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Wow this storyboard is amazing >w<

You are so creative and talented!
Would you like a mod on this? This is really good.
this new shift-tab thing is perfect for playing your maps haha
beautiful work as always \o/

Azer wrote:

Would you like a mod on this? This is really good.
I'm late, but yeah, please mod it =)
I had to remove the osb because the editor was running at 30fps LOL

  1. 00:05:011 (6) - flows and looks a bit better if you angle this a bit downwards
  2. 00:08:062 (4) - consider curving it like this for better flow
  3. 00:16:028 (3,4,1) - these are a bit close to eachother, it makes this part boring to play and easier than the rest of this section. Consider making these more distant. (if you apply this, make these more distant too for emphasis 00:17:045 (3,1) - )
  4. 00:21:452 (3,4) - this is a pretty big jump compared to the rest of the section and I don't think there's anything to emphasise that much in the song, consider reducing distance
  5. 00:28:231 (2) - move around x439 y187 for more consistant distance/difficulty
  6. 00:47:384 (3,4) - this is inconsistant with the type of patterns youve mapped so far, consider changing this to something like

    youd probably have to change the following objects but i think its worth it
  7. 01:10:943 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - honestly this doesnt play good at all. Killed every single one of my HR plays.
  8. 01:38:401 (1,2) - this isnt really important but this jump is pretty big compared to everything else, consider making it closer
  9. 01:43:994 (4,5,6) - ctrl+g? these too 01:44:333 (7,8,9) -
  10. 01:46:197 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - same thing
  11. 01:48:061 (1,2,3,4,5,6) - ctrl+g?
  12. 01:55:689 (5,6,1) - ctrl+g
  13. 01:55:689 (5,6,1) - consider flipping so it starts on top
  14. 02:06:028 (4) - what is this mapped to?
  15. 02:07:553 (3) - what is this mapped to?
  16. 02:10:604 (2) - again pretty huge jump for a spot in the song with nothing to emphasize, consider making this more consistant
  17. 02:26:197 (2,3,4,1,2,3) - this is a bit boring and uninspired, nothing really wrong with it but this section could be a lot better. There's a nice tone change on the white tick if you want to move the second part of the pattern away or something like what you did at 04:06:875 (4,1,2,3) -
  18. 03:26:537 (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) - again aaaaaaaaa
  19. 03:46:367 (4,3) - again what is this mapped to, it doesnt follow the song very well
  20. 04:11:791 (4,5,6,7,8,1,2) - hitsounding isnt really right
  21. 04:16:367 (3,1) - too close to eachother, needs more emphasis/distance
  22. 04:32:864 (3,4) - this REALLY takes you by surprise as its the first triplet of the map, and since its stacked its extremely hard to sightread. I really recommend mapping this to a repeat slider so it doesnt take the player by surprise and lets the player know that there are potentially more triplets around this section.
  23. 05:09:079 (5,6,7,8,9,10) - you could really improve the wavy shape of this.
  24. 05:17:229 (1) - & 05:19:349 (1) - I don't really see a reason to have such drastic changes in distance

I guess that's it, could say a lot more but I think it's mostly my mapping style clashing with yours so they're not too important. Good luck!
give you a kudosu~
Really a good map, hope this rank as fast as it could ^^
really, this is the most beautiful storyboard i've ever seen
Astonishing storyboard.
I've modded it already, I'm gonna check it.

  1. This map really needs the epilepsy warning on, especially for all those butterfly explosions at the end.
  2. 00:46:197 (3,4) - I think these 1/8 sliders should end 1/4 before 'cause I cant really hear any 1/8 sound at 00:46:409 (4) - and 00:46:748 (6) - . Here is a screen (just the rhythm, 'cause it'd be really hard playable this way...)
  3. 04:32:468 (2,3,4,5) - I've just noticed that these should be 1/8, not 1/6! Same thing for 04:37:892 (2,3,4,5) - , 04:43:316 (2,3,4,5) - and 04:48:740 (2,3,4,5) - . I'd suggest to keep only the 1/4 notes as you did in the others choruses.

These are the major issues, I have nothing pattern-related to say... but after this I won't be able to bubble it until the bug at the breaks will get fixed.
Fixed them all, rip 1/6 :D
I have no words; only love.

Derekku wrote:

I have no words; only tears.
Fixed :(:(:(
... do they actually own the full version of the songs?
rip osu
rip in peace in peace

this world is so cruel with cool mappers c.c

rip damnae sorry for it

Damnae wrote:

... do they actually own the full version of the songs?
Sadly yep

"℗ 2009 Konami Digital Entertainment"
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