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I still miss the old 462 page thread ;w;
It was unfair for it to get deleted....
so much History.....just gone
Hopefully we can somehow revive this thread again :D
Yeah, this is very desolate and sad :(

Come on ctb community, wake up
A Moon Gust
Hello Minato Yukina welcome back :)

DakkyChan wrote:

Hello Minato Yukina welcome back :)
Hey! You're back!

Many things have happened while I was offline
hello bois.
Greetings everyone!
A Moon Gust
Hello Nelly.

KemZii wrote:

's up.
A Moon Gust
Why hello there O.o
I should drop the old (pre hyperdash changes) Verdisphena maps/difficulties just to make people quit them instantly again.
A Moon Gust
Please do that.

They're not complete (I remember at least one missing map which Skyrius(Senyo) and VelperK battled with and sometimes silly me) and I don't really know if my old harddrive has them or even works at this point.
I'm sorry for the messed up stuff there.

Please take in mind that they were created before the whole Hyperdash change that was implemented on january 1st of 2013 so the mapping itself is kinda wonky with the more generous spawn of hyperfruits.
And of course they were made to have fun with hyperdashing and are considered for passing only (the less miss the better of course)

It's kinda sad to see barely anyone from back in 2011~2013 being active anymore. Oh well, things change.
After that research on OD's effect, I tried to get the scoring system on OD8.

I only tested with the Basics' Map of Peppy.

Hypothesis: for each Fruit AND Ticks, there's a +0.08% (OD8) in the 300's value. Droplets don't have any influence. SR final value have higher influence than OD?
(I'd like to suppose that Kiai works the same on every mode, but since I got no proof of that...)
EDIT: [Test with other Maps*]
- Actual increase value is +0.06% +0.16 (OD8), +0.2 (OD9) (EDIT: Wait, why the **** did I even test with HT on, am I stupid) (Conv. Maps only?)
- While sliding, increase value attributed to Slider Tail changes depending on amount of Ticks with a certain ratio
*Ref.: Forsaken / All I Need are Things I Like / Seventeen RPG / Slow Step / RUNNING IN THE 90'S / LAST GAME.

Common event: regardless of OD's value, the first two Fruits are 300 ( x 2 = 600), only as long as it's not a Slider including a Tick(?).
Why isn't improvment in ctb rewarding?

I came back to beat some 1.75 star maps from 2 stars and they give me tons of pp compared to 2 stars...

At least i'm getting a lot of pp /shrug
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