How have you progressed since graphs started 90 days ago?

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I never saw ppv1.

In 90 days i went from 125k to 8k.
I think i can still improve a lot more in the mext 90 days.

I ll be relevant

Bassist Vinyl wrote:

Kato wrote:

I guess its okay

no idea
look at dem massive jumps

Soo bin

Advanced from 17k up to 7475. Switched from mouse to tablet around 13k. Improved aim and speed. Ruined everything twice by changing tablet area. Improved some more. Still cannot play streams longer than 15 notes ;_;
Eizan Arizawa

Still playing Maps,which I can't pass or unranked

I'm not really an active Player atm. and I don't try to fc Maps like in ppv1... I try to DT everything xD

Zooooom! Only 14700 ranks to go until I'm back up to my ppv1 ranking <3

Flat line too long :(

Rising steadily? Probably because I don't play a lot.
I do feel improvements since the graph started, mainly at accuracy. I used to be somewhere around 92% now I'm 94%

I only care to keep myself in top 1000 for now. I could probably go up to 500 ish playing random jumpy dt maps but I lack in pretty much every other aspect of the game, so I am just practicing until I am rounded enough to rank the way I would want to. (especially streams... that feel when a rank 15k guy beats you because he put up Ascension to Heaven in multiplayer... ;-;)

I was afk from 60-30 and I became active again when I jumped up in ranks.
^I thought I'm the only one with boring graph wwww

Ranking no es fun.

Mines pretty dank.

It's a bit hard to see the increase, but I started at 6728 and am now 3901. I was also 4700 4 days ago, lol. Dt ftw.
[ yogurt ]

At least I suck consistently.

Not much movement here, 2scrub4rankz.

In terms of technical differences...
- Started doing AR8+NC (screw DT, I'm sick in the head so I play NC), still can't do jack on AR10
- Gained enough stamina to stream mash past low bpm long stream practice maps, max streaming mashing speed from 160 -> 200
- Better accuracy (Accuracy yummy nomnomnom) but it's usually just lucky mashing
- A shit ton more 1x100's

I wish I had kept the pace I had in the first half ):
i had just a bit over 4k pp when ppv2 was introduced

Makes you wish peppy implemented a theoretical growth based on your current progress and showed you what you might end up in the future
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