Is it possible to get better with just a mouse?

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ABSOLUTELY. In my experience Osu! is a game that takes months and months to get good. I have been playing for 6 months and only now am I really starting to get extreme and yes, I do play with a mouse but I am planning on getting a tablet anyway. It's complete nonsense if someone tells you that you cannot get better with a mouse. You have only been playing for one week!

Recently I downloaded 30,000 songs and changed from mouse click to keys and I went from rank 180,000 to 130,000 and still improving because this was only about a week ago that I did this so this would be my advice if you haven't done this already. Any decent Osu! player should be playing 5 star songs, average is not a consideration because only a few actually keep on playing the game for a prolonged time. You will improve, just try new things, play a lot of songs. Practising streams on stream maps help a lot.

#7 performance ranking plays with mouse

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If you have any questions about how the game works, scores, play-styles (TABLETS/MICE/ETC), please post in Gameplay & Rankings.
Dude, you have been a member for 12 years?? :O
You can get better with just a mouse if you just keep practicing, like me :3 I can play 5 star songs but not that good. I always get B, sometimes an A. And try lowering your mouse sensitivity (0.4x i recommend it.)
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I play osu! using mouse-click right now, but not as good as playing with mouse+kb though (goddamnit my left hand)... but yeah It's still possible to get better (look at ChangE and PeaChick who're using mouse-click when playing)
*my advice if You want to play mouse-only... try lowering Your mouse dpi (like 450 or 800 dpi) or sensitivity, I found It easier to play with low-sensitivity mouse rather than hi-sensitivity mouse

I play with 2500 DPI atm... That's because I play shooters so I use high sensitivity..
high sens isnt optimal for shooters either, lol
just like with osu, you sacrifice aim to make up for a slow, unpracticed hand
Go watch how kriers plays, he's really good with mouse only.
I'm going to put down my unfavorable opinion.
While obviously it's possible to get better with a mouse, kriers is a good example
I think tablet is a better way to play this game. I couldn't imagine playing the crazy ar10 maps that i play these days without my tablet.
That being said, tablet is only good because it allows for much more consistant storage of muscle memory and etc.

But you've only been playing for a week, don't worry about this stuff now, it's not time to rush into it lol.
Get to playing insane maps and stuff, hit your skill wall where you can't play any better for weeks, even months, then start wondering what you should do with your playstyle to change it.
Play with whatever sensitivity you're comfortable with, there are plenty of good high sensitivity players. But with mouse only, low sensitivity with arm movement makes it easier to click and stream.
Use the settings that make you feel comfortable. If you feel that it's easier to use a higher sensitivity than lower then why not
Nothing impossible in this world except falling from a high rise building and not injured, lojk.

Go try for it
PeaChick uses mouse click and is rank 7, so i think its yeah easy. EZ

and Gokuri, cptnxn, pyonta, Beatrice, etc
mouse + keyboard is still considered as "normal" , which means you can really improve with that setting.

imo what hard is mouse only. imo basically that's playing osu!, which is already insane, in insane mode (so double insane)

and i look up to those who excel with mouse-only playstyle. like azuraer,kriers etc
Yes, yes it is .
its possible
i just play with a mouse
im slowly getting better though :P
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