osu!StreamCompanion - live pp display / ingame overlay!

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Avail wrote: support would be lovely.
As far as i know there is no official IRC support for Hitbox - but seems like there's alternative ... t-via-irc- .
or I'll just expose IRC address to user- to let them edit connection parameters themselves. I'll look into it later.

YayMii wrote:

Awesome! This is exactly what I've been looking for for a while now (and more). I'll be sure to use it next time I stream.
Just a few requests from me though: Line break support (or even a third .txt option), an HP Drain output command, and perhaps a !getmap Twitch command for the beatmap link (unless !songinfo already does this).
Anyways, thanks!
Kynan already pointed out(by chat) that HP was missing yesterday.
HP value was loaded into prog but I've missed it somehow- it'll be added in next release today (!HP!) alongside with !lb! for linebreaks.

You can customize !songinfo / !np output in the options- just add !DL! to any of them- I'll consider adding third output if it won't be enough.
1.01 out.
Thanks piotrekol :3
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v1.02 released.

Added !K1! to outputs.
Added !K2! to outputs.
Added !Plays! to outputs.
Added !Retrys! to outputs.
Added Third output(toggle-able)
Added option to reset Counters on startup

Refer to first post / inside app for more information.

I'm always looking for ideas :)
Nice update ! Thanks ! :D
I love this, will use it! :)
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v1.1 released

Rewritten to separate UI logic from Processing logic (way easier implementation of new things)
Hidden twitch oauth/ osu!irc passwords (for people editing their settings on stream)
Added full osu!Post integration.
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IRC bot seems to be causing hardCrash sometimes (Ready irc solutions from the web pls)- I'll rewrite it later today/tomorrow (manually writing IRC gateway qq).

Please don't use Twitch bot in the meanwhile.
Really good program, thank you so much!

Something that I noticed: When I download new maps, it can't grab information from them. I think this is because Windows holds on to files in a strange way (I've had to work with it before). Do you think there is any fix?
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We had some problems with osuStats and I kind of abandoned this project- but as it's back online and working I can resume working on this program :) . (kind of...)


StreamCompanion changelog wrote:

Try(1) to fix possible lag while listening when changing to newly loaded/downloaded song(caused by .osu file loading and processing).
I might actually broken it by trying to fix it- I'll look into it (after rewriting IRC) but please note that older maps don't have some data inside .osu files(or at least I don't know how to get them) so it might not work with older maps.
Really awesome program.

There's one little issue I currently have with it. While it does update the song correctly, it won't load beatmaps. It says to set correct osu! path in config but I already did this (I wouldn't be able to get the songs to display otherwise).

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@up and anyone using this program please re-download (osu!.db format changed)
Updated first post.
I've tried everything i could think of.
The streamcompanian doesn't work for me. It can not find any songs. But it knows how many maps i have!
I tried to launch as an administrator and made sure that i have .net Framework.
The Osu!path is also correct.
There is also no difference in full screen and windows mode.

Maybe you could give me an advise how to get it working? :D

EDIT: I am seems you have to launch Osu! as an administrator-.- Works now! :D
Thanks for the patch Piotrekol <3
Could you mayby add the option like in osu!post to enter a custom link to where the data should get posted to (e.g for This would be really great :D

Good work, keep going ^^
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Fixed beatmap loading caused by recent osu!.db format changing (would been updated faster but- t/216054 )
Download link in the first post.
Thank you very much for your app Piotrekol, It's amazing for streams and so easy to use, I love it! :)
Useful program, but I could only make use of np.txt but the rest crash the program with this error:
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Make sure that you have "SystemHookCore.dll"(used for Key Counter) in the same folder as "osu!StreamCompanion.exe"
and next time don't make puush/image but copy text inside instead.

Piotrekol wrote:

Make sure that you have "SystemHookCore.dll"(used for Key Counter) in the same folder as "osu!StreamCompanion.exe"
and next time don't make puush/image but copy text inside instead.
Thanks, for some reason it was removed by my anti-virus, I've added it as an exception.
Chrome says that the zipfile is a malware

chrome umad

EDIT: Btw how can I set to detect Numpad4 and Numpad5 as keys for !keycount instead of 4 and 5?
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