Making Custom Gunpla (Gundam Kits) are so expensive.

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If your hobby is watching anime or reading manga and you either lived through the late 70s or 80s or love old anime/mangas, you should know the "Super Robot" era(or atleast, in my opinion, it was an era where there was a lot of animes that had to do with robots, im not saying it dominated every other animes at that time though). Gundam model kits were released in the 80s, but they weren't the snap-on kits we know today. Back then they were un-proportional and primitive (u have to glue them btw e_e). Now a-days, Gunpla kits are snap-on, realistic, comes in many scales and grades (overall-quality), and has many materials that make up any given gundams (plastic,metal, clear plastic, rubber, etc.). Many Gundam fanatics,or figure collectors buy this kits. They are cheap (shipping rates will kill you if you don't buy them bundled though. Example:If you buy 1 gundam and the 15 dollar ems shipping and another gundam with the ems shipping at another date, that would be around 70-80 dollars if you bought a 1/144 HG, they are can sized gundams. If you buy 2 gundams and the 20 dollar ems, that's just 40 dollars since they usually add 3-5 dollars to your shipping unless u need to get another box, which is like 5-10 gundams by then depending on your scale). Im going to cut to the chase since i wrote this long paragraph of extra information.
Many people customize their gundams. Paint, Panel Line, Resin Kit (remolding and making extra parts for remodeling purposes), are just some of the examples of how one can customize gundams. It's expensive, but it's worth it in the end. Well, that's just the basics. Literally. Some people go as far as to kit-bashing (getting parts from certain kits and putting them all together) to make a whole a new gundam. I only recently (months ago) got into making gundams and i have around 20 now. I tried kitbashing a Wing Gundam Fenice and a Wing Gundam to try and make a Wing Gundam Reniscita. It didn't work so well, but it wasn't so bad where i couldn't repaint them and just put the Fenice and Wing Gundam back together. I waisted some resin trying to remake the Fenice's shoulder though. If you ever made custom gundams, or wanted to make custom gundams, don't you wish Bandai make kits dedicated for these type of things? I don't mean the Gundam Build Fighters or Gunpla Builders type of kits. I mean a kit, or excuse me, i should have used the word "set" instead. Basically i meant a set of "PCs" (they are rubber parts to connect joints if you have never made a gundam before and you are reading this) or sets of shoulders, legs, etc. It would make Custom gundam making so much easier. Oh and im not really complaining. Im just suggesting something to a crowd of people right now because i just want to see if some Gunpla builders actually play osu and feels the same way i do. I mean think about all the possibilities with these type of kits. By the way, i wouldn't be surprise if Bandai does this in the near future, they are already making "Custom Campaign Guns" for an HG line-up promotion. Basically, if you buy 3 HGs from a store that's participating in this campaign, you get this neat little 1/144 Gundam gun or sword/knife. Also, they are pushing people into customizing gundams to make the Gunpla Builder's World Cup even more exciting.
So would you like Customizing Sets to be released by bandai?
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I live New Jersey, but i usually just bundle up around 5 gundams per order from certain Japanese sites because Gundam Planet usually charges u the sale value + the shipping it took them to get it to the store + your shipping. Basically an HGBF there is 23 dollars + 8 dollars shipping (for me at least) while Japanese sites are 12-15 dollars + 8 dollar shipping (SAL) or 15-20 dollars shipping (EMS, it's rush delivery through planes, that's probably why it's so expensive >.<). Well i bundle it up because it only adds around 3 dollars per extra gundam i have and knowing my impatient little brain, i usually take EMS. So when i buy 5 HGs from Japanese sites like maybe amiami or, i only have to pay 70-90 dollars whereareas, if i buy 5 HGs from Gundam Planet, thats 100+ dollars in base price, plus shipping (in my estimation, don't take my word for it, it would probably 15-30 dollars). Well, i only do this because i save money. Plus i get more gundams at the same day <3.
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