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I finally finished my beatmap and was very excited to have it ranked. I was disappointed to find that there's a lot of things to do before getting it ranked. I read the tutorials, forums, etc., but I still don't understand what exactly is it that I have to do to have my map ranked. I was wondering if someone could help me by telling me how to get it ranked step by step. I wasted so many hours reading this and that but I still don't quite understand the steps. Basically it felt like I was wasting my time. I would be more than grateful to receive any kind of help. Thank you so much.
Okay, I can try to explain very simple! :idea:

Step 1: Map a map with some difficulties, and post it in modding queues. Read their rules and follow. You can just post it and wait :)
Step 2: When you recieve mods in your beatmaps thread, just follow their steps.
Step 3: At the point where you have like 10 or more mods, and you feel like the map is perfect, please contact a BAT and ask him/her to have a look at your map.
Step 4: If one of the BAT's think it's good enough for ranking, they will give it a "bubble".
Step 5: When a map has a bubble, they next thing you have to do is ask another BAT to have a look at your map (mod your map), and if they also think the map is good enough for ranking, they will rank it, and if they don't think it's good enough for ranking, they can actually pop that bubble.

But yeah.. hope this was helpful :oops:

[GraveChaos] wrote:

Read this:


This is actually just the same as what I wrote, but more spread out, so it looks like it has much more useful info
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