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Sound Voltex skin (Std + o!m)

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Yay I will do it after, I need to finish first the skin for osu! XD
[Shana Lesus]
Thank you
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New update
-> New menu button backgound
-> New ranking panel
-> New Hitcircleoverlay
-> New pause panel
-> New fail background
-> New hit300
-> New cursortrail

LINKS:!QQNnDK6Y!qVM2NZwek ... ZGcbF5rI-I -> .rar!lI1AwJJK!_b9UUWvZ7 ... mTCp6xLlmU -> .osk

I add a folders (named "backup") where're you can find other skins for hitcircle, menu button background etc..
If you prefer one things in this folders you can drop it in the new version :)

Screenshoots 1.3

Note: In the next update I will make the osu!mania skin I think and improve a little bit the osu! skin.
Can't wait to see the o!m skin~~
Good skin
A pretty nice skin, you guys should try it out~
can you upload it to puush or something else ?
(as a alternative download ;3)
other than that it looks cool :3
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Ty all,

Yah I can do that here the other link: ... ex_1.3.rar
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New mod: Osu! Mania <3

I didn't make the mods but I did the rest, I think I will improve 7k style (Mania Key on the left and right because they're a little bit strange XD)
If you find some bugs or something strange tell me plz Osu!Mania's skins are a little bit more difficult to make than Osu's skins :(

Links: ... ex_1.5.rar -> .rar!VQtVTDpI!-1hR-OnqF ... WhwQlseImk -> .rar
nike ta mere vas clip putain j'vous nike tous au passage
Would love to have your skin. when is the last time I played sound voltex again -.-
Thanks for the update! Mania skin looks great, I'm going to use it for a while. 8-)
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Ty for your comment Pat' :)

Little Update!
-> Correction menu-back
-> New hitcircle
-> New hitoverlay
-> New numbers
-> Add star2
->New Sliderb0


In the next update I will improve mod's style.

Links:!ccUEBZKR!BrqtRp7tG ... 5HLDcYkpvs -> .rar!YEVU1aIS!m4Q9ha2vM ... FJL6TMb6_Q ->.osk
Version 2.0 .osk failed to import.
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MMmh, I don't know why it doesn't work I will try to fix it.
- Xest -
looks nice but clean at the same time
I'd love to have .psd for that scorebar so I could change text on top to my nickname, it would be neat :D
Very nice skin btw, mania stage looks epic <3
EDIT: I can make a preview of it if you want :P
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I didn't use photoshop to make my skin so I don't have any .psd but I can make an scorebar without my name D:

like that?

Amanystya wrote:

I didn't use photoshop to make my skin so I don't have any .psd but I can make an scorebar without my name D: like that?
That can do, thanks. Also could you tell me what font have you used for that text?
Is the updated skin download fixed yet?
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