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LordRaika wrote:

Here goes my 4th saved draft XD .....

some mod before bubblecko

BG :
Snap :
Audio :
Timing : ( blocko, is SV now allow on easier diff? well its very very less noticeable so i think its fine ^^ ) I think so. The slowjams are noticeable on the Easy difficulties, but it's just easy enough for beginners (i hope).
Spread : ( asdfasfasdfasdfasfasdfasf , you have the beatmap with most diff count! ) Jinjin's map has the most diffs i think

Blocko style modding long ago.... XD i still remember this kind of box, AHAHAHA

Some mod beforehand
mainly focus on 8k and 9k, coz i play all key, and i found some of it really a bit uncomfortable />_<\
i assume the other key is already good enough and have enough mod.

Kami's 8K Easy

this is good,but here goes just a tiny bit mod
  1. 02:11:442 (131442|0) - uhm really not agree for this to be here,
    especially double on this, while this chorus section, the double only on cymbal and loud piano ^^ Well, alright. Removed.
    02:16:495 - ^ Same as above
  2. 03:15:847 (195847|0) - remove? Moved it to another column along with the others in that similar segment
  3. 03:43:163 (223163|4,223478|5) - really think u can CTRL+J this >w< Done
  4. 03:47:741 (227741|0) - not so special enough to be on 1, move to 5 Done (gotta remember you used 1|2|3|4|5|6|7|8 as a guide for this
  5. 03:58:320 (238320|0) - to 5? Done

Pop'n Maki 9K Easy

  1. 01:19:179 (79179|7,79495|6,79653|5,79969|3,80127|2,80442|1,80600|0) - i really really think this can be moved to 1, 82, 73, and 64, a really perfect pattern 01:20:916 - followed with this on 5. yet its easier to be executed since its kinda hand balance.Good idea. Done.
  2. 01:43:021 (103021|6,104284|2) - actually i prefer this two on 6 and 4, much better, rather than 7 and 3Done
  3. 02:11:442 - u can remove one of it i guess, this section... double is only for loud piano and cymbal Alright, removed.
  4. 02:18:390 (138390|1) - guess u can also make this a LN Decided not to so it's just as consistent with Kami's 8K.
  5. 03:07:005 (187005|6,187478|2) - to 6 and 4 :)Done
  6. 03:11:110 (191110|3,191426|5) - imo, this is not loud enough to be add on Easy? mm yeah you're probably right
  7. 03:58:794 (238794|8,238794|2) - 4 and 6, so its different with 03:57:531 - Move to 2 and 8 instead so it's different with 03:57:531 -
  8. 04:06:531 (246531|6,247005|2,247478|6,247952|0) - 6 4 6 4, yeah especially the last one, is not cymbal, so dont put it on 1?
    mostly 1 and 9 is use to emphasize cymbal right? :)Done those, moved the last note to 3
  9. 04:23:584 (263584|2,263899|6) - really prefer this to be on 4th column on both to follow the pattern perfectly Moved to 5 instead so it feels like a call-back to the previous patterns.
  10. 04:43:163 (283163|8,283478|6,283794|4,284110|2) - drag them 1 column to the left Done
  11. 05:06:689 (306689|6,307005|2) - remove? yea the sound is too low for easy, and i prefer easy to be as easy as possible,
    so that player have the motivation to actually play 9k XD mmm ok removed

Million's 8K Normal

  • Pretty nice and very well structured.
  1. 00:45:232 (45232|2,45863|6) - remove this? it feels a bit too much for double for this kind of sound. Removed. The part after this didn't have those notes, so, nice catch.
  2. 05:09:847 (309847|1,310005|2,310163|6,310163|3) - the trill here is a bit too much after the stair,
    CTRL+J this for more comf play.comf play hah nice
    Didn't really do a Ctrl + J on it, but I rearranged it so that little trill isn't there.

