Any good cheap tablet i should get?

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Hi. I wanted to buy a tablet for both osu and drawing, But I'm only 15 and my parents does not give me a lot of money so i want a cheap one.

Any special tablet that you would recommend?

Is this one good enough?

I think it's a good idea to get tablet because i've only played for 2 weeks so I'm pretty bad with mouse also.

Please no mean comments c:
You are looking at some sort of case for a tablet, here is an actual tablet - ... ?c=2213274

You can either look for a Wacom Bamboo TABLET not the Bamboo Pad, or find the newer Intuos at another place for cheaper. I don't really know any European sites so I can't help you much. There is also the Huion brand tablets, those are just as good as the Wacom brand tablets, but the Huion tablets usually need batteries for their pens, I am not sure if there is a battery-less pen for Huion.
Look in your local store for the brands: wacom and huion. Huion is a little cheaper, but one of those two brands should do it. They are both good, since a lot of people use them and have had good experience with them.

Wacom is more popular, huion a bit cheaper. But any of them is good.
Vuelo Eluko
grab a huion signature pad if just for osu
grab a wacom if you plan to do art as well

it doesnt really matter what you get for osu the specs only differ in ways that are impactful while drawing [pressure sensitivity, software, etc] not just floating your cursor around on osu.

as far as i know the ctl 470 is the cheapest you can get at like 50$
you can probably find cheaper but on amazon they'd have to be 'used'
I just posted this in a different thread....

All wacom tablets seem limited to 133pps, while huion tablets go up to 230. Higher pps = lower latency; pretty much just like mouse polling or your refresh rate. It's the only spec that really matters towards osu!, biggest and most important being the size of the active area.

Official Huion amazon store - ... RCK3LE6SB5

Small ($24) [It's exactly like the osu! tablet, a little too small in my opinion but if you like micro areas then this will be plenty]

Medium ($36) [Decent size, Most players would use this full area]

Large ($40) [Kinda too big but worth it because you can experiment with lots of different sizes and you get plenty of space to rest your hand, Good for if you're doing art stuff as well]

Latest huion drivers and other news -

Avoid wacom, they drive the prices up for poor hardware with remodeled cosmetics.
What about the osu! tablet?

B1rd wrote:

What about the osu! tablet?
out of stock, always.
osu tablet just got re-stocked. A good way to support osu, and its cheap! :P

B1rd wrote:

What about the osu! tablet?
These are the same like I said... the osu!tablet is irrelevant since it's just the h420 with a custom design.

Huion Portable Smart Stylus Digital Tablet Signature Board - 420

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