How did you found Osu!

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my friend told me about ossssss
I found osu! from browsing YouTube! :)

I was browsing the Japanese side and I managed to find a video about Taiko mode.

I've never regretted finding this game. :)
I found this video from JackTHerbert playing BBBFF, thought it was pretty cool. So I downloaded osu and a bunch of ztrot maps and I became addicted

If you're reading this by any chance, you know who you are. ^_^:D
Internet? /me faints
Because of this guy.
^That guy, he's one of the best friend, one day I was playing league of legend with him and was tired because one of our friend was raging, and I really Hate "Hate" :P , so I said, "I'm out" and I was out of idea to what to play, so he said, hey, I know you love rhythm game, you should play that with me, and we did multiplayer together for like 4 hours, then I became addicted xD haha!
Was searching for nippon egao hyakkei on YouTube and stumbled across Someone playing it on osu!
Friend of mine introduced it to me in RaidCall when we were playing a different game. Played co-op with him to learn how to play and to get a few new songs.

Been addicted to this game since. :o
My friend suggest this game to me :)
Went to a LAN, the osu!aracdes were there. Played for a while. Downloaded on my computer and continued playing.
A few events later, peppy was there and I bought an osu!tablet. Much fun.
LCS Destiny
I found it on YouTube and Twitch ._.
for Facebook one frined mine post one screenshot of this game and i seach the game for GOOGLE etc etc xD
Xerxes Break
My brother tell me about it
Some league player on twitch was playing it, i think it was boxbox.
my friend was playing it in class one day and I asked what it was.
may be bumping this, but oh whale. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

i searched up anime openings and found people playing Osu! So i tried it out myself and thats how Peppy stole my soul.
My cousin told me to download osu!stream on the iPad and a month later, I downloaded it for PC and first downloaded and played this

3 and a half years later, I have the highest playcount in Canada, 17th highest in the world, and I played the first map I downloaded over 12000 times to this day

I kept a daily log-in streak of over 500 days at one point, only to break it because of a vacation
I first heard about it on a Maplestory private server forum thread but I didn't pay much attention to it.

A while later a few of my friends from high school mentioned it and I recalled the forum tread about it and started playing. :D
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