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What I was trying to say is that those who have read the LN might like the animation more, be it SAO or SAO2. I always find that animations do skip details up, because it can't be as detailed as a story can be, which can't be help, but it does. I'm sure it's definitely not just in the case of SAO, but because I always see so much flak for this, partially because this is so hyped up, I just have to mention that SAO as a story itself, it isn't really so bad, I don't think it deserves so much of all those "SAO is so bad" comments. It's why I said that reactions might be different if it's not just the animated adaptation that they know about but the LN as well, because they would know more. (Before I start going in circles again with what I'm saying I shall stop)
I agree that you might get more out of the show if you've read the vn and I Laos like the Main story of SAO, but an anime adaptation shouldn't require you to read the vn for you to enjoy the show. If the anime can't do it well on it's own then it's a lacking show to say the least.

I also think SAO gets too much BS comments, but to be honest, it did deteriorate A LOT after à third of S1.
*just noticed light saber in the opening*
*considers first impact with Death Gun looked like a sith lord*


Seriously though I think this season is gonna suck...
I think the creators liked the *OMAGHAD HYPE TRAIN* vibe that the show collected and just kept going with it...
It is a vicious circle, some elitist will say that it is bad , people without opinions will blindly follow what they say and voila
SAO II ain't that bad after you past the 1st episode , I've watched to the newest episode to this day in subbbed version and so far it's pretty intense, the new characters have a p interesting personality which makes you want to keep watching to find out what happens ^^
Idk, even though I know it's not good and very very cliché at times, I still kinda enjoy watching it so far.
Use the force Luke Kirito, use the force.
P r o m i s e s
Holy shit episode 5 was so awesome asdfghjkl
That psychpath from SAO that almost killed Kirito at season one might make a returm

I'm not shipping Sinon x Trap Kirito
Ahhh yes, let's surprise everyone with a normal opening then the next episodes full with surprises and laughter. yes.

in my opinion, the style of the anime gets me more than the storyline. It makes me inspired, like I want to create something, I want to do something. But I enjoy the storyline too. I'm so excited for episode 6! (haven't watched, gonna let a few episodes come out and watch at once.)
yeah forget what I said earlier, this show sucks
will it get better? probably not, so I abandoned it for now
Last chapter = trash
Brian OA

BrokenArrow wrote:

yeah forget what I said earlier, this show sucks
will it get better? probably not, so I abandoned it for now
As far as the LN goes it goes completely downhill starting from Volume 1's climax. It doesn't get any better whatsoever and the anime won't either.

Mother's Rosario is probably the only decent volume since it's not retarded but that's after GGO and sadly Alicization killed the rest of my patience after that.
new harems
God the new episode.. WHO IS GONNA SHOOT FIRST
And also..

That just made my day
started today watching it
its so addicting , but when you finish the newest episode you'll be all like " I WANT MOARRR" xD
I like the action, but that is all i'm expecting from the show really... (they brought back guns which is fantastic for an anime but I still only like the action scenes so...)
BTW that Kirito combat style is so fucking dull. for a gun game I wouldn't expect someone to run at people with a sword and pistol. IDC if the plot is that he is a sword master hand from the first season and such :\ (btw he hasn't even used the pistol in any way that would help him aswell :|)


Lapis Aoki wrote:

God the new episode.. WHO IS GONNA SHOOT FIRST
And also..

That just made my day
Do you know how vietnamese call kirito?
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