9K Normal

  • this one is nice too, its nice to make this 9k NM a bit easier than 8K NM so that new player can actually play and not feel too much pressure on it...
  1. 03:10:005 (190005|2,190005|0) - really think you can move this to 2 and 4 for a better pattern and play? Alright, done.
  2. 03:28:636 - wow, this PR starting from here till 03:33:373 - is perfect. haha Pitch is always a priority to me when it comes to calm parts like this, heh
    (by the time i finish this mod, i think the song will already stuck in my head and i should be able to at least try to transcribe the piano pitch XD) Good luck!
  3. 04:14:110 (254110|6) - oh pls, why not move this to 6
    (i personally still always find it hard to chord 7and9 , chord 1and3 , middle finger is too long, pinky is too short />_<\) I mapped this while avoiding patterns that can't be used on a pop'n controller so this can be played with a controller and a keyboard (source: Snow Note's profile), and I'd like to keep it that way until it hits 9K Insane. So, moved it to 2 instead and rearranged the patterns before that chord so playing through it can make some sense.
  4. 04:45:689 (285689|2,286005|3,286005|5,286320|6) - move to 4, 3&7 , 6 ? Looks cool, done
  5. 05:05:110 (305110|0,305110|8) - really think u can move this into other column, rather than 1 and 9 , since its not same with 05:04:636 - Moved to 2 and 8.
  6. 05:24:847 (324847|2,324847|6) - to 2 and 8 Can't really change anything on this, same reason as that long reason above.

8K Hard

  1. 01:56:127 (116127|5,116127|2) - change their position into 4 and 5? Done
  2. 03:22:163 (202163|5,202241|6,202636|7,202715|6) - really prefer this on 56, and 87 Alright then
  3. 03:49:873 - for this part, i recommend this for "hard" difficulty

    i still remember, skipping stair is kind'a hard to play, beside its giving a bad acc since some player might also sweep the key like normal stair.
    (actually me in the old times and i still remember it XD) Did that, but didn't move the last note on the scratch lane since that lane is mostly composed of cymbals and crashes.
  4. 03:56:505 (236505|3,236584|4) - this is a bit weird imo, Rearranged, along with the pattern before it.
  5. 04:01:478 (241478|2,241557|3,241794|1,242110|7) - 4&5, 3 , and 8, actually makes a good pattern and easier to play >w< Done. Moved the last note to 7 so it's easier to catch
  6. 04:15:136 - tbh, the trill is kind a threw me off XD

    this is much comf for me, and fun as well. Done, but rearranged the later pattern to keep up with the pitch
  7. 04:43:241 (283241|6,283478|0,283636|3,283715|1) - 52,54 ^^ Ehh rearranged it instead. Would be kinda neat if there's another type of pattern in this difficulty.
  8. 04:47:426 (287426|2) - 8 Done
  9. 05:00:531 (300531|4,300610|5,300689|6) - how bout dragging them one column to the left Done
  10. 05:24:847 (324847|3) - you can move this to 6 Done

9K Collab Hard

  1. 03:02:268 (182268|6,182268|2) - you can move this to 2and8, or 1and9 2 and 8 it is.
  2. 03:49:794 (229794|5,230426|7) - really recommend to remove this Ehh nah. Those drum notes have been in all Hard difficulties, but I guess I can rearrange them.
  3. 03:50:899 (230899|0,230978|1,231057|2,231057|6,231136|7,231215|4,231215|8) - idk it this is jst me, but it feels weird to play this Rearranged them to be a bit more streamy on the left hand.
  4. 03:51:531 (231531|3,231531|5,231689|6,231768|4) - drag them 1 col to the left Rearranged them a bit so the notes are more connected to each other for some flow
  5. 04:11:426 (251426|4,251426|5) - move to 3&4 Again, rearranged it so the notes are more connected to each other for easier playability
  6. 04:59:663 (299663|2) - move to 5 Done
  7. 05:17:820 (317820|3,317899|5,318373|6,318452|8) - to 59, 57 Rearranged to stairs i think
  8. 05:20:505 (320505|3,320741|8,320899|5,320978|7,321057|4) - 58, 569 Same as above
    yeah thats all, try to not use skipping stair pattern too much on hard, >_< Rearranged most of them into stairs. Figured Hard can be a bit too hard if most of the patterns are broken stairs.

