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What would you call yourself?

I'm a beat-clicker. No interest in making maps.
39.05% 107
I'm a mapper/modder. I only play to test and mod maps.
13.50% 37
I really can't decide between playing and mapping.. do both about the same.
37.96% 104
I'm a skinner, coder or other, and while contributing, don't fit into any category above.
5.47% 15
I'm just here for the community.
4.01% 11
Total votes: 274
Polling ended 2009-12-15 03:02:03
Polling is over and can not be voted on anymore.
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I think it's pretty rare for anyone to fit into one category exclusively.

I mainly map, I don't mod a whole lot, and I play enough.
Once in a while I try to map, but I fail at such a thing. In the end, I just play.
I guess I only play...

I can't map if my life depended on it, and I'm sure that I'm not here for the community.
Oh Boy I miss the poll :?

I like both playing and making map :)

but right now I'm indulge in mapping I don't have any chance of playing :?
No. 3!
I do like playing, mapping, and modding! :):D;)8-)
I like mapping, but most of the time I am playing, and very seldom modding.
added a minute later: omg, haven't noticed the message about pole ending, sorry
I would have answered all of the above, but in order of highest to lowest.
1. I play this game a *lot*.
2. I am here for the community, chatting in the forum and on the irc.
3. I want to be a mapper, really I do. Maybe one day I'll learn to map properly.
2 years later

I im a Player/Helper Basicly when someone needs help and im in chat il help them learn. :roll:
2 years later, necrobump...
my old laptop broke so i don't play as much osu! and I only get to play it 3 times a week when I get to go to my grandparents house. There are laptops and computers at my school and you can play osu! on them but if a teacher finds you playing games on a computer your school email will get termintated (harsh right?). What I do now is go onto the osu forums whenever I can at school and tha's pretty much it. I love the forums so I just hang around here most of the time.
4 years necrobump.
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