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I'm not sure if this has been asked before since I wasn't able to find anything regarding this but is there a way to remove comments when using the auto mod?

Un-check "Show Comments".
Oh cool thanks. Didn't know about that. I seem to be missing the Colour feature though. Any idea about that?

Also, this is kind of irrelevant but how can I check if a beatmap is ranked or not?
Filter the rankings to "Global Rankings" and either a score sheet will pop up or it will say "Latest Pending Version" or "Not submitted" where the scores would otherwise be listed if it isn't ranked. Similarly, you can filter ranked/unranked only beatmaps in the selection tab at the bottom, right next to where your avatar is displayed.

You can also click the bubble icon next to where you filter rankings and it'll take you to the beatmap's web page and you can look from there too.
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