8K Insane

  1. 03:01:557 (181557|4,181636|6,181715|5,181794|7,181873|4,181952|6,181952|2) - you can actually arrange this into : Did that, but at the end of the pattern, I have [35][7] to mix a bit of hand balance in between.
  2. 03:18:610 (198610|2,198689|3) - i prefer u to swap their position into 4 and 3 okay then
  3. 02:03:863 - also i really think all of this section , can have only two chord
    02:07:653 - , 02:08:916 - ,
    02:10:179 - because here, its only two note 02:12:706 -
    while 3 note for bell, and 4 for cymbal
    Leaving these as it is. I can see what you're going here, but leaving some high drum-toms in would actually liven this section up a bit more since this part is building up to the next pattern.
  4. 03:04:478 - hmm think is a bit overchord... That's to accent the heavy piano chord (2 notes) and the drum (1 note).
    03:09:531 -
    just remove one? Gonna disagree with this, same reason as above.
    03:10:320 - if its loud like this, its not a problem thou, its good!
  5. 03:21:610 (201610|2) - move to 5 Done
  6. 03:52:952 - first , remove 1note here, this section only have mostly +1 for kick, +2 for snare, and the rest is piano.
    next... Hrm, 2 notes for the snare in which those are in 1/3..
    Ehh, this whole part has the piano being the most audible, so switching to drums in the middle of it would make it feel a bit off to me.
    Plus, I placed 3-note chords for every white line on that section so, in a way, it can accent the low kick and the snares at the same time.

    03:51:689 - for this section, i dont quite feel the piano stream, try this for your pattern? Did that, but kept some PR in the end of that pattern afterwards.
  7. 05:22:636 (322636|2) - 4 pls XD oke

9K Collab Insane

  1. 04:41:584 (281584|0) - aaaa, pls to 7 pls XD oke
  2. 04:42:215 (282215|0) - somewhere aside from 1 Moved to 8.
  3. 04:46:636 (286636|2,286636|8,286636|0,286952|2,286952|0,286952|8) - make the first 3 note , not having the same position as the next 3 pls... Rearranged i think
  4. 04:56:899 (296899|4,296899|6,297057|7,297057|5) - drag them one col to the right Alright. Moved a note to the left hand to reduce the hand bias for a bit.
  5. 02:03:863 - this section also have the same mod as 8K insane, the chord amount. bleeerp same reason as 8K insane
    03:04:478 - ^ same as 8k ^
  6. 03:50:426 (230426|0) - really think u can move this to 8 oke moved
  7. 05:23:268 (323268|5,323347|6,323426|7,323426|4,323505|8) - drag them 1 col to the left, and u can add 1 more note at the end of this selection at col 9, to make the pattern much much smoother. Moved. Decided not to add a note there, though. Feels like this density is enough to build up for the ending.

Million's 8K Planetary Alignment

  • so much good and well placed stream and chord ^^b niceee ayy
  1. 03:49:557 - imo, the stream here is pretty weird thou, try this? Rearranged it to something similar to that.
  2. 03:54:847 (234847|5,234847|1,234926|6) - move to 47 and 6, to prevent much anchor and less trill. Rearranged it instead while keeping that in mind.

9K Meteor Shower

  • unfortunately i cant really pass this, but so far,... its really cool. just some tiny suggestion :
  1. 05:23:663 - this trill is a bit underwhelm and not even, why not add 1 more note here on 7
    05:23:820 - +1 on 7
    05:23:978 - ^
    that will increase the SR into 5.9 For the pp.
  2. 03:17:426 - just a bit worry bout the pinky here on 1st, so im suggesting the stream could looks like this : Exactly applied that.
  3. 03:20:347 (200347|6) - move to 5 Done.
  4. 03:57:531 (237531|8) - imo, this will really cause some pain to be play, ehm , moved to 5 instead? This pattern is pretty right hand oriented, so, moved.
  5. 04:01:557 (241557|7) - to 7 Done
  6. 04:32:268 (272268|0) - to 4 Done, did a bit of rearranging though.
  7. 04:49:320 (289320|0,289478|1) - swap their position Done
  8. 04:57:136 (297136|1,297215|0) - drag them 1 col to the right Done
  9. 05:13:636 (313636|8,313715|7,313794|6,313873|5,313952|4) - move to 8 7 6 8 7 Done
  10. 05:18:531 (318531|7) - to 6 Done
  11. 05:21:373 (321373|0,321452|1,321531|2,321610|3,321689|2,321768|3,321847|4,321926|5,322005|4,322084|5,322163|6) - this stream could have a better and smoother pattern, rearrange here a bit? I think I did it.

its actually done >w<
but for the main key, i want it to be enjoyable as well, here is my personal opinion to make the diff much fun and comf Thanks!

