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I was learning how to play league of legends, so I started to watch streams on it. And there it was, some people would play it between games . I haven't played league ever since. Lol
A minecraft server forum... Pretty lame imo
Cytus Freedom Dive
searching map
saw beatmaps
dl osu
In the summer my friends cycled through playing games and got me into playing Osu with them; they're all rank 100-800k and I'm still her; I was the only one to get max level in Tera online too. :(
I was (still am) subscribed to Miamiel on youtube and he posted a video where he played Osu, after that I downloaded the game :D
I believe I heard it from a friend, after that all of us started playing together... unfortunately I am the only one left playing...
My bf introduced me in the game <<
some let's player played it and i decided to give it a try
Multiple people on Steam constantly played it so I just wanted to try it out. Then, I found out my friends also played it and I just kept going on.
When I was looking for a taiko emulator after watching an episode from Oreimo. Found osu! then tried to play in taiko mode. Realized that I suck at this and started playing standard instead :3
Cerulean Veyron
Some facebook page's admin showed a screenshot of the game and telling the likers to try it out, and i'm one of them. Then i came here playing~
My friend suggested it to me, cause she knew that i am a gamer. :D I'M HAPPY I FOUND OSU!
osu! found me
its funny how i came about this game, a guitar hero youtuber i used to watch started uploading Osu! gameplay to his channel and i said to myself wow hes pretty good o.0 and i also thought to myself theres no way i could ever play a game this hard xD that was about a little over a year ago. his youtube is like tobigh3 i think. and then like 5 months ago i met a guy that played this game and he kept talking and talking about it so i decided to try it. been hooked ever since.
Friend of me played it
I saw someone in a League of Legends stream play it to get better at League of Legends. That was also my original reason to play this game, but after I played it a few months I swapped League for Osu all together <3
friends recommended it :c
I began with downloading osu! on Android a long while ago. I wasn't super into it at that time, it was more of a pass-time while I was waiting for something. A few months later, a friend of mine got into osu, he recommended it to me, so I decided to give it a shot on my PC. Suffice to say, I got hooked. And that's why I'm here today. :)
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