Long animes or short?

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I prefer 1-2 seasons for my animu, thats about 12-24 espiodes, not counting OVA.

The really long ones like One Piece progress way too slow, i watched One Piece for a while just to see when they're finally gonna escape that one simple port, took like 8 espiodes where you could have easily put it into 2 espiodes. Also their animations and art style are really sub par and with a lot of recycled animations. But hey, thats massproduction for you.
I dont get how people can enjoy these, if it were your averange anime it would get horrible ratings because this...
I personally prefer 52 episodes like Kaiji but if it's complete shit and doesn't have a plot, 13 episodes.
Short and if it gets good reception, a second season.
24 Episode´s are fine for me,but i wont cry about any OVA´s =3
I guess either really long or pretty short..
I'm up to date with One Piece, and I've watched 700+ episodes of Detective Conan before switching to the manga.
I have yet to watch a 12 episode long anime that I did not like-all are totally amazing. (Kyoukai no Kanata, Another, NGNL, Henneko, et cetera..)
The rest of the good stuff I know are manga. Once again, either really long or really short.. With the exception of Ansatsu Kyoushitsu.. And a few more..
i prefer 12-24
Almost 90% of the cases the animes with 12 episodes aren´t enough and leave me wanting more. I like 25-26 lenght animes but i also really enjoy long ones that are good (fillers aside) they tend to have more time to develop characters, storyline and such and it makes you alot more attached to them to the point where i enjoy them more.
depends whether the anime is good or not....

[_TetsuyaKuro_] wrote:

depends whether the anime is good or not....
Pretty much this.
Uhm.. I don't really mind, as long as I like the anime ^^
I prefer series' with below 20 episodes.
But I also watch some that has over a hundred episodes. As long as I don't find the story getting sloppier by the minute.
doesn't really matter as long as you don't get bored watching it
and as long as it doesn't have A LOT of filler episodes *cough* Kill la Kill *cough*

Morancha wrote:

Uhm.. I don't really mind, as long as I like the anime ^^
Short ones all the way.
I find the ones that I like the most usually have 12-13 episodes total, though sometimes 24-26 episodes works as well. I would rather have one solid story with a proper ending, and the longer it is, the more likely it ends up having more or less pointless arcs in the middle. They can still be enjoyable, but that is not enough for me to call them good.
long are fine if it's shonen type anime done right, i.e. make the pacing not so dreadfully slow that something relevant actually happens every episode and ease up on the fillers

otherwise i prefer short, 10-15

20-50 is always that range where it doesn't have that shonen formula which keeps you coming back for the next episode so unless it's very damn good i'll be uninterested after a short season's worth of watching
Hmm, I definitely prefer short animes over long ones.
10 - 30 episodes is the best in my opinion :3
Since most of the animes I watch are mystery / horror or things like that, they fall in that category almost everytime, so yea.
I wouldn't mind watching something longer though o: If I have the time and it's really interesting....

I hate endless animes though... I think you can only watch these if you started watching it from the beginning when it came out, but when I'd think of watching 500 episodes of something that all lies before me I would get crazy :D

Also, pupa (12 x 5 minutes? or something like that) was too short.
If it is good i dont mind how long it is.
Long. If I get into something, I literally want it to last forever. People might say, well then you'll just get a bunch of crap filler and a never ending story... but that's exactly what I want. I might be one of the few people who just enjoy watching stuff just to relax. Besides, I get to see more of my favorite characters this way. And yes, I don't get tired of formulas being reused over and over. :3

When a show ends, I'm really all like.. well that's it? Well that sucks.

Really though, I don't mind anime taking their time to finish. Like Pokémon for example. I know for a fact that I have something to watch every week and look forward to, foreverrrrrr.
I don't mind the length at all, it can be from 11-653, but as long as the story is good and there isn't any retarded filler (A certain scientific railgun, episode 14-20) then I will probably watch the show. But most of the shows I watch are 12 episodes and have 0 filler episodes in them.
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