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Hi, thanks for the Mania AiMod updates in the latest version!
There's a little bit of tweaking in the new detection that needs to be done.

--- Hold Detection

The 10 ms hold note detection is working for 1ms through 10ms and -1ms through -10ms (glitched holds), but isn't showing holds that are of length 0ms.

--- Objects in Same Column Detection

The 10 ms between objects in the same column detection is not working properly.

Objects spaced more than 10 ms apart in the same column throw errors. -> http://puu.sh/8LovZ.png
Adding objects in-between the two objects on a separate column cancels out the error. -> http://puu.sh/8LoDd.png

Objects that are actually less than 10 ms don't throw errors if there is another note around. -> http://puu.sh/8LoQ2.png

That's pretty much it, just seems like it's getting interference from other columns and also makes false positives.


Again, thanks for these updates, this'll be really helpful for checking mania content.

osu! version: 20140513.7 (latest)
Column detection is a bit messy, so I sorta expected the second one to happen. Can you upload a sample map for it?

got mine too
sample map: https://osu.ppy.sh/s/173805 (which is I currently editing)
Here you go!


Small test map.


Desired Output (Compose Tab)

This object is stacked on top of another object. 00:04:647
This hold note is less than 10ms long! 00:08:852
This hold note is less than 10ms long! 00:08:965
This hold note is less than 10ms long! 00:09:078
These two objects are less than 10ms apart! 00:10:556
These two objects are less than 10ms apart! 00:14:192
Me too. :(
Thanks, should be fixed for sure this time on latest test build.
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