7K Hard

  1. 00:45:863 (45863|3,46048|1) - move to 3 and 5 Done
  2. 00:48:706 (48706|3,48706|5) - make this chord different from previous two chord done i think
  3. 00:50:706 (50706|1,50811|2,50916|6,51021|5,51127|4) - make them burst so its different from last 2 stairs. Done
    01:10:890 - ^ ^
  4. 01:31:127 (91127|5,91232|4,91337|3,91521|2) - i really prefer it burst, err its not smooth 1/3 stair so...
    might be a bit hard for acc, or you could use stair on 1/3 and the other one as burst I would if I could, but uhh the snaps
  5. 01:39:232 (99232|2,99548|4,99863|1,100179|5) - ctrl+h +j , but pls do it manually to keep the hitsound haha
    it makes less trill here 01:40:495 - for easier acc Moved the last LN to 4 instead.
  6. 03:18:531 (198531|1,198689|3) - the continuous little stair here is a bit weird,
    i prefer u change their direction, move to 4 and 2, it plays nicely for me this way Rearranged it instead. Would kinda like to leave some notes on 1 and 7 for that impact
    04:39:452 (279452|1) - again, this feels a bit uncomf, move to 4 feels lots better Done.
  7. 03:52:952 (232952|2,233031|1,233110|0,233189|1,233268|2) - burst this a bit? to break the stair pattern... Rearranged to 12345
  8. 03:59:820 (239820|6,240136|4,240452|6,240768|4,241084|6,241399|4) - ctrl+J this...
    its better and it makes me feels im not playing the same drum like 03:00:847 - Changed the previous pattern instead so I can leave this pattern alone for PR.
    if you apply that, 04:01:478 (241478|6) - you can move this to 4 ^
  9. 04:12:215 - this stair ,doesnt give me a perfect feels,so if u want to follow PR... :

    the selected 4note, is same pitch as previous 4note stair. Done, but rearranged it to keep PR on the second half.
  10. 05:02:741 - tbh, i dislike this 2note per stair pattern, in my honest opinion, its quite hard to get a perfect acc on this... therefore i suggest this

    i also suggest make the last 7 note into burst. First half, well, I'd really like to keep PR in there as well as keeping hand balance in mind, so I rearranged that instead. Turned the last 7 notes into a burst, though.
  11. 05:14:741 (314741|3) - move to 5 Done
  12. 05:21:768 (321768|2,321847|4) - aaaaa, seriously my acc is bad here...how bout CTRL+H this? Done. Seems pretty cool, actually.

7K Insane

  • wow i can actually get a good A on this. all the double stream is the only guide for me to get a good score here.
    the rest of it like some break after the stream sometimes threw me off, here is some little mod.
  1. 00:48:706 (48706|3) - ehm pls change this to have a different column with previous LN? Gonna leave it there for the pitch.
  2. 03:18:610 (198610|2,198689|3) - XD i might be repeating myself but yeah, i prefer this to be swap Rearranged that whole pattern instead so it's not as awkward to do.
  3. 03:21:847 (201847|2,201926|3,202005|2,202084|3,202557|3,202636|2) - idk, somehow this trill here make me miss XD Rearranged to avoid the trill
  4. 03:52:320 (232320|4,232399|5,232478|3,232557|2) - suggest to move to : 6,234 pattern uhh rearranged that instead while keeping pitch in mind.
  5. 04:05:899 - personally think you can make this stair more interesting
  6. 04:12:610 (252610|6) - move to 6 pls, strongly recommended. this solve the tiny 2 note stair and have a good pattern. Done.
  7. 04:27:689 (267689|2,267689|6,267768|4,267847|3,267847|1,267847|5,268163|1,268163|5,268241|4,268320|2,268320|0,268320|3) - make this mirror pattern? ehhh rearranged it instead.
  8. 04:30:847 -
  9. 04:39:373 (279373|1,279452|2,279531|3) - for a variation, you can make this burst , after the stairs. Sorta rearranged that to be similar to the previous part, but they're different nonetheless.
  10. 04:40:320 (280320|0,280399|2) - drag them 1 col to the right? its really gives the feels of this pattern about the piano. I think I did it.
  11. 04:42:215 (282215|3,282373|2) - somehow change the position? so the next stairs is continuous/connected Done
  12. 04:54:847 - if u want a mini 2 note stair here.... Nicely done! Done.
  13. 05:07:952 (307952|3,308031|4,308110|3,308189|4) - somehow keep on missing here, and 05:07:952 - not a hand balance XD
    maybe rearrange this stream a bit? especially to make it different with 05:17:741 - Done. Pretty much made that pattern easier to do.
    and 05:17:741 - this have so much anchor point on 2nd col trill >_< Rearranged it a bit.
  14. 05:20:978 (320978|3,321057|1) - move to 2 and 4 I think I did it.

