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Wifi connection help?

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NOTE: I did google it, but all the things didn't apply to my problem or didn't work.

SO, my wifi is good, but starting a week ago, I couldn't connect. Unless of course I restarted my router, and I would get wifi for 30 seconds before going off. It works for all other devices, even on the phone I'm on, and it works on other wifi networks, like my school's, but not my main or branches off of my main. (We have 3, 2 using the main one to get to the upstairs and downstairs.)

I used to avoid this by connecting to one of the branches when I had this problem, but now it doesn't work.

When I troubleshoot it says "Wifi doesn't have the right ip configuration, or to restart my router (.-.), and when I skip that step it says "Problem with wireless adapter or access point and the default gateway is not available".

I used to be able to connect but it wouldn't work, now I can't even connect.

I have played around with the control panel and deleted some stuff, but no luck.

I have a Lenovo Ideapad Y, with intel core i7.

I can give more information if needed, I'm on a laggy phone that types my words a second after hitting the keys.
No, that's osu! related tech support. This forum doesn't have a general tech support board because this isn't fucking tech support.
Still probably more helpful than posting here
I had almost the same exact issue as you .

All I had to do was update my Internet Box Thing (Yea, I know there's a word for it, just forgot what it was called xD )

And Lenovo ? Thought I was the only one who had that type of computer/laptop xD
Not your personal ISP which you should probably contact

Or just access your router, type sh ip int brief and see what's not working
From then on you can reload the interface that's fucking up and if it ain't fixed get a tech to look at that shit
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