Symphony
Some animes need more than 12 or 24 eps for their story to bloom fully.
Like Monster.
Nichijou and stuff doesn't care about story so any amount can be fine.
Other animes would just start dragging out the story and developments unnecessarily, get fillers or simply loose in quality cause they want more, more, more eps.
Like most endless series.
But it also depends on the guys who make the anime.

Sometimes I feel like watching a short series cause I don't have the time/motivation for longer ones, same with manga/manwha.
And at other times I just don't care. :p
Once i saw 52 eps anime (The 1st season of Hayate no Gotoku) and got that short (12-25 eps) anime is better
long animes are sooooo boring
Definitely shorter animes, unless you have THAT MUCH free time
i like download for short anime and streaming long anime coz i didnt have hardisk :cry:
short animes may result like Mahou Sensou

long anime gives space to finish the anime properly, so i choose long animes
Short animes. (12-24 episodes)

But there was a time where I really wanted Hayate no gotoku s1 (50+ eps) to have season 2 and fortunately, it had! :) yay!
I like long anime - more than 100 episodes, because they don't end when I start liking them and there is room for a long and interesting plot.
Shorter animes with around 12-30 episodes, though I can tolerate longer ones if the anime is one of my favourites. Plus I don't have much free time.
Anime with 11-13 eps or 23-26 :D
Anime that finish in 1~3 Season(s)

Kurogamii wrote:

Anime that finish in 1~3 Season(s)
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