7K Happy End

<3 <3 backwards 3 and a greater-than symbol and the whole thing repeated twice
  • just a very very tiny mod.
  1. 03:52:241 (232241|1) - to 6 Done
  2. 03:53:031 (233031|5,233057|1,233110|3,233163|0,233189|4) - rearrange so that the 1/4 have stair, and 1/3 have a little burst? This is pretty tough to rearrange without making it play awkwardly, so I'm gonna leave this one as it is until I find a better one.
  3. 03:56:978 (236978|5,236978|3) - choose one of this two and move to 1? Done.
  4. 04:01:715 (241715|3,241794|0) - 1 and 6? Sure.

ok thats all, i will consider the rest of it really a hard challanging pattern so i wont touch it.
>_< thats really took some time... seriously XD haha
i give this special mod, hoping that it can improve the fun and playability through the mapset so... take your time Blocko.... >w<
Took me 3 hours in total to apply this, actually, but that doesn't compare to the amount of time you modded this mapset.

This is a very very nice map set >w<b really Thanks a bunch!
I wasn't prepared to take 3 hours to apply this, but thank you so much for your really useful mod!

Tidek wrote:

Just shooted a star because I want to be in some kind a part of it. Its really going to happen \o/

Okoratu wrote:

i don't even play mania but have a star anyways lol

puxtu wrote:

I wish I had a star to shoot lol
Take my invisible stars~🌠🌠🌠

iJinjin wrote:

Whatever year this gets ranked (2015 or 2016), this mapset is definitely going to take the no.1 spot for the best mania mapset of the year. You've worked very long and hard for this mapset, blocko, and finally it's almost coming to a close.

Gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood luck :)
Thank you for all of your kind words, everyone! (and stars!)
So.. are these really 30 marathons in one mapset? Are you crazy? :o
Good luck >w<~
180mins total drain time is real
just rain pp

Desperate-kun wrote:

So.. are these really 30 marathons in one mapset? Are you crazy? :o
Good luck >w<~
wdf LOOOOOOL, nice
Okay time to pay my respect with another star for Blocko :3
Level 51
Here have a couple of stars, not like any other map deserves them as much as this one o_o
Topic Starter

Desperate-kun wrote:

So.. are these really 30 marathons in one mapset? Are you crazy? :o
Good luck >w<~
It's crazy enough to work, right?
And thanks!

IamBaum wrote:

Okay time to pay my respect with another star for Blocko :3

Level 51 wrote:

Here have a couple of stars, not like any other map deserves them as much as this one o_o
Even though this map doesn't need any stars at this point, thanks for the stars, guys!
Apparently I never threw a star at this so here you go
170 SP and +13 stars from me hype
[ A v a l o n ]
i love this map since a year ago . . .
now, almost in the end . . .

i hope you can qualify this fast ;)
Happy End of the World
Happy PP of the World
star +1
Why didnt I star it before lol
o shot! add 'ajeemaniz' in tag cuz :^)
oh god qualify when


ajeemaniz wrote:

o shot! add 'ajeemaniz' in tag cuz :^)
oh god qualify when

Jesus christ, tertel will you ever stop changing nicknames
rip happy apocalypse

still in the map description tho

hi julie
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