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What would you call yourself?

I'm a beat-clicker. No interest in making maps.
39.05% 107
I'm a mapper/modder. I only play to test and mod maps.
13.50% 37
I really can't decide between playing and mapping.. do both about the same.
37.96% 104
I'm a skinner, coder or other, and while contributing, don't fit into any category above.
5.47% 15
I'm just here for the community.
4.01% 11
Total votes: 274
Polling ended 2009-12-15 03:02:03
Polling is over and can not be voted on anymore.
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I see myself as a Beat-clicker, I've tried mapping in the past (See my one map that I attempted) but it's just not for me, I don't got the patience or the talent to make successful maps, so I'll leave that to people who can.

I've also attempted to be part of the community and help around the forums, but I just can't commit to too much at one time, and since I have troubles continuing to be active for long periods of time, I just dropped of the face of the earth and stuck to playing osu! and occasionally sitting in chat.
So far it's about what I expected - a very even 50/50 split ;). Will be interesting to see if it keeps going that way.
Where's the option for abusive administrator/shadowy board of figures member? =(

idk I map/script/mod I fall into that category the most.
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I'm glad there's so many things to do on osu!, so I chose 3. Of course as usual, I've started by just playing and having fun and making friends. Until I discovered that Taiko is very great as well.

But I started to be amazed at the quality of some maps and decided to practice making my own things, which is going great thanks to everyone's help getting me better at this. By using the forums I've made a couple of friends just by modding around and finding great things in the Random Forum.

I hope I do get active around more little by little, getting to know you guys better, rather than just business modding. :D
I play for fun, I mapped few songs, some never completed, its kinda fun and kinda helped me play better like thinking what the mapper is thinking. Not much of my maps were modded properly, made few skins, I think people liked some.
Is there an "All of the Above" option?

I mean, first and foremost, I play. Beyond that I am a (lazy) BAT, I make a few (cruddy) maps, I have 2 (incomplete) skins, and sometimes I even spend time doing nothing but talk on IRC. Not to mention I'm working at getting the first official osu! tournament underway (though there's still nothing else I can do to further this at this time...), and also play a big part in organizing maps for monthly rankings.

Huh... good thing I excel in 1 area..... I'd be pretty pathetic otherwise :|
I like doing constructive stuff.

BAT duties obviously, mapping occasionally, playing from time to time, sparsely doing Support Team work and generally hanging around in #osu and #mod with all the cool people there.
I'm here for the music so I play, mod, and map, but don't really do anything else.

I enjoy mapping and modding the most so I guess option 2 suits me.

Well...the middle one is kind of uncommon now, but I try. :>
This map has been deleted on the request of its creator. It is no longer available.
I'm more like beat clicker.
Hidden sucks my modding time. I can't moderate my playing desire.
I would hit for #1 position if I have enough time......
Uhh well but I want to maintain my BAT color RED/ORANGE

And mapping? lol To make beatmap "ranked" is as hard as FL+HD+HR+DT
I would make maps if I have enough slots...... Everybody mod my map plz :(
I was trying few times to start mapping, but I just cannot make it through the beginning - how to do what... but who knows - maybe I'll learn how to map one day ^_^ for now, just player
Chose the first option, even though I do have interest in making maps. It's just that... I can't dedicate myself enough. I'll probably try it again, especially now that I have some ideas on maps to make... ah. Better stop being lazy already.
I need to play more :/
I usually just mod and map right now.
I picked second option
50%play, 40%mapping, 10% skinning.

skinning is only for personal use skin though
3 - mod/map/play
I both play and map/mod. I lean towards the play side more though, but i still do both nonetheless, so option 3
I play, map, mod and skin, and am learning to storyboard.

Speaking of which I should finish my current WIP skin :?
I'm a mapper/modder. (Option 2)

I don't play much anymore :P
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