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I'm going to hopefully move to Sapporo and become a manga/anime artist when I'm older. c:
Open my drug store in the future.

But for this dream, I have to have much money as salary pharmacist or in pharmaceutical company.
I'm going to become animes when I'm older
do whatever I want
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Be a freelancer

Mikelicious wrote:

Be a freelancer
No you don't. Well maybe, just depends on your workline, I'm a freelance sysadmin.
Life is suffering. Most stressful job 2014.
I forgot to say I want to become rich, like, extremely rich
Get through high school, get a little apartment in Florida and a full time job there for a year to spend time with my girlfriend, go to college, hopefully spend life with said girlfriend. Although I'm also 16 and things are most likely subject to change in the next couple of years :P
let's see...

- finish uni with good grades
- get a very well paid job
- defeat my shyness and finally get a cute gf

yup, that's what i want.
Cocaine dog
-Be #1 in a competitive game OR have a job I enjoy and can hold on to
-Have a nice life, lel
compete in OWC. I dont have any life dreams im working for. I'm just going with the flow
Having a beautifull family, living with the girl i love. I thought it was a girl named chibi, but she doesn't understand how i feel sometimes.
Or Being a traveler.
Push my climbing to my absolute limit and one day climb a route named "Realization."
To be a famous or at least amazing artist *0*
Mr Capuce
My dream is traveling around the the country. I also want to travel the world. Ideally, not by plane, but by whatever means of transport that will efficiently get me to where I wanna go, while at the same time giving me the opportunity to learn about different cultures and societies. So probably mostly on foot.
Ciyus Miapah
singletap 400bpm
make my clones :)
Making money by not doing anything.

Yes, I know that is impossible, that's why I made it my life dream.

B1rd wrote:

FC Scarlet Rose
Live with my Girlfriend and go to university somewhere xDD
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