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PS before anything I'm gonna clarify that the wubwub part has x0.75 SO it the 1/3 looks like 1/4 ON PURPOSE :/ (1/3 notes with x0.75 looks EXACTLY like 1/4)

@dain well basically didn't touch anything in point 1 since basically everything there is mapped to the vocals and um imo the wubwub spacing like 1/4 is much, much easier to read than "a-little-wider-than-1/4-but-idk-how-much" spacing

Applied Idea 2 for Point 2 completely, thanks for the huge help which really eases the currently too rushed sv change >< Thanks!

Stefan wrote:

I have asked #taiko out about their opinion about 02:39:141 and also 01:10:589 (43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50) since the overlap between (49,50) needs to be fixed as well.

11:31 Nwolf: 01:11:417 - very critical here imo
11:34 Nwolf: 03:44:934 - and then here again
11:34 Ekoro: that 1/3 part is weird
11:35 Ekoro: with the SV it can be mistaken for 1/4
11:40 Stefan: 01:11:417 - is okay, 03:44:93 - could really cause trouble
11:41 Nwolf: I think the first overlaps too much
11:41 Stefan: I don't know... I love when people use SV changes to do cool stuff
11:41 Stefan: But they should be natural
11:41 Nwolf: yeah it is cool stuff there
11:41 Nwolf: if it didn't overlap so much :<
11:42 Dainesl: wait wat
11:42 Nwolf: cdh's map Dain
11:42 Dainesl: ah
11:42 Dainesl: I can chip in if you want
11:42 Stefan: Would be great
11:43 Stefan: because I have doubts in giving the second bubble.
11:43 LunaticP: HI #taiko
11:43 Dainesl: I'll have a little testplay of it just to see what's up now
11:45 Nwolf: 01:10:176 - From here I would reduce the SV a little bit with each note
11:46 Dainesl: wait
11:47 Dainesl: 01:13:072 - what about 0.8x here
11:47 Dainesl: 01:11:417 - change to 0.9x
11:48 Dainesl: i dunno, just another way of dealing with overlap while giving the notes at the timestamp Nwolf mentioned equal emphasis
11:49 Nwolf: or that
11:49 Dainesl: well there is still SLIGHT overlap
11:50 Dainesl: but the note becomes clear in time I feel
11:51 Dainesl: what do you think stops it from the 2nd bubble @ Stefan
11:51 Stefan: 02:39:141 - & 03:45:348 -
11:51 Stefan: It personally reads badly, not hard
11:52 Stefan: hard would be someone subjective which shouldn't prevent being bubbled
11:53 Dainesl: personally I wasn't really confused by this reading
11:53 Dainesl: but I can see the potential issues
11:53 Dainesl: maybe it's that the SV is too low or something so it looks like 1/4

Let's slay it out more:
01:10:589 (43,44,45,46,47,48,49,50) - like said this should/needs to be fixed to prevent overlapping on (49,50). A line on 01:10:589 - with 0.9x SV should solve this issue and looks natural enough. made 01:11:417 - x0.9 and 01:11:831 - x0.8 instead, this should be perfectly fine since your suggestion and my solution are both "change the note after 1/2 to x0.9" (k idk how to express stuff)
01:40:693 (192,193) - Switch them? I think I can hear out what's your intention in this stream but these two should be swapped then. b....but this plays extremely well >_> i mostly get rekt by the map with dt but i can fc this part literally every time and changing it really breaks my flow ;w;
03:30:245 (196,197,198,199) - this isn't anyhow related to the song putting 1/6 here. change this to 1/4. k

We've got to do something about the SV issues here, seriously. That isn't anymore about trolling with the SV or to call this has hard to read. The main issue is it looks not good and misplaced. Please excuse me when it sounds harsh but I want to clear out why I am worried about this and don't bubbled yet. I hope you can understand my sight about this case. Dainesl posted suggestions about some parts which are pretty good and STILL keep your intention to "troll" with SV. no kd hmmmmmmmmmmm probably going to discuss further for the wubwub part, not really going to touch anything now, sorry ;w;
We've fixed 02:50:727 - 02:52:383 to be more readable and to differ 1/4 from 1/3. At all, good improving, especially in the SV usage.

There we go with the second bubble.


the hype is almost real jiehdhewiufhewiufhiuwh
moved to pending
cancer dance \w\ hypehype
Thanks Frostmourne ><

@Genocide lets cancer dance \o\


Congratulations baka cdh ! ;w;
Congratz :3
mare×17 + maware, maware
mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare mare
Gratz \o/
omg cdh you are so baka










Thanks kanpakyin :3
this is just a small thing, but not issue.

04:08:521 (139) - barline doesnt fit the note due to bug(?). in that case, you should set(or move) the barline to 04:08:417 - or so.
04:56:521 (1) - the same. you should set a new barline(x1.00sv + KIAI) to 04:56:417 -

i hope that your next map will get better :3c
bakacdh gz <3

Reason for Disqualification

  1. Disqualified for several SV issues and more:
  2. 02:32:521 - Bugged barline which can be fixed by moving the inherited timeline forward.
  3. 02:51:348 (140,141,142,143,144,145,146,147,148,1,1) - This might be an subjecitce view but patterns with 1/3+1/4+SV changes+spinner are more than questionable. Everything is on a small spot which makes it really confusing. Short spinners are normaly something we should prevent. We also have it written down in the guidelines:

    Taiko Ranking Criteria wrote:

    Shakers (Spinners)
    Try to leave at least a 1/2 beat between a note and a spinner. Using them on streams may be okay. Short spinners are highly not recommended, since they cover the notes and can cause players to miss due to pressing too much.
  4. 03:31:899 (210,211) - This should be made smoother. In the additional modding I have some examples.
  5. 03:38:314 (240,241,242,243,244) - Transition isn't here smooth either.
  6. 03:43:278 (5,6) - What happened here? Transition is really bad. Timeline is probably -1ms too late.
  7. 04:08:521 - Bugged barline which can be fixed by moving the inherited timeline forward.
  8. 04:56:521 - ^


Additional Modding

Small modding. Didn't mentioned everything since I don't have much time.

  1. 00:48:658 (1,2,3,4) - No 1/6, but should be fine I guess. Just wanted to mention it.
  2. 00:49:693 (10) - Can be deleted. The transition doesn't look that nice from one to the other stanza because of the SV change. In case you are thinking about adding another SV change here for compensaiting this, I say, I wouldn't suggest you to do that. There is no real sound for this note anyway, and in this way both parts are seperated to each other in a better way (people can prepare for the 1/6 in a better way).
  3. 00:49:900 - These kind of patterns are something I wouldn't support that much. But well, since it is monotonically it might be fine. You can reconsider it once again.
  4. 01:11:417 - Transition here isn't that nice either. Little overlapping. Can be kept as x1.00 and at 01:11:831 have x0.90(while
  5. 01:12:245 is x0.80). Would fit to the stanza as well.
  6. 01:27:348 - Just keep it x1.20 if you ask me. Having such short SV changes with patterns is rather questionable to me.
  7. 04:01:486 - Similar to previous mentioned case. Having now a deceleration doesn't seem to fit here. Even though I might understand the intention behind it, due to deeper voice. But better keep the SV the same or something like that.


5 BATs didn't saw these issues even though they are real design and gameplay issues. Won't comment anything here anymore.
did not see that coming

also lol insta grave
ono right now

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