Serena's CTB Modding Queue [Closed]

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-1 map per post
-Do not expect a super-good quality mod. Still learning.
-Please be patient! I am slow at modding
-I will NOT accept beatmaps that has a BPM lower than 120.(Excludes 120)
-I prefer low SP maps.
-I might skip some difficulties if i have a hard time modding.
-I might skip some beatmaps if i really don't like the song, or the beat is screwed up.
-I accept M4M, the maps will be listed a bit lower of this post.(Please post the M4M request AFTER you mod my map)
-Please post what you have changed after my mod, helps me mod better next time.
-I do not accept WIP maps
-I will try to keep this queue open most of the times :3
-My mod focuses on the difficulty and rhythm

[Maps that needs modding]
ginkiha - EOS
yuikonnu - Souzou Forest

[Guest Difficulty Requests]
-You can post GD requests even though its closed
-I will only accept songs that i like.
-I will mostly accept songs that has a vocal.
-It will take at least 10 days to finish the guest diff. be patient!

[Storyboard Requests]
-You can post SB requests even though its closed
-I will be REALLY picky on SB requests.
-I will only make it if there is no time limit
-It will take 1~5 months depending on the quality and length
CTB mod :)

thanks :)
Hello. I'm in need of a mod. :!:

Thank you. :)
Mod request ~

Thanks :3
Nasuno Takamiya - Menimeni Manimani (TV Size)

Take your time~
Thanks in advance~
Hi Serena o3o/

Has many SP but not many mod of ctb, thanks in advance ouo
-[ Asuna ]-

`3` Serena-
my map like Manuxz's high Sp but not many ctb mod.. i need more Ctb mod..

Thank b4
still not closed?

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Ok, Closed!
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